• Student and Family News, March 8

    Ida B. Wells High School
    Student and Family News
    March 8, 2021


    Dear Ida B. Wells HS Students and Families, 

    As you all probably heard last week, Governor Brown issued an executive order on Friday to reopen public schools in Oregon.  Schools that serve students in K-5 are expected to reopen on or before the week of March 29 and schools that serve students in 6-12 are to reopen on or before the week of April 18.   The executive order requires schools to provide “universal access to in-person instruction” through “either a fully on-site or a hybrid instructional model.”

    There are still lots of questions about how this executive order will be implemented here in Portland.  We should know a lot more in the next couple of weeks.  The district is still expected to send a survey to get an accurate sense of how many students are planning to return to school for hybrid instruction and how many students are wanting to continue in CDL.  Please make sure you complete this survey when you receive it.  We are also expecting to get additional information from the Oregon Health Authority regarding school reopening guidelines.  As more information becomes available, I’ll be sure to share it with you.

    One of the questions that I received last week is whether the executive order mandates that students return to school for hybrid instruction.  My understanding is that although schools are required to reopen for hybrid instruction, students and families will continue to have the option to attend school through Comprehensive Distance Learning.  

    Please let me know what questions are coming up for you and/or your family.  In addition, you can join me at a PTA meeting that has been scheduled for Thursday, March 18th at 7:00pm where I will be conducting a Q&A on Re-opening plans. The zoom meeting information can be found below and also on the master calendar on our website. 

    Although we are entering a period of transition, I’m confident that our staff will effectively navigate whatever complexities lie ahead.  

    Filip Hristic, Ida B. Wells HS Principal

    Here are more announcements for this week:


    Successful Schools Survey

    The Successful Schools Survey is our annual district-wide school climate and feedback survey. These surveys provide students, families, staff, and leaders an opportunity to provide feedback on their school’s climate and their experiences at school.  The survey window will run to March 12 for students, staff and leaders, and to March 19 for families. Here is the pps link of where to go to take the survey: https://www.pps.net/Page/17177

    For more information about the Successful School Survey, you can read the FAQ
    in English:  Successful Schools Survey_English
    in Spanish: Successful Schools Survey Spanish
    in Somali: Successful Schools Survey Somali



    Are you a 10th grader looking for a strong community, a space to grow academically and socially, and curious about how to better prepare for college and career? Maybe AVID is for you! Check out the AVID page on our website to find out more about AVID and how to apply to be in the class. https://www.pps.net/domain/4344

    AP Exams

    Due to COVID restrictions, information regarding AP Testing continues to fluctuate.  As the PPS District Office provides information, we will update the Ida B. Wells AP web page, so check it often: Advanced Placement Overview.  Here is the latest update from PPS PPS AP Update 2/12/21 
    and the current schedule: 2021 AP Schedule

    SAT Exam
    The survey that was open for Juniors to indicate whether or not they wanted to take the SAT exam has now closed.  Logistic planning is now underway to be able to administer the exams in person, with Covid protocols in place, at Ida B. Wells on April 13th and 27th.  We are hoping to have more communication to share before Spring Break.  Stay tuned!  If you have any questions, please contact Abby Menashe, amenashe@pps.net

    In the meantime, spending some time preparing for standardized tests is essential to maximize your score.  We have compiled a list of resources, not endorsed by PPS, that you can use to get you ready for test day. 

    2021 American Mathematics Competition

    Nearly 60 students participated in the online version of the American Mathematics Competition this year! Ida B. Wells top-ten finishers on each exam are listed below - congrats to all who participated!

