• News for December 20, 2019

    Upcoming Events

    12/23 - 1/3 - NO SCHOOL: Winter Break
    1/6 - Students return to school from Winter Break
    1/6 - Talent Show Rehearsals Begin
    1/10 - PTA Family Movie Night
    1/10 - Shu Ren Board Meeting
    1/13 - PTA/Shu Ren Meeting
    1/20 - NO SCHOOL: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    See the full calendar for Woodstock Elementary online here: https://www.pps.net/Page/434#calendar573/20180831/month

    For information on accessing our online school calendar from other applications, please click here: https://www.pps.net/site/Default.aspx?PageID=434&PageType=20&DomainID=166&ModuleInstanceID=573.

    2019/20 District Calendar: https://www.pps.net/cms/lib/OR01913224/Centricity/Domain/4/2019-20-School-District-Calendar.pdf 

    From the Principal

    Hello Woodstock Families,

    Happy Friday and last school day of 2019!  It was a great day to see students celebrating their school wide reward in their pajamas today!  As a bonus, students were also able to see some of their classmates perform a production of Seussical the Musical.  It is always a treat to see our students put their talents on display for our whole school.  A special thank you to Caroline Schwiebert and the Portland Drama Club for bringing this experience to our school!

    As we wrap up the first, unofficial, half of the school year, I want to recognize the hard work of all of our students.  Each day we ask our students to arrive at school on time and to be ready to learn. Our teachers work each day to provide engaging and rigorous activities to help students with a wide range of standards students are expected to learn.  In classrooms and hallways, you can see students working hard to meet those expectations...you can also see a lot of smiles as students show their excitement for learning and pride for accomplishing work together.  

    It is a joy to be a principal of a school where our staff and students are working together, everyday, to grow academically and socially.  I also believe this is a great time for staff and students to reflect on their hard work and enjoy some time to relax and unwind during winter break.  As we prepare for 2020, I look forward to seeing our school continue to work together toward our common goal of creating students, ready for a global society, who are exemplars of Compassion, Curiosity, Integrity, and Perseverance. 

    Thank you for your support and for sharing your child with us each day.

    With Woodstock Pride,

    Seth Johnson, Principal
    Woodstock Elementary

    Run for the Arts a Success!

    We had a very successful Run For The Arts in October and as a school we raised over $20,000. This is an incredible sum which helps us bring in talented artists to work with students. 

    We had two students who raised over $1,000 and were recognized at our Friday Morning Meeting today. Congratulations to 4th grader Addy Moyle and Kindergarten Student Cliff Casquilho. 


    Woodstock School Library Amazon Wish List

    Are you wanting to purchase books to support the Woodstock School Library? Did you know that they have an Amazon Wish List? Check it out here!

    Information about Lice at school

    Woodstock Elementary does not have an exclusion policy for lice. The district and state recommend that the management of head lice in the school setting should not disrupt the educational process. Evidence-based strategies include: 

    • Abandoning “no-nit” school policies; 
    • Educating students on the avoidance of head-to-head contact and sharing of personal items; 
    • Allowing students to remain in class and participate in school-sponsored activities when live lice or nits (the eggs of head lice) are found on their heads; 
    • Notifying parents/caregivers at the end of the school day when findings indicate the presence of head lice; and 
    • Educating parents/caregivers about prevention methods, regular head-checks at home, evidence based treatment options. (NASN, 2016) 

    Prevention is the best way to control the spread of lice in schools. Talk with your student about:

    • Not sharing jackets, hats, and scarves
    • Not sharing combs or brushes
    • Hanging coats on individual hooks in classrooms

    For information about lice from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC, as well as examine, treat, comb, please visit the MESD Head Lice Resources and Info page here: https://www.multnomahesd.org/headliceinformation.html

    You can also see additional information from the district on the PPS School Health page here: https://www.pps.net/Page/1921.

    PICCs of the week

    We are excited to recognize our PICCs for this week.  Our PICCs of the Week are students that went above and beyond to display Perseverance, Integrity, Compassion, and/or Curiousity. 

