• Community Notes

    Hello and welcome the closure of 2021...a historic year unlike any other. Let us hope that 2022 brings greater health and peace to the world, starting right here in Montavilla!

    This week has been filled with fun and lots of celebrating....end of the month, year and of course many holidays being recognized!

    Speaking of celebrations, tomorrow we celebrate three things school wide-

    1) Our kindergarteners will be going on a New Years Parade that many classes will watch and hear!

    2) EVERY single class met the goals of being Safe Kind Learners during specialists (PE, Music, Art, and Library) for ALL of December! This means every student will receive a yummy prepackaged Rice Krispie treat! We are proud of each class working hard and working together to achieve the goal!

    3) Tomorrow is Vestal Spirit Day...so please encourage your child to wear Vestal gear and/or clothing with positive messages of hope, peace and justice!

    I feel like I should be able to say something profound and insightful as a year end closure, but...not sure what that would be:)

    What I can say is that I continue to feel so supported by Vestal families and students as your principal; I know I speak for our staff when I say we are inspired by and learn from your students every day...and we care deeply for each of them as individuals. We have hope for the future as we daily get the gift to hear your kids practice social justice through small local actions to make sure their community is safe and kind.

    Our first year of being a School for Social Justice we had a 2nd grader capture the essence when she said, "Oh so you mean "Social" like all of us together and "Justice" like we take care of people if they are hurt or need our help?" YES, YES, YES...this is what we mean by being a school for social justice...a sweet, simple reminder of our focus!

    May we all have a peaceful winter break where we care for each other,

    Vestal Peace, Sabrina Flamoe