• Student and Family News Nov. 23

    Dear WHS Students and Families-  

    The Wilson Renaming Committee (WRC) is very excited and grateful to have your participation. This historic, student-led project is supported and guided by current Wilson HS teachers, administration, alumni, parents, and community members.  The WRC is committed to an INCLUSIVE process that centers the ideals of EQUAL JUSTICE and the ideas and experiences of individuals and cultures that are typically overlooked when high schools are named in the U.S.  To see the WRC's mission, a full set of guiding principles, and more information about project history, goals, process, and timeline, please use this link to the Wilson Renaming Project website: https://x5mwvzc9fr.wixsite.com/mysite  We would love to hear from you.  To submit your ideas or thoughts to our renaming committee, complete this form.

    We hope you and your families have a safe and happy Thanksgiving! 

    ~  WHS

    Upcoming Dates:  



    Meal Service Message from PPS Nutrition Services-  Due to the upcoming Fall Break for conferences and Thanksgiving, the Nutrition Services department will be providing extra meals each day to help keep our students with access to food.  Each service day through November 20, we will be providing 3 days worth of meals for each child.  We will not be serving or delivering meals on Monday, Nov 23, and Wednesday, Nov 25 (the District is closed Friday, Nov 27).  More updates about our services in December will be provided later.  Please feel free to visit our website or contact us at nutritionservices@pps.net with any questions and requests for home meal delivery.  https://www.pps.net/nutrition

    *The Governor’s issued 2 week “freeze” does not change our services or any of our original plans for services (the announcement does not impact K-12).

    Student and Staff of the Week - Each week our staff nominates students and colleagues who exemplify one or more of our school values - Diligence, Excellent, Integrity.  Here are a few nominees from last week:  

    • Emily Kern, Student-  Emily's unbridled enthusiasm and excitement for learning Physics has been one of the highlights of this year for me.  As a rare 10th grader in AP Physics 2, Emily has risen to every challenge presented to her - not only as a scientist but also as a mentor and leader who volunteers to spend extra time helping her peers.  But it is the joy with which she undertakes her tasks that really stands out; this is a student well on her way to a deep understanding of how the world works who also has the skills and energy to make a positive impact on everyone she meets along the way.

    • Hillary Woodard, WHS Library Assistant - Hillary only worked in our building for 6 weeks before the shut down.  Considering Hillary has not had much time in her position, she has brought new ideas to the library and to our team.  She goes above and beyond by going to families homes to drop off books, learning packets, hot spots and chromebooks.  Hillary also helped out with scheduling our priority conferences.  We are so happy to have Hillary as part of our team. 

    • Chris Bartlo, Computer Science Teacher -  He strives for excellence in everything he does and puts his students before himself. 

    • Nabilah Mohammed, English Teacher-  She is kind to all of her students and talks to them personally if they need help in class, she is the best.

    • Simryn Gupta, Student-  She is always attentive in class and responds to teachers questions. 

    • Cia Kidoguchi, Student-  Cia is a great student who always has her camera on and is highly engaged in each class. She asks great questions and displays curiosity about the material in class. Her work is always excellent and most importantly Cia has shown a belief in social justice. 

    • Julieanne Quigley, Science Teacher-  Ms. Quigley has gone to great lengths during COVID to provide assistance to her students, extend deadlines/accept late work, arrange for extra asynchronous class meeting times in order to help her students be successful. I am very grateful to Ms. Quigley for her dedication to her students and neverending tenacity to make sure her students learn during these uncertain times. Thank you SO much Ms. Quigley!!!  

    • Katherine Neu, Math Teacher-  Ms. Neu is one of the most supportive and understanding teachers I have ever had. She is always there to answer questions and takes time to engage with every student. I always look forward to her class because it is a very safe space and healthy environment. 

    • Savannah Danger, Student-  Savannah is a rock star in my class! Every assignment I give she is immediately asking questions and figuring out how she can push the limits of what's expected from her.

    • Emily Refvem, School Psychologist-  Amazing in every facet of her job, and a supportive colleague.

    • Thor Esbensen, Math Teacher-  Out connecting with students during an incredibly difficult time.

    • Tazio Marrota, Student-   Is one of the kindest and compassionate students I get to work with.  Amazing young man!

    • Filip Hristic, Principal- Positive group leader. Meaningful meetings.

