• 2020 Virtual Run for Whitman

    This year we will be doing a step challenge for Run for Whitman!
    Run, walk or jog as many steps as you can on the day of the event! How can you participate? Run. walk, or jog as many steps as you can. You can be inside or outside. Moving or staying in one place. All you need to do is keep track of how many minutes you stepped for! Every minute you step for is equal to a certain number of steps. Use a clock, stopwatch or phone to keep track of minutes! When you are finished add up the total number of minutes you stepped for.
    Then multiply that number by the steps in this chart: One minute of running= 150 One minute of jogging= 125 One minute of walking= 100 (Total number of minutes______ x steps on chart= Your total steps for the challenge! 
    Send your total number of steps to Coach Katie by October 30th!:
    Email- ksherida@pps.net Remind Message Post in PE Seesaw