• Last day of School!

    Hello Vestal community! Today is officially the last day of school...wow, what a strange school year for sure!

    I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you for jumping in and co-teaching with us in ways you likely were not expecting! There is no way we could have done any of the distance learning without the on-going support of you!

    Here is the last story for the school year...it is called Schools Around the World. I include a short message to the kids about their courage during these times, too!


    Also, I found a song I really love...it was written during this time at home by a band called OK-Go (they have some really fun and creative songs on line). I shared it with our staff at our last staff meeting and wanted to share it with you,too. It talks about being all alone but together in this time.


    I wanted to say a thank you for bearing with my many, many emails during this time of so much change in both how school works, but also how the world works.

    I am hopeful going forward...and I'll be in touch!


    Vestal Peace, Sabrina Flamoe