    • Mason Dinsmore, Student-  Keeping me on my toes in posting material to Canvas

    • Erica Caldwell, Business Manager-  Erica has been fielding TONS of parent phone calls and emails that has been saving staff members a ton of time. She always gives 110% to her job, she is always willing to help people, she is a creative problem solver and genuinely a nice person! Thank you for all you do Erica!

    • Togtuun Tumurkhuu, Student-  Togtuun is such an impressive young woman with ambitious goals! She is a dedicated student, well organized and very thoughtful in her approach to things. She has a true passion to help others and is an inspirational innovator. I look forward to hearing about all the wonderful things she does with her future! 

    • Melia Patrick , Student-  Melia is a constant force of positivity across zoom classrooms. She's shown tremendous care throughout the pandemic--never shying from making sacrifices for public safety while still supporting her community in this time of emotional strife. I look up to Melia and her thoughtful life approach. She's also academically invested and shows up to class, prepared and present, ensuring her teachers and classmates have the best person possible with which to learn. (from a WHS Student)

    • Hillary Brown, Science Teacher-  Mrs. Brown has been an extremely supportive resource for our son, who is struggling through this challenging school year. She came to our house and dropped off guided notes in our mailbox, then notified us through email. She has made our son feel supported and instilled sparks of hope during this difficult time. She obviously cares very much for her students and should be commended for her unparalleled commitment to the success of those in her classes! 

    • Sebastian Brint, Student-  Sebastian has made gains in achieving success in his classes despite the multiple barriers of entering a new school as a freshman, in a new city 1000s of miles from his hometown, with a difficult academic schedule, while in the middle of a National pandemic. He reaches out to his fellow classmates to offer support and independently connects with his teachers. His commitment to success despite the many challenges he faces should be acknowledged and celebrated.

    • Megan Jackson, AVID teacher and Instructional Specialist-  Megan is just a genuine and real person! It is always a growing and rewarding experience when I get the chance to work with her. It is clear she has a passion for what she does and it's always great being in meetings with her!

    • Dawson Plumridge, Student-  Dawson joined our class this quarter and brought with him some new energy! Our class discussions have become more lively with full on conversations about how video games and concepts in physics can be related. His presence and genuine interest in being an active participant in class has opened a door for other students to follow his lead in participating both verbally and through the chat during our class meetings. His real life example got students so engaged and excited, I even had some students turn their video cameras on to show us examples of what we were talking about! Thank you Dawson for joining our class and finding a way to connect your interests and passions to the concepts we are learning about! 

    • Tim Loveless, Social Studies Teacher-  Mr. Loveless is one of the most understanding teachers I’ve ever met. He’s always willing to change his lesson plan if there was confusion on the last topic we were covering and truly wants us to succeed. He’s created a very comfortable and safe class environment and I truly appreciate that. I always look forward to his class.

    Please take a minute to nominate a student and/or staff member who exemplifies one or more of our school values - Diligence, Excellent, Integrity. 

    Speech and Debate-  Our team attended the South Albany Redhawk Tournament this weekend. We should all be proud of our students' continued efforts representing WHS in Speech & Debate. The following competitors received awards at the tournament:

    Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate 3rd Place -- Ainsley Ragnetti

    Open Parliamentary Debate 1st Place -- Nolan Sottoway and Ori Friesen

    Novice Radio 3rd Place -- Cate Latimer

    Open After-Dinner Speaking 1st Place -- Zoe Carver

    Annual Christmas Tree Sale-- PLEASE SIGN UP to VOLUNTEER-   What can you do to help?  Sign up to volunteer for a shift.  All shifts are open to everyone so get a group of friends and pick a day/time that works for all of you. We need students and adults.  All Covid protocols will be in place to ensure a safe volunteer experience. Sign up today: https://signup.com/go/FTDoZtg

    Main Office at WHS Closed-  November 16-December 2nd our school office is on a 2 week freeze.  We are still managing our phone messages on the 503-916-5280.  If you leave a message, expect a call back in the next 24-48 hours.  Thanks for your patience.  If you have an emergency and need to reach out to someone quickly, you can contact Business Manager, Erica Caldwell at 971-231-5569

    Wilson Career Happenings-  Visit our page for November Updates 

    College News - If you need help with any of the following, please sign up for time with Kelly Milford from Wilson's college center next week during conferences!  No questions are too small.  Sign up here

    • College planning

    • Filling out applications

    • Applying for financial aid - FAFSA/ORSAA

    • Finding Scholarships

    If you are writing your college essay and need help getting started or with editing, attend our drop in Essay Help Session Monday 3-4 pm.  Join Here

