• News for January 17, 2020

    Upcoming Events

    1/17 - 2/5 - PTA Funding Proposal Application Window
    1/20 - NO SCHOOL: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
    1/23 - School Tour for Prospective Students
    1/24 - End of Grading Period
    1/27 - NO SCHOOL: Teacher Planning Day
    1/28 - MIP AM/PM Classes Switch

    See the full calendar for Woodstock Elementary online here: https://www.pps.net/Page/434#calendar573/20180831/month

    For information on accessing our online school calendar from other applications, please click here: https://www.pps.net/site/Default.aspx?PageID=434&PageType=20&DomainID=166&ModuleInstanceID=573.

    2019/20 District Calendar: https://www.pps.net/cms/lib/OR01913224/Centricity/Domain/4/2019-20-School-District-Calendar.pdf 

    From the Principal

    Hello Woodstock Families,

    It was an unusual start to the day today with the late opening, but we are glad that we were still able to have school today, while enjoying a little extra time in the morning.

    Due to the late opening, we did not have our weekly Morning Meeting, but we plan to resume next week.

    Earlier this week, prior to the PTA Meeting, I was able to provide a “State of Woodstock” report to families.  The primary focus of this report was the state report card and the implications on our school goals/direction. Since not all families are able to attend these evening events, please see the presentation from the meeting here .

    I’d also like to remind families to participate in the Curriculum Night Interest and Engagement/Communication Survey.  The survey will remain open through January 26.  This is a school based survey that will be followed by the district Successful Schools Survey (please read more about this survey below) at the end of this month.  Your input/feedback in both surveys will be helpful information as we move forward with identifying how to improve the overall educational experience at Woodstock. Thanks in advance for your participation.

    Have a great three day weekend!

    With Woodstock Pride,

    Seth Johnson, Principal
    Woodstock Elementary

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    Hel qoraal fariin wargelin ah oo kusaabsan xiritaanada, dib u dhacyada, xaaladaha degdega ah iyo dhacdooyinka iskuulka: Qoraal fariin YES u dir 68453

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    Successful Schools Survey - Shape the future of your student's education!

    What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “successful schools?” We believe that successful schools are safe, healthy and welcoming learning spaces that are inclusive for all students. But we want to hear your thoughts.

    In 2019-20, Portland Public Schools is again partnering with Panorama Education to gather information students and families that will help us improve student experiences across the district. We will survey students in grades 4, 5, 7-10 on their experiences in their classrooms and schools, and families about their perception of the school their child attends.

    The survey will cover topics on sense of belonging, school safety, school climate, barriers to family engagement, as well as how students are thinking and feeling about diversity, equity, and inclusion in school. 

    The current launch date is set for January 27th, the student window is scheduled to be open until February 14th and the family survey until February 28th. Stay tuned for further information!

    Please be honest and thoughtful, we value your feedback!

    Somali Vietnamese Chinese Russian Spanish

    Changes to Your Student’s Dismissal (new after school programs and pickups)


    Have you enrolled your student in an after school program this session or had another change of plans after school? Please remember to turn in a new Individual Dismissal Procedures form to the office or your student’s teacher. In order to ensure a safe dismissal for all students, it is very helpful for us to have accurate information for where you would like your student to go at the end of each day. 

    We would also like to remind you to send all changes to dismissal in writing (or email to woodstockattend@pps.net) by 1pm to give the office time to communicate with the teachers. 

    Volunteers Needed Next Friday for an Exciting Opportunity from the Garden Committee!

    WSE      WSE

    Believe it or not, even in the depths of winter our school garden has an abundant harvest. In fact, there is currently enough to harvest that I have spoken with the cafeteria staff and Mr. Johnson about preparing and serving garden produce in the school cafeteria this next Friday, January 24th during all of the lunch periods.

    I believe that this is not only an exciting opportunity to get students excited about eating garden-fresh, nutritious food, but also a way to promote our school garden and hopefully get more people involved.

