• Community Notes

    Hello all- happy Thursday evening!

    Just a quick note this week...

    Having masks optional during recess has gone really well! I can assure you that students that want to wear their masks are free to do so...one kindergartener told me today, unprompted,  "I know lots of my friends take their masks off, but I am leaving mine on because this what my family decided!" then ran off playing! I am hopeful that all students feel that comfort with their decision. I have had some funny moments where kids have told me, "You look so weird, please put your mask back on!" and "You sound the same but you look so different, I didn't even know it was you!" 

    As of right now, we believe that we will also have masks be optional starting March 14 (almost exactly 2 years since all this began for us). 

    Tomorrow is Spirit Day! Please remind your students to wear Vestal gear or messages that support social justice!

    Friday is also the food pantry and spinning wheel!

    Last note for now...please please please honor the NO PARKING signs at school. We really need everyone to follow the expectations for parking. This is for safety and also simply so buses can fit in some tight places. We know we don't have great parking options, and we really can't fix that part. Please give yourself enough time to park behind the school and walk through the path OR across the street and cross 82nd. We truly appreciate your help and support. We want the end of the day to be a fun time to re-connect...not a stressful time with car and bus issues. (NOTE- Please do not park along the fence in the small lot...that is all marked NO PARKING)

    OK, have a nice and hopefully calm evening!

    Vestal Peace, Sabrina Flamoe