• Student and Family News, September 27

    Dear IBW Students and Families,

    The fall weather is officially here.  Here is the announcement we shared with students and staff regarding indoor lunches:

    • As much as possible, please continue to eat outside.  

    • If the weather doesn’t allow for eating outside (too wet/cold), students can eat in the cafeteria or in the hallways on the first and second level.

    • Students who are eating in the cafeteria, please sit two at a table and maintain 6 feet apart.

    • Students who are eating in the hallways on the first and second level, please be sure to stay 6 feet apart.  You will notice white, green and black dots throughout the building.  Please sit on one of those dots.  The dots are 6 feet apart.

    • Please stay away from stairs and stairwells.

    • Please remember to wash your hands before and after eating.  Your mask should be on unless you are eating/drinking.

    Thank you for reviewing this information with your students, too.

    All the best, 

    Filip Hristić, Ed. D.
    Principal, Ida B. Wells HS
    Back-to-School Night
    Information for our Back-to-School Night will be emailed to all families on Wednesday, September 29. Like last year, the program is asynchronous and can be viewed at your convenience. While it is fun to come and walk the hallways for Back-to-School night, we hope you will find this program both informational and convenient.  
    PPS COVID-19 Information
    On September 16th, families should have received a brief survey (5-10 minutes) about your students and the COVID-19 vaccination.  If you did not receive a survery, please email vaccine@pps.net

    In short, PPS would like to determine how many of our students (ages 12 and older) are fully vaccinated against the virus and as we anxiously await approval for the COVID-19 vaccine for younger students (age 5 to 11), we’d like to plan for targeted outreach for families to quickly access the vaccine. The information you share will help us prioritize vaccine access and outreach to schools this fall.  Included in this brief survey is a question about your student’s home access to a computer and the internet. As we become a district that further integrates the use of technology in our teaching and learning, this information will better prepares us to equip students and families with these tools. Please take a moment to complete your unique survey for by September 30, 2021.   
    The option for parents to upload their student’s Covid 19 Vaccination Card in ParentVUE is available in the Yearly Verification screen. Directions can be found HERE

    With our ongoing commitment to keeping you informed, we have built an improved and more informative COVID-19 Monitoring Dashboard: PPS COVID Dashboard

    COVID-19 Testing
    There is no Covid-19 testing at IBWHS unless symptoms appear after a student arrives at school and a COVID-19 Testing Consent Form is on file for the student.  A new form needs to be completed for the 2021-2022 school year.  Completed forms can be turned into the Main Office.
    COVID-19 Screening
    Oregon Health & Science University is partnering with the Oregon Health Authority, Oregon Department of Education and school districts across a wide swath of the state to provide free COVID-19 weekly screening for students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade.  OHSU can process as many as 8,000 tests per day through this new initiative.  The OHSU screening uses a specialized tube to collect saliva, which will then be couriered or shipped to an in-house testing lab on OHSU’s Marquam Hill Campus to be analyzed for genetic material of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The screening is designed as a regular spot-check for unvaccinated students with no symptoms, but will be open and available to all students who need it. Estimated turnaround time is between 24 and 48 hours from the point of collection.  OHSU researchers have found that the accuracy of the saliva test among people with no symptoms is almost exactly the same as results collected by a deep nose swab, which usually requires a health care worker to scoop a sample from deep within the nasal cavity.

    OHSU’s COVID-19 Connected Care Center, which opened early in the pandemic as a statewide resource for Oregonians with questions about COVID-19, will notify students or parents of results that detect infection. Local public health authorities will also be notified and work with schools to determine appropriate next steps.

