• Community Notes

    Hello Vestal Community-

    Happy Thursday…it is so very nice to have a little bit of sunshine today!


    Lots of news and notes-

    Tomorrow is Spirit Day and Food Pantry Day!

    For now we will continue to ask students to take chrome books back and forth…I am personally feeling very hopeful that Vestal will not end up having to go to Temporary Distance Learning, but we do want to be prepared just in case!


    Please be aware that both Jan 28 (FRI) and Jan 31 (Mon) are NO SCHOOL DAYS.

    Jan, 28th is on the calendar as a teacher work day. Monday the 31st was JUST added as a staff professional development day.. So, students do not have school  next Friday OR Monday the 31st.


    Parenting Tools for Vestal Families- Please join us! 

    (From Kate Blackmore and Michael True)


    Please join us in a free online series for Vestal families to help continue conversations on social and emotional skills with your family at home, including:


    - Identifying emotions through Zones of Regulation

    - Practicing the Toolbox Tools we use consistently at Vestal (breathing, practicing empathy, listening, apologies, and more)

    - Communication skills and practice with your kids, like using "I feel ____ because I need ____. 


    Workshops are online from 9 to 9:45 a.m. Upcoming workshops are on January 24 & 31, and Feb. 7. Although this is a series, please feel free to join anytime for parenting support, ideas, and tools! To join the meetings, go to: meet.google.com/spf-itfm-otm



    Hello Amazing Vestal Families: (From Coach C)


    This week in Physical Education brings exciting news. Brand new equipment for use with the P.E. curriculum has started to arrive. Vestal now has a fully stocked equipment room for use with all students across the grade levels.This is so exciting! Using the new equipment, the 5th and 4th graders are learning how to play volleyball (using a brand new net)  . In grades k-3 we are busy learning how to dribble and shoot for use in the game of basketball. I hope everyone is staying safe out there! Have a great week, amazing Vestal Community!



    Covid Updates- There have been some changes to the COVID restrictions that we follow at school. The biggest change is moving from a 10 day quarantine to a 5 day quarantine for positive cases. We continue to remind students about proper mask wearing and social distancing. One thing I have realized is that some kids seem to think they don't have to distance themselves if they have been vaccinated, so please remind your student that at school we are following all the same guidelines as we have all year!


    Please email Madison if your student is going to be absent due to a COVID positive test OR COVID symptoms. That way we can give you a return date for your student based on symptoms.  If you have any questions related to health concerns  please email Madison at mdoran@mesd.k12.or.us 


    Just a reminder to keep students home when they aren't feeling well. We are in that season where there are lots of germs flying around!. 


    COVID times have been so challenging for all of us…we will get through this…better together!


    2nd Quarter is almost over, which means we are just about half way through the school year. Please reach out to your child’s teacher or myself  with any concerns or questions…we want open and consistent communication!


    Vestal Peace, Sabrina Flamoe