• Student and Family News, December 14, 2020

    Student and Family News

    Monday, December 14, 2020

    Winter and Holiday Giving-  UPDATE:  Thanks to your generosity we have over $15,000 in gift cards to split amongst 50 Wilson High School  families in need of support this winter season.  

    We know that these families may need help as we enter into 2021 so we will keep the ability to donate online open throughout the year.  To contribute a tax deductible donation, you can donate here.  

    Again, a HUGE thank you to our amazing community who have really stepped up to help out our families during the holidays.   

    Yearbook Updates:

    Seniors: Please check your PPS email for an email from the yearbook staff with links to submit senior bests (due 1/8/21) and senior quotes (due 1/15/21). Also, if you haven't yet submitted your senior photo, please either use the EZPix invite mailed out sometime last month OR just email it directly to whstroyanyearbook@gmail.com.If you had a photo taken by Lifetouch this year, it will be included in the yearbook unless you submit something different.

    Senior Parents: Now's the time to start thinking about putting together a congratulatory ad for your senior. You should have already received an email from Balfour (our yearbook publisher). But if you haven't, you can purchase an ad and access the ad builder using this link. Scroll down to Yearbook Products and Ads and click on the button (which was just showing up as a white box last time I checked).

    Freshmen, sophomores and juniors (or parents of said students): If you haven't yet sent in a photo for the yearbook, we're still accepting late submissions. At this point, please submit them directly to us at whstroyanyearbook@gmail.com. Make sure to include your name and grade. If you had a photo taken by Lifetouch this year, it will be included in the yearbook unless you submit something different.

    Speaking of photos, if you don't want your photo included in the yearbook at all, please email khigbee@pps.net using your PPS email requesting that you not be included NO LATER THAN 1/15/21.

    If you go by a name other than what is listed in Studentvue, please email khigbee@pps.net using your PPS email with the name change NO LATER THAN 1/15/21.

    Finally, we are still VERY desperate for the following photos: your home "classroom" set up (ideally with you in it), pics of socially distanced hangouts, screenshots of video games that are keeping you sane during lockdown, summer trips (local or out of state), other trips you've taken this school year, election anticipation/celebration photos, any hobbies that are keeping you sane during lockdown, you with your pet(s) especially while trying to do school, examples of quarantine fashion or what your normal school outfit looks like these days (this includes pics of you in your favorite mask), you at sports practices, holiday/winter baking, you spending time with family, you celebrating important cultural or family traditions, pics of you in the snow (skiing, snowboarding, sledding, whatever), you at your job, dating during quarantine, pics from the Multnomah Village BLM protest, as well as anything else you think should include in the yearbook.

    Submit photos to studio.balfour.com/ezpix and use 130915 for Yearbook Project. No password needed. Please caption your photos, including people pictured. And if that's too much of a hassle, just email them to us. PLEASE!!!!!!! 

    Spirit Week is THIS WEEK December 14-18th
    Participate and Potentially Win a Prize- We are so excited to announce Winter Spirit Week this year! It will take place this week, which is December 14th-18th.  Listed below are the themes of each day as well as the daily and weekly prizes.

    Winter Wonderland Week!

    Monday: Holiday PJs

    Tuesday: Lumberjack Day (flannels)

    Wednesday: Ugly Sweater Day

    Thursday: Snow Gear Day

    Friday: Class Color Day: Freshmen wear black, Sophomores wear grey, Juniors wear white, and Seniors wear green

    Student Daily Prizes: Hydroflasks

    Student Weekly Prizes: Spikeball, Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, Nintendo Switch, Apple Watch

    Teacher Prizes: $100 Amazon Gift Card (x2)

    In terms of student prizes, there will be five daily winners and four weekly winners. Weekly prizes will be handed out according to the preference of the students with the highest scores. We also are giving out two Amazon Gift Cards for the highest scoring teachers!

    Pictures can be sent in through dm on the Wilson Instagram (wilson_trojans) or sent to the Wilson Leadership email (wilsonhsleadership@gmail.com)

    Wishing you all the best and can’t wait to see your awesome Spirit!

    Bridget McMurray-  WHS Student Spirit Coordinator

    Student and Staff of the Week

    Joe Minato, Science Teacher- “He has been so helpful and positive despite everything going on. You can tell how passionate he is about teaching chemistry and it makes me excited to come to class. He’s been very organized this year which has helped lots with all the stress of zoom classes. He’s an amazing teacher and his lectures make me feel like I’m right in his classroom!”

    “Mr. Minato has a dynamic way of teaching and keeps kids engaged during distance learning. His videos have been interesting that my son has occasionally called me into his room to watch Mr. Minato. Keeping kids engaged during online learning is hard, and Mr. Minato knows how to do just that.”

    “He has been so helpful and positive despite everything going on. You can tell how passionate he is about teaching chemistry and it makes me excited to come to class. He’s been very organized this year which has helped lots with all the stress of zoom classes. He’s an amazing teacher and his lectures make me feel like I’m right in his classroom!”