    We will be emailing more information and all the neccessary forms tomorrow to opt your student in for this COVID-19 weekly screening. Once received, please complete the form and return to the main office ASAP.    
    Lost and Found
    Now that we are entering our 5th week of school, there are many items in our Lost and Found.  If you are missing something, you can check our Lost and Found in Room 139 (across from the gym)
    Pick Up and Drop Off at Ida B. Wells
    Please do not use the school parking lot or the bus loading area as a pick up and drop off area for students.  We use these areas to load and unload our students with special needs from the buses and personal vehicles in the disabled parking area in our parking lot.  When cars are in line to drop off in the staff parking lot or the bus loading zone, it makes it difficult for our staff and students with disabilities to get to school.  
    We are getting more bike racks at our school and we want to encourage our students to ride bikes to school, walk or utilize public transportation.  If you are dropping off or picking up your student, please do so in the north parking lot using the roundabout by the stadium as a quick drop off or in the neighborhoods around our school.  We appreciate your understanding and support.  
    2020-2021 Yearbook Distribution
    Current students, if you still need to pick up your yearbook, please see Mr. Higbee in Room 142 before or after school or at lunch. Please bring a receipt of purchase.  You can still purchase 2020-2021 yearbooks, $45 cash or check only in Mr. Higbee's room.  You can also pick up or purchase a yearbook in the Bookkeepers Office before school or during lunch. Debit or Credit cards can be used in the bookkeepers office.
    Attendance Updates
    We had some attendance glitches as we transitioned to our new 8 period schedule. Please be patient as we continue to work through these issues.  Kathy Lommen is our new attendance clerk.  She can be reached at klommen@pps.net or 503-916-5294 (Please DO NOT leave messages regarding attendance on the main line, 503-916-5280 as those may not be received in time)
    Here are a few attendance pointers:
    Please email Kathy within 3 days to excuse an absence
    Students, if you are late to school for any reason (tardy, arriving late after an appointment, etc), please go directly to your class.  DO NOT STOP IN THE OFFICE.  Parents, please email Kathy to notify her if this late arrival is excused.
    If an appointment during the day is unavoidable:

    1) Parent/Guardian, please call Kathy as far ahead as possible with the details.  You should not enter the building to pick up students.
    2) we will call students out of their classroom at the time instructed by the parent.  Students should not leave their classroom until called out.
    3) the student should come to the office and sign out  
    School Breakfast available on the front patio
    Beginning today, Grab and Go Breakfast is available 8:00-8:30am on the front patio of the school (Vermont entrance). And a reminder that during the 2021-2022 school year, school breakfast and lunch is free for all students. 
    Trivory App - download today!
    The Trivory App is our best communication channel to quickly send out important news and reminders to our entire community at once. Download it from your applicable App Store. Be sure to check your Settings under More to receive notifications so you don't miss any important updates. In addition, Trivory is also available in Spanish!  As of today, we have 2330 members of our community using Trivory including 80% of our students.  
    PSAT Exam Day - October 13
    ALL 10th graders and 11th Graders who registered by September 22
    You will be taking the PSAT on Wednesday, October 13th starting at 8:30am in person, in classrooms.  Following the exam, students will go to lunch and Early Dismissal is at 1:30pm. 

         * Pre-registration for the PSAT will happen on Friday, October 1st in 10th grade US History classes 
    11th grade Biology classes.
    Want to start preparing for the PSAT? Use the PSAT/NMSQT Student Guide for information, test-taking advice, tips and practice tests.   

    9th, 11th graders (NOT taking the PSAT), and 12th Grade Students: 
    You will be participating in Tools to Build Your Future which will take place virtually from 8:30am-1:30pm
    * 12th grade: You will register for the sessions that most apply to you during your Senior English       class on Oct 6th or 7th.
    * 9th grade: You will register for two career awareness presentations during your 9th grade Physics class on Oct. 1st.
    The complete schedule of the day can be found HERE

    This College & Career planning virtual event will provide our 9th and 12th graders with the opportunity to complete their personalized learning requirements for graduation and start planning for their futures. This event is required for all Freshmen, Non-testing Juniors, and Seniors. 
    AP Exams - Register Now!
    Students who are planning to take AP Exams MUST register for AP Classroom and the AP Exams as soon as possible. AP CLASSROOM & AP EXAM Registration & Payment: AP REGISTRATION SLIDESHOW.  VIDEO Instructions  You can also use the  ONE-PAGER Student Checklist if you’d prefer. (Student Checklist copy for personalization)

    TESTING THIS YEAR:  Currently, the College Board is only allowing in-person pen & paper testing this year.  There is no online option.   Most exams will be at the Portland Expo Center again this year.

    Tutor.com → FREE online 24/7 individual tutoring & homework help in all AP Classes!    

    • Great News! Students taking AP & IB classes now have access to Tutor.com via your Canvas Course for 1:1 tutoring 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It’s super simple to use and many students have already started using this on their own!

    • Short video overview for students

    Canvas - Parent Access
    Canvas is the platform teachers use to post assignments. Here are the directions students need to follow to allow their parents to observe their classes. Parent Access to Canvas 
    StudentVue/ParentVue is the platform where you can view schedules and grades. If you are having trouble accessing StudentVue or ParentVue, please contact Kathy Lommen at klommen@pps.net
    College and Career Center
    For families and students who missed our Paying for College event, you can view a recording of the presentation and slide deck. Paying for College Recording Paying for College Slidedeck

    The first issue of Ida B Wells Career Happenings featuring fall mentoring and internship opportunities, volunteer positions, jobs and more is now available. See https://www.pps.net/Page/16186 or contact Ms Wade for more information.