    AMC 10 Top Ten
    1. Owen Schlimgen
    2. Jake Yun
    3. Thomas Schuff
    4. Emily Kern
    5. Peter Platosh
    6. Jesse Mitchell-Reiss
    7. Adit Mukalel
    8. Hodaka Nakamura
    9. Jake Brauser
    10. Carter Kroenke

    AMC 12 Top Ten
    1. Preston Bushnell
    2. Elaine Demetrion
    3. Cara Weathers
    4. Emma Laboe
    5. Eve Hart
    5. Noemie Veillette
    7. Kira Dobbins
    7. Michael Schuff
    9. Nathan Edwards
    10. Kim Daniel 


    Ida B. Wells HS Career Learning -Week of March 8th

    Future You 2 Go This Week: – Career & Post-secondary Presentations; No pre-registration required; Click on Link to Join; Counts toward Career Related Learning Experience requirements once reflection assignment is completed.

    W, 3/10, 1:00pm-1:45pm: Post-Secondary Presentation-PCC Music & Sonic Arts and Multimedia Programs  (Previously scheduled for 2/16) Connected Careers-Music, Sonic Art, Multimedia, Business 

    W, 3/10, 2:00pm-2:45pm: Industry Spotlight-Prairie Electric
    Are you interested in a career as an electrician? Join us for this session to learn about the details of an electrician's career, how to get into an apprenticeship and the "day in the life" of an electrical apprentice. Connected Careers-Electrician, Construction and Business. 

    W, 3/10, 3:00pm-3:45pm: Industry Spotlight-Pacific Northwest Carpenters Institute

    Other Events this Week:

    TH, 3/11, 1-2:30PM: Resume Building
    Get the latest information on how to effectively write and format job search documents, such as what information to include, how to create a targeted resume, and to illustrate how your qualifications "fit" with a position.  Join the Google Meets: https://meet.google.com/ghv-bmaj-mrw

    F, 3/12, 1:00pm-2:00pm: 
    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) TRAINING! 
    Learn how health care professionals guarantee security and privacy of health information. At the end of training, participants will be given the opportunity to take a quiz to earn a certificate. Pre-Registration is Required by March 10th:  http://bit.ly/Reg-HIPAA

    Registration Now Open:

    Emergency Services Career Focus Event
    Date of the Event: Thursday, March 18, 1:00pm-2:30pm
    Learn about a variety of emergency services careers, job outlook for Oregon and nationally, salary ranges, etc. Pre-Registration is Required by March 15th. Register NOW!:  http://bit.ly/CFE-Emergency

    BE THE CREATIVE DIRECTOR: ADVERTISING INTENSIVE,” a FREE virtual workshop for high school students interested in digital media, graphic design, film/video production, creative writing, journalism, mass communications, and marketing who want to learn more about creative careers in advertising, media, and content creation.

    Dates: March 22 – April 7, 2021 | Meets Monday thru Thursday (includes Spring Break), Live classes: meet via Zoom Mondays and Weds @ 5:00 PM—7:30 PM; Asynchronous sessions: via the online course portal on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Register online at the Boedecker Foundation website  

    For more information or to see other opportunities including summer internships/jobs, check out the March Career Happenings newsletter or email Jessica Wade, jwade1@pps.net

    Senior News, Class of 2021
    Social Media
    We have new social media accounts set up for the graduating class of 2021.  These are great places to share past and present photos of our graduates and their friends from elementary, middle school and high school.  Also, as you know what plans are after graduation, this is a great place to share the news!  

    FACEBOOK: Facebook, Ida B. Wells HS, Class of 2021
    INSTAGRAM: idabgrads2021

    Buy a Brick Program
    Brick Sales - Makes a great graduation gift!   
    Leave your legacy with the purchase of a personalized, engraved brick installed by the Ida B. Wells Boosters in the Stadium Plaza. Proceeds will be used to benefit students in sports and clubs.  Bricks are LIMITED!! Makes a great graduation gift, memorial, or tribute! Please be sure you complete a Buy a Brick form.  Order online at https://www.bricksrus.com/donorsite/ibwboosterclub   If you have any questions, please contact, Brick Sales Coordinator, Bryan Huester, at 503-313-0794. 

