• Student and Family News, October 26

    Student and Family News

    Monday, October 26,  2020

    Dear Wilson Families,

    This year’s parent-student-teacher conferences will take place Monday and Tuesday, November 23rd and 24th. All conferences will be done virtually over Zoom. We ask that students attend conferences along with their parents or guardians.  Each conference will be up to 10 minutes. Please know that you may contact our teachers at any time throughout the year and are not limited to these conference times. 

    • Staff Scheduled Conferences - Students struggling in multiple classes are our priority for conferences.  If your student is identified by staff, you will be contacted between now and Nov 12 to schedule.  
    • Parent Scheduled Conferences - Parents can schedule Individual Conferences online from 5:00 p.m. on Nov. 12th  until 10:00 p.m. on November 16th in the times that remain.  We are again using the myconferencetime.com/wilsonhs program to schedule.  A link to the sign-up will be available on the Wilson website and will be emailed out before November 12th.

    If you have issues to discuss with your child’s teachers that are more involved than can be covered in 10 minutes, please reach out to the teacher for a separate time to speak to them. Counselors are a great resource to include in the conversation. 

    • Special Ed conferences -  will include both the teacher and case manager whenever possible
    •  Interpreters - If language interpretation is needed, notify Abby at 971-231-6378 as soon as possible.  PPS will do their best to secure interpreters.

    Dates & Times:

    Mon, Nov. 23rd

    8:45 - 11:55 a.m. 

    12:57 - 4:55 p.m.

    6:00 – 7:45 p.m. 

    Tues, Nov. 24th

    8:45 - 11:55 a.m. 

    12:57 - 4:55 p.m.

    6:00 – 7:45 p.m. 

    Instructions for scheduling conferences will be posted on the WHS website and emailed by Nov. 11th, and, again, the link to schedule conferences will become active on the 12th at 5pm. Please take the time to read the instructions regarding online conference scheduling before calling the office for help.  

    No School November 6th:  This is a grading day to mark the end of the 1st quarter (essentially this is the end of the first semester of the course and this grade will be on your student’s transcript).  

    PSTA Updates - As you know, we were unable to offer the October PSAT testing date. The College Board has added an additional January 26 test date. We are exploring the possibility of hosting PSAT testing on that date for juniors, but there are a number of physical distancing and logistics concerns that may make testing not feasible. As we plan for that date, we are asking schools to follow the normal process for testing accommodations and submit through the SSD portal. This is an important service to students whose accommodations must be entered for future needs such as AP or SAT testing. Please follow College Board protocol and collect parental permission prior to submitting an accommodation request. It is important that when communicating with parents at this time, staff emphasize that the January test date is not yet a confirmed option within PPS. Accommodations must be entered in the SSD portal no later than December 7.  In the event we are unable to provide PSAT/NMSQT testing in January, juniors wishing to qualify for the 2022 National Merit Scholarship Program should follow this link for additional instructions and an alternate National Merit application process.


    Food Insecurity - Neighborhood House's Food Pantry is doing twice a month food deliveries to families in need.  If you are in need of food deliveries, please submit the form by clicking this LINK. You will be able to select if you have dietary restrictions (Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal, Kosher, Gluten-Free). You can also select the types of food you most need. Additionally, if you need food for your cat or dog, there is an option on the form to select. Diapers are also available. 


    In order to access this service, you must be living within SW Portland, some of NW Portland and inner SE Portland boundaries. Most of our Wilson families should fit within these boundaries.  If you have any questions or would like support filling out this form, please email me at BLocke@pps.net or send me a text or give me a call at (971) 712-3621.   


    Speech and Debate - At the recent South Coast Virtual Invitational tournament (hosted by Marshfield HS in Coos Bay), we saw three of our students finish in the top three in their events:

    • 1st place in Open Lincoln-Douglas Debate -- Noemie Veillette (Junior)
    • 2nd place in Open After-Dinner Speaking -- Zoe Carver (Senior)
    • 2nd place in Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate -- Cedar Tatarek (Freshman)

    Congratulations to all our participants, including Noemie, Zoe, and Cedar!


    Virtual Club Fair:  To learn more about this year’s clubs that are meeting virtually visit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1v7gXbTZpJDOscpFvcEH86ezL0YE1mDhAA13qif7g2M0/edit?usp=sharing  For specific questions about WHS Clubs, email Activities Director, Morgan McFadden at mmcfadden@pps.net


    Sports Updates:  Greetings Sports Fans, Please see the two attachments. One is a Wilson Athletics update and the other is the new grading policy with regards to the 2020-2021 athletic season and eligibility.


    Advanced Placement Exam Registration and Payment -  Exam Payment for FIRST SEMESTER AP STUDENTS is due Nov. 2nd.  This is a HARD deadline coming from the College Board.  There will be a  $40 per exam late fee after this date. Please refer to the First Semester AP Student Checklist.

    A Message from the Boosters-  It's that time of year! The Booster Club annual Christmas

     Tree sale is in full on planning mode. What can you do to help?  Sign up to volunteer for a shift.  All shifts are open to everyone so get a group of friends and pick a day/time that works for all of you. We need students and adults.  All Covid protocols will

     be in place to ensure a safe volunteer experience. Sign up today: 


    PTA Meeting to Talk with Renaming Committee:  Join the Wilson PTA Zoom Meeting on November 5th at 6:30 to learn more and give feedback to Principal H and the renaming committee on WHS new name.  Join us on Zoom:  


    Yearbook 2020/2021-  This year we’ll be using EZPix to upload student portraits. Keep an eye out for an email from Balfour for sign up and submission instructions by the end of this week. We were only able to include one email address, so if you didn’t receive the email, please email whstroyanyearbook@gmail.com and request to receive an EXPix invite. 


    Please submit your student’s photo (9th, 10th and 11th grades) NO LATER THAN November 30th. While we suggest you follow the guidelines that Balfour provides for photo submissions (the photo is about 1" x 1.25" so it should be mostly head and shoulders), we only ask that the photo is school appropriate. Otherwise, we strongly encourage your student to use this, hopefully, once in a lifetime opportunity to submit a yearbook photo that is a unique expression of them. (Yes, pets can be included!)  Seniors should submit senior photos (also using EZPix) no later than December 18th.  If you have any questions or need any help, please contact the yearbook staff at whstroyanyearbook@gmail.com.


    In other news, this year we’ll be reaching out to students about once a month with photo requests and opportunities to be interviewed for stories. If you have photos of your student that you would like to submit for our consideration, please see the attached instructions for Balfour ImageShare which allows you to upload photos.


    We are looking for photos from clubs and other student organizations to be featured in this year’s yearbook.  Please send your photos to whstroyanyearbook@gmail.com


    Thanks for your help! We look forward to your student’s school portrait and other photo submissions.


    School Photo/Student ID/Trimet Bus Pass Make Up Day:  November 3rd and 4th between noon-4PM is our student photo make up and retake day.  The line begins on the front patio of our school on the Vermont side of the school.   If you choose to submit your own photo to the yearbook, you can do so by emailing whstroyanyearbook@gmail.com.   Instead, you can use the school lifetouch photo.  We plan to use the lifetouch photo for all students who do not submit their photo to WHS yearbook.  


    Textbook Returns or Collection of Textbooks/Chromebook/Novels:  You can return your textbook and novels that you are no longer using to WHS between 8:30am-3pm Monday-Friday.  The office is open and the phone number to reach us on the front doors of the school.  In addition, you are welcome to come to the school during  these days and times to collect a chromebook or to get support from our office staff.