• Community Notes

    Hello Vestal community-

    Wow, what a chilly, wintery day! As always, a reminder to send your kids with warm enough clothing for this chilly, wet weather!

    It is hard for me to believe, but next week is our last of 2021! We know the kids will be excited about winter break AND that we have a full week of school to still focus upon. A reminder that within our beautifully diverse community, multiple winter holidays are celebrated, and some choose not to celebrate any holiday. We honor and respect each families traditions and choices. Within classrooms, there are multiple opportunities to share about family tradition, learn about different traditions around the world, and explore how some holidays are religious/spiritual, some are cultural...some have been around for a long, long time and some are newer. Please continue talking with your kids about respecting the many traditions and choices of ways to celebrate.

    * Tomorrow is Vestal Spirit Day AND the Timbers are playing in the MLS championship this weekend...wear your Vestal gear or Timbers gear to support our home team!

    * Remember- Our amazing Food Pantry is tomorrow! Come get yummy food!

    * Thank you to our PTA for the pie, wreath, hot cocoa, and Vestal sweatshirt sales last week! Way to support!!

    * This month we are focusing on the value of APPRECIATION- and I wanted to take a moment and say how much I appreciate the Vestal families and how you show up and support your children and our teachers every day! Thank you for allowing us to partner with you to make school into a community center! We take seriously AND love caring for your kids!

    I VERY much appreciated everyone's flexibility if you were part of car drop off this morning...we had a bus stop running RIGHT as they were ready to pull out on 82nd...this caused quite a confusing traffic situation...I so appreciate how patient and flexible everyone was as we worked out how to get cars and buses turned around all while kids were still coming to school!

    Vestal Peace...happy weekend,

    Sabrina Flamoe