• Electives Forecasting 2024-25

    For families with students entering 6th Grade in the 2024-25 school year

    Please complete the survey at this link 
    to share some of your course preferences with us
    as we plan for next year's schedules.

    This next year, all PPS Middle Schools will be using a SEVEN course/day model. Depending on course designs, they will be offered as full year, semester, or quarter-long classes. The following courses will be required, in order to meet our district and Middle Years Programs.

    • Language Arts (If DLI, there will be an added ELA course taken in English ) (yr)
    • Social Science (yr)
    • Science (yr)
    • Math  (yr)
    • Physical Education (3 qrts) & Health (1 qtr)
    • World Language (French and Spanish, 1 quarter each) 

    In addition, all electives need to fall under the MYP descriptions for "DESIGN" and "ART". All students will be expected to take at least one elective from each category, which will automatically be included in schedules, excluding BAND, CHOIR, or AVID. 

    • MYP "Art" Elective (1 semester) 
    • MYP "Design" Elective (1 Semester)
    • 'Open' Elective Period ( 1 Semester) 

    MYP Elective courses will include ART, S.T.E.A.M., MUSIC, and possibly one or two others that are yet to be determined, based on staffing.  Band or Choir will be taken as a full year elective and count for 2 semesters, leaving one semester of another elective available.