• New Staff and Staffing Changes at Woodstock for 2018-2019

    For the 2018-2019 school year, we have several new hires and staffing changes which we are excited to share.

    We are excited to share that there are several new staff and staffing changes at Woodstock for the 2018-2019 School Year.  Please read about our new staff below:


    Minori Taya, Kindergarten Neighborhood Teacher - Ms. Taya will be joining the Kindergarten Team as a Neighborhood Teacher.  She comes from Beverly Cleary School, also has previous experience as an immersion teacher, so she will bring an understanding of teaching in various programs to Woodstock.


    Abby Block, Second Grade MIP Teacher (English Partner) - Ms. Block comes to Woodstock from the West Linn-Wilsonville School District.  Ms. Block also has experience working in an immersion program, which will be an asset as she begins her new role at Woodstock. Ms. Block brings strong knowledge about child development and experience to the new Second Grade MIP Team.


    Yuan Zhu, Second Grade MIP Teacher (Mandarin Partner) - Zhu Laoshi will be partnering with Ms. Block to provide a comprehensive immersion experience for second grade students.  Although Zhu Laoshi is a “new” teacher to PPS, she comes with several years of teacher experience in China as well as experience as an Educational Assistant in PPS. In addition to her work preparing her classroom and instruction this summer, she has been working as teacher for the PPS Startalk Summer Program.


    Kristina Engstrom, Third Grade Neighborhood Teacher - Ms. Engstrom comes to Woodstock from Llewellyn Elementary School, just down the road from Woodstock.  She is filling the new position that was allotted to Woodstock due to our growing population in the neighborhood. She has a variety of teacher experiences, but most recently taught Third Grade.  She is excited about the opportunities at a new school and with a new teaching partner.


    Amy McAdams, Third Grade Neighborhood Teacher - Ms. McAdams will be joining Ms. Engstrom at Third Grade in Mr. Flowerday’s position, as his leave was extended for another year.  Ms. McAdams also has a variety of teaching experiences internationally and locally. Most recently, Ms. McAdams taught in the Beaverton School District. Even though she was a relatively late hire this summer, she has already been into her new classroom preparing for the first day of students.


    Maggie Greensmith, Part Time Art Teacher - Mrs. Greensmith will be the new Art Teacher at Woodstock.  WIth some of the changes to our art instruction model at Woodstock, Mrs. Greensmith will be providing art instruction Thursdays, but will also be instrumental in coordinating our Artists-in-Residence throughout the course of the school year.


    Diana Rowey, Music Teacher - Ms. Rowey comes to Woodstock from Cleveland High School.  The interview team identified Ms. Rowey as strongest candidate for the vacancy and we are looking forward to what she will bring to Woodstock.  As a part of the new art instruction model, the Music Teacher position will be a full time position, meaning students will receive two sessions of music every week.


    Meghan Austin, Part Time PE Teacher - Ms. Austin will be joining Mrs. Krill as one of our PE Teachers.  Ms. Austin will be at Woodstock on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, she will be teaching PE at Duniway.  Ms. Austin comes from Jason Lee School where she was the Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher. We are looking forward to seeing her use her yoga and mindfulness experience in the PE setting.


    Robin Krill, PE Teacher - Although Mrs. Krill is not new, she will be increasing from a half time PE Teacher to a Full Time PE Teacher!  As mentioned in a previous newsletter, students’ PE instruction time will be increasing from 30 minutes per week to 90 minutes per week.  These increases, student instructional time and Mrs. Krill’s full time status, will be great for our students!


    Rosie Lingo, TechSmart Coach - Many of you know Mrs. Lingo as our half time Media/Library Teacher.  I’m happy to share that Mrs. Lingo will also be Woodstock’s half time TechSmart Instructional Coach, in addition to her role as the Media/Library Teacher.  We are looking forward to the additional instructional coaching support and having Mrs. Lingo at Woodstock full time.


    Natasha Beeler, English Language Learner (ELL) Teacher - Mrs. Beeler will be filling the vacancy left by Mrs. Zakharchenko’s resignation.  We are fortunate to have been able to fill the vacancy so quickly. Mrs. Beeler comes from the Lake Oswego School District where she was also an ELL Teacher.  We’re eager to have her join our team and work with supporting ELL students this year.


    Cindi Swingen, Assistant Principal - I'm excited to announce that Cindi Swingen has been identified as the new Woodstock Assistant Principal!  Ms. Swingen comes to our school with many years of teachers experience, at the elementary and graduate levels, and several years of Assistant Principal experience.  Her passion for education and serving students is clearly evident. She will be a great addition and asset to our learning community!