    To find all news about the Senior Year and Graduation, visit our website Senior News, Class of 2021

    From our Social Worker, Britni Locke

    Black Youth Crisis Recovery Group
    Are you a black student who is seeking a safe place to process and unpack trauma and grief that you may be dealing with as a result of current events?  If so, please check out this flyer for more information on how you can join this group:  Black Youth Crisis Recovery Group

    Ida B Wells Pantry Restock
    With LIPI underway, our Social Worker is ready to restock the hygiene pantry in hopes of opening access up to families in need.  If you need some extra support, please email Britni Locke at blocke@pps.net.   If you're able to contribute - here's the signup for what's desired and where/how to drop off.  VolunteerSignup - Online volunteer signup sheets - IBW Food & Hygiene Pantry Restock 1.2021 signup sheet

    Substance Abuse Information
    The Office of Student Success and Health has drop-in office hours that are open to anyone in the district - parent, family member or caregiver.  It will be an opportunity to "stop by" virtually and ask questions about substance use prevention, find out about resources and get information about accessing supports. This drop-in space will be staffed by at least two people from the Substance Use Supports team and offered bilingually in both Spanish and English.  FLYER with LINK TO OFFICE HOURS .

    Benson High School Wellness Center
    The Wellness Center located at Benson High School is open to assist with medical issues.  They are also now a location conducting COVID testing (not vaccines).  For more information, please refer to this flyer: Benson Wellness Center


    Boosters Club

    The next meeting is tonight! 6:30-8pm.  We will be discussing grant requests, updates on name change implementation and open positions for next year which include Vice President, Secretary and Christmas Tree Sale Lead/co-leads. Credentials: https://insidetrack.zoom.us/j/6621528345

    Hopefully you're also noticing our new domain: https://www.ibwboosterclub.org/ as we lean into our name change process!
    Community Equity Council
    The IBWHS Community Equity Council (CEC) is hosting an anti-hate coummunity virtual event, tomorrow, March 9th at 7:00pm in partnership with the ADL.  More details can be found on our website:  Community Equity Council
    Understanding Allyship

    PTA Meeting
    An additional PTA Meeting has been scheduled for Mar 18, 2021 7:00PM;  Topic: "Re-Opening Plans Q&A with Principal Hristic"

    For additional phone numbers, meeting codes, etc. please visit the master calendar on our website Master Calendar, March 18

    Staff Appreciation
    Spring staff appreciation project is coming online - our plan is thank you notes and gift cards.  
    If you're available to write some of the notes, please message Jessica (jess_jon@msn.com) your email address and we'll coordinate.  If you are able to donate, please either Venmo (@jchrist18) or message Jessica (jess_jon@msn.com) for other options.  Hoping to be ready to distribute in April!🍎❤ Let's show those hardworking IBW teachers and staff some love.


    Textbook Return

    If you still have textbooks and/or library books from Semester 1, please return them ASAP.  In addition, if you have wifi hotspots or chromebooks that you are no longer using, please return those as well.   During the hours of M-F, 9am-3pm, you can drop off textbooks or library books on the cart that is outside the front doors.  If you are returning chromebooks or wifi hotspots, please call the number on the front doors and someone can assist you.

    #Virtualandia! 2021 is an exciting opportunity for Portland Metro high school students to take part in a dynamic virtual slam poetry competition for the chance to win prizes and the title of #Virtualandia slam champion. 

    Prizes: $15 Powell’s gift cards for the first 50 eligible entries; top prize of $1,000 visa gift card. Submit an entry by 3/31/2021 to compete. Full details at IBW Library website: https://www.pps.net/Page/17331

    Poetry Workshops This Week:

    Monday, March 8 | 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. Q&A: All About Slam! | Jacque Dixon, Olivia Jones-Hall, and Jordan Wolmut
    Learn about the slam poetry process, #Virtualandia, and ask any questions you have whether it's about form, performance tips, or inspiration sources.  

