• Community News

    Hello Vestal families-


    Wow, it is amazing that each Thursday when I sit down to with ethos there is new and weird stuff happening in the world. Today, the air quality and fires are top of the news. I so hope everyone is safe and staying indoors as much as possible.


    This week has been our soft start time to try out all of this new technology, distance learning, meeting new teachers and classmates, getting school supplies, etc. the great news is we have solved many technology troubles throughout the week and have seen almost every Vestal student successfully get on line for a class meeting! Phew!


    Next week, starting Monday, school begins with a little more rigor and definitely more time. I know it will be a challenge for some (I include myself in this group) to GET UP and BE READY for learning at 8:00 AM. But, routine and schedules are good for us AND at least you don’t have to physically get to school. I am such not a morning person, but when I start my school day at 8:00 I truly get a lot more done each day! Remember, this is not forever and when in  person school really does start at 8:00, so just think of it as practice for when we return!


    We are learning all sorts of tricks and shortcuts and helpful aps and just so so much these days! One new ap is a cool timer- https://www.visnos.com/demos/classroom-timer. You may want to teach your child how to use this to helpful tool for when they are working independently. Some teachers will be using it in their classrooms and teaching kids how to use it,too!


    We will continue to have Family Town hall meetings AND post the link. Here is the link for lat night’s meeting about Specialists- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhFgwoyHCII&list=UU1KhRI_GgQEshJfOqe-skPg&index=1


    Please check out the latest on child care opportunities through PPS. I am sure these slots will fill up fast, so look today!  https://www.pps.net/Page/935


    Ok, please, please, please stay safe and let us know if there is any way we can be of help and support!


    With hope, Sabrina Flamoe