    Prospective 8th Grade Families-  For those families with 8th Grade students, PPS is hosting an 8th grade Info Night on Wednesday, November 18th.  To learn more visit https://www.pps.net/8thgradeinfo    The WHS PTA and Principal H will be hosting a Wilson specific virtual meeting for prospective parents and students on Dec. 17 at 6:30PM 

    Yearbook-   Freshmen, Sophomore and Junior families should have received an email from Balfour EzPix invite at this point.  If you have not received the email from Balfour, you should email a picture directly to whstroyanyearbook@gmail.com, making sure to include your student's name and grade. Also, we're still looking for photo submissions for this year’s yearbook. Submit photos to studio.balfour.com/ezpix and use 130915 for Yearbook Project. No password needed. Please caption your photos, including people pictured. Things we are currently looking for are pics of socially distanced summer hangouts, video game screenshots of games that kept you sane over the summer, summer trips (local or out of state), election anticipation/celebration photos, any hobbies you've taken up this year, examples of quarantine fashion or what your normal school outfit looks like these days, any photos that reflect your life during quarantine, photos from sports practices (if you're actually an athlete attending those practices), as well as anything else you would like to have considered for inclusion in the yearbook.  Thank you!

    Holiday Help Message from Britni Locke, WHS Social Worker-   Who can believe we are already through the middle of November and more than a quarter of the way through with the 20-21 school year? I certainly can’t! I have spent the past four months as WHS’s school social worker getting acclimated to the community, learning about community based resources, supporting students and families with basic needs, attendance concerns, mental health challenges and much more.

    In September I sent out an ask to the community for donations and I am still astonished at the way you all came through for our families who are struggling. We received donations of toilet paper and laundry detergent, toothbrushes and deodorant, gift cards to WinCo, Target, Fred Meyer and more. I still receive multiple emails a week in response to that ask. I feel so lucky to be joining a community of people who are willing to show up for one another.

    With the holiday season fast approaching, I am here to ask again for your support. As a school, we want to provide some relief for families in the coming months. We are asking for donations of gift cards, yet again, so that WHS can support families with the upcoming holiday season.

    One suggestion of how to do this is through the PAT scrip program. Here is the link for that form and here is the link for more information about the scrip program ! 

    If you are unable to purchase via Scrip, some suggestions of locations to purchase gift cards are Fred Meyer, Target, Walmart, Adidas, and Nike. 

    Due to the statewide freeze, the main office at WHS is not being staffed as it was previously. Gift Cards can be dropped off on Thursdays between 8AM and 3PM with Erica Caldwell. Please call the main office upon your arrival. If this doesn’t work, please email me (blocke@pps.net) and I can arrange a time to be at Wilson that is more convenient for your schedule and/or we can schedule a time for me to pick up from your home.   We will need all donations submitted to us by 

    If you are a family in need of support during the holiday season, please submit your information via this form. If you need additional support, please email me at blocke@pps.net or call/text me at (971) 712-3621. 

    Warm Regards, 

    Britni Locke, LCSW, LSSW
    School Social Worker
    Wilson High School
    (971) 712-3621

    Senior News - Every few weeks we will send information that pertains to our graduating seniors.  Here is the current newsletter.  Make sure to note that we need each senior to complete this online form to let us know how you want the name on your diploma to read by December 18th.  

    Buy Scrip and Support WHS-  To learn more about our scrip program visit https://www.pps.net/Page/3714.  New additions to our scrip program is that they have added New Seasons and Columbia Employee Store.  

    Clubs at WHS 2020/2021-  To learn more about our 2020/2021 Student Clubs that are meeting virtually throughout this school year please click on this link.  For specific questions about WHS Clubs, email Activities Director, Morgan McFadden at mmcfadden@pps.net or the club advisor. 

    A Message from WHS School Nurse-  Get your free flu shot at these free locations during the month of November.  To learn about our school based health centers where students can get their sports physicals, visit https://multco.us/health/student-health-centers.

    Food Insecurity - Neighborhood House's Food Pantry is doing twice a month food deliveries to families in need.  If you are in need of food deliveries, please submit the form by clicking this LINK. You will be able to select if you have dietary restrictions (Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal, Kosher, Gluten-Free). You can also select the types of food you most need. Additionally, if you need food for your cat or dog, there is an option on the form to select. Diapers are also available. 


    Again, from all of us at Wilson High, have a lovely and safe Thanksgiving holiday! 

    ~  WHS