    Wednesday, March 10 | 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. Workshop: From the Page to the Stage! | Alex Dang
    You've got the words, so how do you say them? This workshop will provide the author different methods for how to bring out the best performance out of themself and their poem.  

    Friday, March 12 | 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. Feedback Session #1! | Jacque Dixon and Julia Gaskill
    Get 1:1 support from slam experts during 15-20 minute sessions whether you need support with writing, revision, performance, or anything else.


    Ida B. Wells Athletics Weekly, Mike Nolan, Athletic Director

    Greetings Sports Fans! With a full week of competitions this past week, it was great to see our student-athletes competing! Our Cross Country Program had two meets with some terrific competition against some old rivals. The Volleyball Program got off to a strong start with two exciting matches against Madison and Grant. Both the Men’s and Women’s Soccer Program had two competitive non-league soccer matches and our Football program had a great game against Roosevelt that came down to the last possession. A huge thanks to the parent volunteers for finding ways to livestream our contests and Sports Beat for providing commentary and content at our Football game on Saturday. Looking forward to an exciting week ahead!  Read the complete Athletics Weekly inlcuding updates from each sports program and write-ups on our Athletes of the Week, Logan Leybold, SR, Football; Charlotte Richman, JR, XC; Skylar Livolsi, FR, Women's Soccer and Melia Patrick, SR, Volleyball.  
    Ida B Wells, Athletics Weekly, March 8

    Athletic Schedule, Week of March 8-March 13
    For a complete list of all contests and where you can find the most up-to-date schedules, please visit our Athletics Website: https://www.wilsonathletics.com/page/show/3803298-this-week

    Season 3/Spring Sports
    Registration for Season 3/Spring Sports is now open! Student-Athletes that are planning on participating in Baseball, Softball, Track and Field, Golf, Tennis, Lacrosse as well as Cheer and Dance can be registered on https://www.familyid.com/organizations/ida-b-wells-high-school  For complete Registration information, visit our Athletic Website: www.wilsonathletics.com/Registration


    Community Building for 9th Graders!

    We’re so excited to be offering another community-building meeting for our Freshpeople! This meeting will be a great way for 9th graders to meet some more friendly faces from Ida B. Wells-Barnett and to help build that sense of community that we’ve lost given the current comprehensive distance learning setup going on. During the meeting, we’ll be playing games and doing different activities with the hope that whenever we return to the building, our freshpeople will feel more at home. This month's meeting will be very similar to the first one we held last month, so if you weren’t able to attend last month, no problem. The event will be on Wednesday, March 17th at 12:40 pm. Here is the link to join meet.google.com/kky-uxqu-zab

    Trojan Factor
    This year's 2021 Trojan Factor is coming up. For those who may not know, Trojan Factor is our talent show and is open to all students and talents! Although no final date has been picked yet, we are hoping to have it in April. This year's event will happen via a Google Meet. If you are interested, please come to the following meeting on March 17th at 12:35 https://zoom.us/j/94838723971?pwd=WmhiZEwxRzFaSXh3NWRlRlVBNHlDZz09

    Ultimate Frisbee
    Portland Ultimate Frisbee Club is hosting a Middle and High School Girls Clinic on Sunday, March 21st. This one day clinic is open to all skill levels and will be a day of fun and learning. Come meet other girls your age from around the Portland Metro area, as well as some of the middle and high school coaches from local teams.  For more information, please see their flyer: https://portlandultimate.org/e/middle-high-school-girls-skills-clinic


    Ida B. Wells is really fortunate to have two stellar individuals who manage our library and textbook room.  Find out more about Cassie Lanzas, our Media Specialist and Librarian and Hilary Woodard, our textbook clerk on their staff pages on our website:  Cassie Lanzas and Hilary Woodard

    Have a great week!

    For any questions or submissions for the newsletter, please email Leanne Van Horn, Communications Coordinator at lvanhorn@pps.net