    From our Social Worker, Brittni Locke
    If you are seeking help with rent or utilities, NW Natural, Pacific Power and PGE are all still offering their one-time assistance programs. The amounts vary ($300 from NW Natural or Pacific Power, up to $500 matching grant from PGE). Please see attached flyers PGE Assistance Pacific Power Assistance for more information or call your electric company directly. If you accessed this support in the spring, you would not be eligible again, but can call 2-1-1 to be referred to a regular energy assistance program.
    September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, a time to bring greater awareness to an often taboo issue. Awareness months are not one and done months; Suicide Awareness is truly everyday, all year, year after year. As we welcome students, families and colleagues back into physical spaces, I want to acknowledge the enormous mental health impacts the pandemic has had and continues to have on the lives of our communities. Below is a list of some of the many resources available to support our young people, ourselves, and our communities. 
    In addition, part of our suicide prevention planning at IBW is to implement an evidence-based, universal school-based prevention program called Signs of Suicide (SOS). Here is a link to more information. The program teaches students how to identify the signs of depression and suicide in themselves and their peers and how to ask for help from a trusting adult when needed. I will be pushing into all Health 1 classes this year (alongside our counselors) to teach this curriculum. If your student is in one of these classes, a letter will go out closer to the date I will be in their classrooms. If you have questions, please feel free to email me at blocke@pps.net
    Our school has received funding to run a program called Chrysalis this year! Chrysalis is a therapeutic school-based prevention program run by Trillium Family Services to support teenage, female-identifying trauma survivors. The group will be facilitated by a Trillium therapist alongside myself. It is currently run at Roosevelt, Cleveland, and Grant. It will be run weekly through the end of the year. Students do not have to disclose their trauma history. Trauma is defined as students who have experienced physical, sexual, emotional abuse, or neglect. Additionally, students who have parents that have struggled with substance abuse (past or present), students of parents who have been or are currently incarcerated and students who have ever been in foster care. Here is a link to the website. Do you know a student who might benefit? Please send me their name! I am compiling a list of students to reach out to by the end of the month. Have questions? Email me! BLocke@pps.net
    One of the greatest attributes of Ida B. Wells HS is our parent involvement.  For descriptions about each of our 3 parent organizations - Boosters Club, Foundation and PTA and their role at Ida B. Wells and how you can get involved, please click here: 
    Ida B. Wells HS Parent Organizations
    Booster Club
    All the latest IBW gear is available to order online www.schoolpay.com/link/IBWgear   
    Our concessions shack has the opportunity to open for the Lincoln football games held in the IBW stadium - we need your support!  Find newly available shifts posted here:  https://signup.com/go/ycboLia  Working concessions shifts are a great way to contribute on your schedule.
    The mission of the IBW Foundation is to enhance the classroom experience by increasing options for rich and rigorous learning opportunities.  IBW Foundation funding allows IBW administrators to hire additional teachers and expand educational offerings. 

    As part of our Fall Fundraising Campaign, we are asking families to donate what they are able to help fund additional teachers and classes at IBW. By clicking on the link below families can elect to make a one-time, or monthly recurring donation. Please give generously! 
    IBW Foundation Donations: Donate to IBW Foundation 

    Questions? Email Brad Nelson, IBW Foundation Chair, bknelson@cascadeautoglass.com.  

    PTA Meeting is Tonight at 6:30pm!
    Q and A with Principal Hristic, rescheduled for Oct. 7th
    The first meeting PTA meeting of the year is tonight 6:30-7:00pm via Zoom. The previously scheduled
    Q and A with Principal Hristic has been moved to Thursday, October 7, 7:00-8:00pm.  The link for both meetings is: Zoom Link  Password: PTA
    You can enter questions for next week's meeting with Principal Hristic here: Questions for Principal H

    Please bring your fully charged Chromebook to school daily. If you missed the Chromebook Distribution, please come to the library to check one out before school, after school, or lunch. You may also come during class but we are checking out many textbooks to classes. There may be a long wait.
    If you have a Chromebook from a prior year, please return it to the library and get a new one. Some models from prior years are not powerful enough to run all of your learning apps.
    If you would like more information regarding using your Chromebook and replacement policies, please see the PPS 1:1 page for Students and Families.
    Athletics Weekly, Mike Nolan, Athletic Director
    Each week, Athletic Director, Mike Nolan writes up a summary of the past week and looks forward to the next as well as announcing Athletes of the Week, a Coaches Corner plus other announcements. To read this week's Athletic Weekly, click HERE

