• Student and Family News, December 7

    Winter and Holiday Giving

    This year we have 50 families (!) in need of help this winter season.  Our PTA has created a simple way to provide a tax deductible donation online so we can purchase gift cards and distribute to our families before winter break.  As of today, we have collected $3800 (a huge thank you to everyone who has already contributed).   We are asking that all donations for holiday giving be submitted to us by Monday, December 14th so our counselors know how much they have to give to each of our families.  

    To contribute a cash donation, you can donate here.  We will be collecting gift cards at Wilson High School on Thursday,  December 10th between 8:30-3pm (just call the main office line and we will come and collect from you - our office phone number is on the front door of the school).   Alternatively, you can drop off donations with WHS staff, Leanne Van Horn, who lives close to WHS.  Leanne's work cell # is 503-217-4432 and you can text or call to set up a time to drop off a donation. 

    Winter Spirit Week
    December 14-18th Participate and Potentially Win a Prize- We are so excited to announce Winter Spirit Week this year! It will take place the week before break, which is December 14th-18th.  Listed below are the themes of each day as well as the daily and weekly prizes.

    Winter Wonderland Week!

    Monday: Holiday PJs

    Tuesday: Lumberjack Day (flannels)

    Wednesday: Ugly Sweater Day

    Thursday: Snow Gear Day

    Friday: Class Color Day: Freshmen wear black, Sophomores wear grey, Juniors wear white, and Seniors wear green

    Student Daily Prizes: Hydroflasks

    Student Weekly Prizes: Spikeball, Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, Nintendo Switch, Apple Watch

    Teacher Prizes: $100 Amazon Gift Card (x2)

    In terms of student prizes, there will be five daily winners and four weekly winners. Weekly prizes will be handed out according to the preference of the students with the highest scores. We also are giving out two Amazon Gift Cards for the highest scoring teachers!

    Pictures can be sent in through dm on the Wilson Instagram (wilson_trojans) or sent to the Wilson Leadership email (wilsonhsleadership@gmail.com)

    Wishing you all the best and can’t wait to see your awesome Spirit!

    Bridget McMurray-  WHS Student Spirit Coordinator

    Library and Text Book Return
    Students, look under your beds, on your books shelves, in your books bags.... we need all books from the 2019/2020 school year returned so we can check them out for students for Q3 and Q4. When you return your books to the school, it saves our school $$$$. To return the books you are not using, please drop them off on the front patio of our school on Thursday, December 10th and 17th between 9am-3:00pm. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Woodard at hwoodard@pps.net or call 503-916-5280.

    Student and Staff of the Week
    Stephanie Satoorian, Science Teacher- “I have a freshman who is new and struggling very badly. We had to switch his whole schedule around due to awful grades, being unable to learn in this crazy way. he ended up getting an NG for a course, last term and she is doing everything in her power to work with him to correct it, and lift him through these difficult remote learning times.... He has been so down on himself and life, that I have had to take him to the doctor to have his mental health evaluated. And during our conferences, she lifted him, brought positive to his heart and made him excited. She is a true gift and I am grateful for her putting a smile on my son's face and making him excited about learning in these crazy times. WE NEED more people like her in THIS WORLD”  -  Wilson Parent

    Please take a minute to nominate a staff member who exemplifies one or more of our school values - Diligence, Excellent, Integrity. 

    Tree Sale
    Wilson Booster Club's Tree Sale continues next weekend in the A-Boy parking lot.  They've got Wilson branded merchandise at clearance prices!  Proceeds support students here at our school.  The Tree Sale reopens Friday at 4pm.  We sold out of trees last weekend and we have a new shipment of fresh new trees coming for Dec. 11-13th sale dates.  

    The Boosters meet again January 11th at 6:30pm.  Save the date to hear Tree Sale results and funding requests.