    Marrla Wilkinson, English Teacher-  “Ms. Wilkinson has been so kind and encouraging to my freshman. Normally a conscientious student, he was really struggling to stay focused and turn work in at the start of the school year. Ms. Wilkinson would write positive comments whenever he submitted an assignment and answer his questions right away whenever he emailed her. Knowing she was supporting his efforts made such a difference, and he managed to turn in all his late work plus some extra credit and get an A for the grading period. She's also created an online curriculum with lots of creative options for doing the assigned reading and getting the most out of it while the kids are studying at home. So impressed and grateful!”

    Rayne Walter-young, Math Teacher-  “Ms. Walter-Young is my son Oscar’s geometry teacher. She’s been so incredibly attentive to my son during this challenging transition to high school. She’s made every extra effort to support him. She amazes me - every time I see her on Zoom she’s bouncy a baby. I’m simply in awe of this caring and joyful teacher. Ms. Walter-Young is a superhero! She represents all our values - excellence, diligence and integrity. We love our Portland public school teachers!” 

    Jamie Miller, Drama Teacher-  “Mr. Miller has been an excellent theater teacher and he has shown kindness and understanding to students when they needed it. He is helpful and shows just how much he enjoys teaching with the environment he creates for young theater students. He is also a fantastic creative director for shows at Wilson and really knows how to teach kids new theater concepts.” - WHS Student

    Emillee Revfem, School Psychologist, and Britni Locke, Social Worker-  “I am the parent of a sophomore new to Wilson. For the first half of quarter 1, he was completely disengaged and had dropped out of school. We were pulling our hair out; nothing could convince him to go back. He agreed to a meeting with Ms. Refvem and Britni Locke. I don't know what kind of magic they worked but he agreed to go back and he has kept it up. These staff members stand out for finding a way to engage a struggling student, convincing him to give it a try, and following up with him to make sure he stays engaged. It has worked! Thank you, thank you for caring about this kid you haven't even been able to meet.” - WHS Parent

    Keith Higbee, English Teacher and Yearbook Advisor-  “He’s always supportive, great at responding when I need help, he’s very understanding, and I always look forward to his class.” - WHS Student

    Marie Pearson, Art Teacher-  “She is always clear and organized in online teaching, and is always a kind and understanding person with a vibrant and excited charisma.”-  WHS Student

    Please take a minute to nominate a staff member who exemplifies one or more of our school values - Diligence, Excellent, Integrity. 

    Math Competition- AMC Contest
    Our Math Department will be hosting the 71st annual American Mathematics Competition (AMC Contest) online on Feb 10th this year, and you are invited to participate!   Sign up deadline isThis Friday, December 18th.  - Mr. Sahler

    Details and signup

    Example of one of the contests  

    College News:
    From the office of our college counselor, Kelly Milford, here is the latest version of the College News 

    Wilson Career Happenings
    The December issue of Wilson Career Happenings is now available. 

    Attention Junior Students and Families: Most years, all PPS sophomores are able to take the PSAT college entrance exam in October. We use that administration to allow juniors who wish to apply for the National Merit Scholarship to test on the same day. This year, because of COVID-19 restrictions, PPS was unable to host an October PSAT testing date. The College Board added a final PSAT/NMSQT test date in January to allow states and districts to have improved COVID metrics to allow for in person testing.   School and district leaders have reviewed all of the different options in an attempt to make testing work for all PPS Juniors.  Unfortunately, due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and the timing of the January test date, we have determined that January testing will not be possible in PPS this year. This is a hard decision, but we needed to make it based on ODE state guidance (Ready Schools Safe Learners and Third Party Standardized Assessment Guidance), the ability to safely proctor large scale testing following all testing security procedures to meet the needs of all students eligible to test, as well as OSHA COVID guidance.  

    We know we have students who were looking for this opportunity to qualify for the scholarship program.  Fortunately, there is an alternative method for students to qualify.  For juniors wishing to qualify for the 2022 National Merit Scholarship Program, follow this link for additional instructions and an alternate application process. An SAT test is required as part of the alternate application process.

    SAT for Juniors- PPS is continuing to plan for a spring SAT test opportunity for juniors in March or April. State guidelines and restrictions, and local health metrics will determine whether PPS will be able to offer this opportunity to students. All students have access to the free Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy at khanacademy.org/sat. Students can receive personalized SAT practice questions if they connect their College Board and Khan Academy accounts. Initial data show that 20 hours of studying on Khan Academy is associated with an average SAT score gain of 115 points. 

    For additional information from the College Board about Coronavirus updates, related testing opportunities and closures, go to pages.collegeboard.org/sat-covid-19-updates.

    Food Insecurity - Neighborhood House's Food Pantry is doing twice a month food deliveries to families in need.  If you are in need of food deliveries, please submit the form by clicking this LINK. You will be able to select if you have dietary restrictions (Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal, Kosher, Gluten-Free). You can also select the types of food you most need. Additionally, if you need food for your cat or dog, there is an option on the form to select. Diapers are also available. 

    Wishing you and your loved ones a healthy and happy winter break.  The next newsletter will be out on Monday, January 4th.  See you in 2021!