• Photos Needed

    WSMS Yearbook 2021 PHOTOS NEEDED

    The Yearbook is a student designed and produced publication that will be released in spring before school ends.

    Yearbook invites photo submissions from students, parents, and other members of the school community. In 2021, the use of photos sourced from the WSMS community will be crucial. 


    We are accepting photos featuring West Sylvan students by email: wsmsyb@gmail.com. 

    Looking for photos to be used on a college page by GRADE. When sending photos for the Yearbook class to consider using, you must include the following information:

    • Names
    • Grades
    • Advisory Class
    • If you are the photographer, include your full name and contact information and a sentence giving the Yearbook class permission to publish the photo in the Yearbook.
    • If you did not take the photo(s), please include the name and contact information for the photographer so Yearbook staff can contact them to obtain permission

    Deadline for all photos is March 18, 2021