    Math Competition- AMC Contest
    Our Math Department will be hosting the 71st annual American Mathematics Competition (AMC Contest) online on Feb 10th this year, and you are invited to participate!   Sign up deadline is December 18th.  - Mr. Sahler

    Details and signup

    Example of one of the contests  

    Tasty Recipes - From Matt Carlson, Photography Teacher
    Although we can't see each other in person or get together for the holidays we can still share our food and recipes with each other. In that spirit of sharing my Advanced Photography students created a class cookbook of recipes and shared them with each other and I would like to share them with you. The "Pannakaku" recipe by Max Sivers-Boyce is amazing! I would highly recommend it. Click the link below to view the digital cookbook and if you have a recipe you would like to add feel free to make a Google Slideshow, share it with me and I'll add it to the cookbook. My hope is that this can be a living document that changes and evolves. 

    Speech and Debate - From Mr. Ben Hunter, Club Advisor
    We attended the Cleveland/Clackamas Holiday Edge Tournament this weekend, our final Speech & Debate tournament of 2020. Cleveland HS and North Clackamas HS were gracious co-hosts of this tournament, and of course, it is always the parent/guardian judges who make these competitions possible in the first place. Kudos to our team in general for proudly representing WHS, and in particular to the following students, who distinguished themselves at the tournament:

    Open After-Dinner Speaking 1st Place -- Zoe Carver

    Novice Impromptu 2nd Place -- Evan Horwitz

    Open Impromptu Finalist -- Noemie Veillette

    Open Prose 1st Place -- Cara Weathers

    Novice Radio Finalist -- Cate Latimer

    Novice Radio 1st Place -- Hannah Lo

    Open Parli Speaker Awards 2nd Place -- Cara Weathers


    College News-  From the office of our College Counselor, Kelly Milford
    Here is the latest version of the College News 

    Wilson Career Happenings, From the office of our Career Counselor, Jessica Wade
    The December issue of Wilson Career Happenings is now available. 

    Attention Junior Students and Families: Most years, all PPS sophomores are able to take the PSAT college entrance exam in October. We use that administration to allow juniors who wish to apply for the National Merit Scholarship to test on the same day. This year, because of COVID-19 restrictions, PPS was unable to host an October PSAT testing date. The College Board added a final PSAT/NMSQT test date in January to allow states and districts to have improved COVID metrics to allow for in person testing.   School and district leaders have reviewed all of the different options in an attempt to make testing work for all PPS Juniors.  Unfortunately, due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and the timing of the January test date, we have determined that January testing will not be possible in PPS this year. This is a hard decision, but we needed to make it based on ODE state guidance (Ready Schools Safe Learners and Third Party Standardized Assessment Guidance), the ability to safely proctor large scale testing following all testing security procedures to meet the needs of all students eligible to test, as well as OSHA COVID guidance.  

    We know we have students who were looking for this opportunity to qualify for the scholarship program.  Fortunately, there is an alternative method for students to qualify.  For juniors wishing to qualify for the 2022 National Merit Scholarship Program, follow this link for additional instructions and an alternate application process. An SAT test is required as part of the alternate application process.

    SAT for Juniors
    PPS is continuing to plan for a spring SAT test opportunity for juniors in March or April. State guidelines and restrictions, and local health metrics will determine whether PPS will be able to offer this opportunity to students. All students have access to the free Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy at khanacademy.org/sat. Students can receive personalized SAT practice questions if they connect their College Board and Khan Academy accounts. Initial data show that 20 hours of studying on Khan Academy is associated with an average SAT score gain of 115 points. 

    For additional information from the College Board about Coronavirus updates, related testing opportunities and closures, go to pages.collegeboard.org/sat-covid-19-updates.

    Food Insecurity
    Neighborhood House's Food Pantry is doing twice a month food deliveries to families in need.  If you are in need of food deliveries, please submit the form by clicking this LINK. You will be able to select if you have dietary restrictions (Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal, Kosher, Gluten-Free). You can also select the types of food you most need. Additionally, if you need food for your cat or dog, there is an option on the form to select. Diapers are also available. 

    Class of 2021
    Seniors please submit your information on how you would like your name on your diploma here.  This must be completed by our student using their student pps email address.   For more information for seniors, visit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1y6meS3To5tF5XzztHqa0q99M_jHbJsfl34q0br1oz5A/edit?ts=5fa590e8


    Have great week!