    Athletic Schedule, Week of September 27
    For a complete listing of this week's athletic schedule, please visit their website: IBW Athletics/THIS WEEK.  Links to team schedules can be found on their team pages on our website.  The athletic schedule is also linked to the Trivory App Calendar..
    Family ID is now open for Winter sports registration
    The Winter sports season officially begins Monday, November 15.  You must have a registration completed in FamilyID and a valid physical on file before you may participate in Basketball, Wrestling and Swimming. This is especially important for basketball which conducts try-outs. Wrestling and Swimming are both non-cut sports.  https://www.familyid.com/organizations/ida-b-wells-high-school
    Pre-season opportunities for Winter Sports
    Now that the OSAA closed period is over for Winter Sports, our Winter coaching staffs are looking forward to connecting with our IBW student-athletes.  Here are some pre-season opportunities:

    Men's Basketball tryouts are scheduled for Monday, November 15 and Tuesday, November 16 from 3:45 - 6:00 pm @ IBW HS gym. In the meantime, we will be holding Open Gym every Tuesday and Thursday 6:00-8:30pm at Jackson Middle School beginning tomorrow Tuesday, September 28 and ending Thursday, November 11.

    Women's Basketball tryouts will begin Monday, November 15.  More information will follow.  Open gym wil be TU/TH 7:00-8:30pm beginning tomorrow, September 28 in the IBW Gym.
    Beginning TONIGHT Join us for "Open Mat Hour" on Mondays at 6:30pm in the IBW Wrestling Room.  
    IBW Dance and Drill Team
    You can still join the IBW Dance and Drill team! Email Coach Kimberley at kallen3@pps.net if you would like to set up a time to observe a practice and learn what the dance team is all about. We practice three days a week and will be performing at various school events. 
    Sign up to help sell concessions for Fall sports!
    Concession sales are a great way for IBW teams and clubs to raise money, but volunteers are needed to work during the games/activities. The revenue from concessions benefits ALL students of IBW High School. Our Concessions shack also now has the opportunity to open for the Lincoln football games held in the IBW stadium but we need your support!  Find newly available shifts posted here: https://signup.com/go/ycboLia Thank you for making a difference and supporting our school!
    Outdoor School - seeking high school leaders 
    Outdoor School is now recruiting high school students to be student leaders for this Fall. All the details can be found in the Career News
    So how is Outdoor School operating this Fall? Activities will be:
    - In Portland and on school grounds assigned by region
    - In-person during the school day (aka No overnight)
    - Leaders will participate in an in-person Sunday training at MESD and learn how to facilitate activities    alongside a teacher
    - HS student leaders will register and receive all of this information and more via email.
    School Clubs - Deadline to register your club is this week!
    Do you have an idea for a school club? Now is the time to register your club at Ida B. Wells! Any student can start a club too! Use the link provided (https://bit.ly/3kjqjl5) to get more information about student clubs this year and how you can register. If you have any questions, see Ms. Satooriann in room 143 or email her at ssatoorian@pps.netDeadline for club registration is Wednesday, September 29. For examples of clubs of the past, see our Activities and Clubs page on the website.  Even if a club was in existance in the past, it must be re-registered for this school year.
    Club Fair - October 6 and 7
    This year's Club Fair will be held at lunch on both October 6th and 7th out by the pool.   
    No Place For Hate - seeking 10th and 11th grade Peer Facilitators - deadline this Friday!
    We are a NO PLACE for HATE high school and the first school in Portland, Oregon. We train a cohort of 35 students to do anti-racist and social justice work with their peers.   Our Peer Facilitators have accomplished a lot the last two years including delivering 9th grade anti-racist lessons, which  taught fellow students how to be an ally and how to respond to bullying and discrimnation.  You can see and hear more of our work on our school web page: https://www.pps.net/domain/5738
    If you are interested in being a trained peer/student facilitator, please sign up in office #139 with your name and student pps email by Friday, October 1st.  We have room for 25 new facilitators and it is a 2 year commitment.  Trainings will occur during the school day on Oct. 18th, 19th, 25th, and 26th in the Media Center.  If you become a NPFH Peer Facilitator, you will miss each of your 8 classes one time over two weeks to participate in the required training.We encourage BiPOC and LGBTQ+ youth to please apply.  See Vice Principal Coning or VP Secretary Ms. Menashe in office #139 if you have any questions.
    Student and Family News, September 27