    Please see the group photo of the students from today’s morning meeting below:


    From the PTA



    We have many different after school classes at Woodstock. Browse the catalog and find all the registration information you need on the PTA website -  woodstock-pta.org/after-school-programs.



    Questions? afterschool@woodstock-pta.org 
    如果问题的话请电邮 afterschool@woodstock-pta.org 


    Click here to download the permission slip. Completed forms should be turned in at first rehearsal on January 6, 2020.

    WSE  WSE   WSE

    2020 Dumpling Festival/Lunar New Year Poster Contest! - Deadline 1/16/20

    Entries due by 3 p.m. Thursday January 16th 2020, to Woodstock (main office) or Hosford (main office). 
    Free poster paper in the Woodstock hallway by Room 1 MIP bulletin board and in Hosford Main Office.

    • Contest open to ALL Woodstock and Hosford students.
    • One entry per student.
    • 6 posters will be selected for Woodstock per grade; and 1 Hosford poster
    • Poster size should be 12”in X 18”in (1 feet x 1½ feet)
      • Use computer graphics (300+ DPI) or markers to design a poster featuring dumplings and the Chinese New Year, Year of the Rat/Mouse and the following words:
        • “Annual Dumpling Festival and Lunar New Year Celebration”
        • “Friday, February 7th, 2020 from 5:30-8:00pm”
        • “Sponsored by Shu Ren of Portland”
        • “Hosted by: Woodstock Elementary School, 5601 SE 50th Ave.”
        • “Food, Fun, and Community!  And Prizes!”
        • Poster designed by [student’s name, grade, and school]. (Needs to be in front of the poster.)
      • PPS print shop will not accept glue, glitter, oil/pastels, etc. It may damage the print machine.

    Each winner will receive a $25 gift card, Chinook Book, and Shu Ren bag.

    Please contact: Theboard@shurenofportland.org                            

    All winning entries become the property of Shu Ren of Portland. All posters will be in the gym for 1-2 weeks after the event is ended. Posters not selected may be picked up from their submission location Feb 17–-Feb 21. Shu Ren is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed posters. Entry in the contest constitutes full permission to publish names and photos of winners. Shu Ren of Portland provides services without regard to race, age, color, religion or belief, sex, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, expression of gender identity, source of legal income, geographic origin, marital status, disability, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law.

    2020农历新年饺子节海报比赛!Deadline 1/16/20


    • 比赛对所有Woodstock和Hosford学生开放。
    • 每个学生设计两张海报。
    • 大赛将从Woodstock学生的作品中选出3张海报(K-1 年级、2-3年级和4-5年级中各一张)和Hosford学生的作品中选出一张。
    • 海报尺寸应为12英寸X 18英寸(1英尺x1½英尺)
      • 使用计算机图形设计软件(300+ DPI)或记号笔(markers)设计海报,海报要体现饺子、春节、鼠年并包括以下词语:
        • “Annual Dumpling Festival and Lunar New Year Celebration” (“年度饺子节和春节庆祝”)
        • “Friday,February 7th,2020 from 5:30-8:00pm”(“2019年2月7日星期五晚上5点半-8点”)
        • “Sponsored by Shu Ren of Portland” (“赞助方:波特兰树人”)
        • “Hosted by: Woodstock Elementary School, 5601 SE 50th Ave.”(“主办方:Woodstock小学, 5601 SE 50th Ave.”)
        • “Food, Fun, and Community!  And Prizes!”(“食物、娱乐和社区!还有抽奖”)
        • Poster designed by [student’s name, grade, and school](由[学生姓名,年级和学校]设计的海报)(可在海报正面或背面标注)
      • PPS 印刷店不会接受带有胶水、闪光物或由油性或彩色粉笔(oil/pastels)完成的海报,因为这些可能会损坏打印设备。

    每位获奖者将获得一张25美元的礼品卡、Chinook Book、Shu Ren挎包和一个神秘礼品盒。
    有问题请联系 Theboard@shurenofportland.org。