    For this event to be successful, we will need lots of volunteers. Specifically, I'm looking for 4 people who can show up to the school cafeteria on Friday morning around drop-off time to help wash and prepare the produce under the guidance of our lead cafeteria staff person Nadia.

    Additionally, I would like to find 4 volunteers to serve the garden produce "tastings" for each of the 3 lunch periods. This could be 4 volunteers who assist with all of the lunch periods or 4 separate people for each lunch period, if that makes sense.  

    The lunch period times are:

    11:00-11:20 a.m.
    11:25-11:40 a.m.
    11:45 a.m.-12:05 p.m.

    If you're interested in volunteering, please let me know as soon as possible. If you are a server you will also want to make sure to tie back your hair and wear gloves and an apron.

    Thanks so much!

    Jesse Hunter
    School Garden Committee Chairperson

    Cultural Meal Day

    We are looking at doing another Cultural Meal Day this spring and looking for families to submit recipes for side dishes that we can incorporate into the menu for that day.

    Submissions can be sent to Woodstock Attend email address (woodstockattend@pps.net) with the subject line: Cultural Meal Day Recipe 

    Curriculum Night - Family Interest Survey

    To provide families with more information about the daily instructional routines and practices at Woodstock, we are tentatively planning a Curriculum Night for this spring.  However, we’d like to shape this night around the interests and needs of families. To help plan this event, please take a moment and respond to this survey about your instructional interests.

    In this survey, we are also seeking information regarding family satisfaction with communication and engagement.  Please take a moment to complete the survey.

    Thank you.

    Peter Reynolds K-2 Author Visit!

    Peter Reynolds (www.peterhreynolds.com/) is coming to Woodstock on Thursday, March 12th! He has written and/or illustrated over 30 children's books, a few of Mrs. Lingo's favorites include Ish, The Dot and Sky Color. Peter will be presenting to Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students at 9:30 am in the cafeteria about his work as an author and illustrator. He'll also be talking about his new book, Be You.

    With the community purchase of at least 30 total books (which will be autographed by Peter on 3/14), this event is free for our school. Order forms are available here!


    Questions? Contact Mrs. Lingo! rlingo@pps.net


    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

    Congratulations! Our school community did an amazing job reducing waste in 2019.

    Since converting to reusable silverware in the cafeteria, we’ve prevented approximately 30,000 plastic utensils from entering the waste stream.

    We collected 248 pounds of school supplies at our end of year Classroom Cleanout. Everything was either reused or recycled.

    This holiday season we collected and recycled 50 pounds of string lights.

    We have reduced approximately 240 gallons of trash by using reusable party packs as opposed to disposable party supplies.

    We raised funds for Shu Ren by recycling hard to recycle materials through TerraCycle.

    Classroom recycling now includes markers and Ticonderoga pencils.

    Through the Book Harvest, we collected over 400 books for reuse.

    The kitchen began composting this year.

    What a list!  (And I’m sure many efforts have gone unrecognized.)

    Thank you for all your efforts to make Woodstock School a sustainable community. Please note that our party packs are available for check out (Email bebracco@yahoo.com) and you can recycle your used markers and Ticonderoga pencils at school.

    Most of the school’s waste is produced in the cafeteria, and food waste makes up the bulk of that. Composting cafeteria food waste would be a great next step for reducing waste. If you are interested in volunteering towards that effort, check out this link. Composting

    ​​​​​​​Woodstock Sustainability Committee

    Woodstock School Library Amazon Wish List

    Did you know that the Woodstock School Library has an Amazon Wish List? Check it out here!

    From the PTA



    We have many different after school classes at Woodstock. Browse the catalog and find all the registration information you need on the PTA website -  woodstock-pta.org/after-school-programs.



    Questions? afterschool@woodstock-pta.org 
    如果问题的话请电邮 afterschool@woodstock-pta.org 

    From Shu Ren

    Congratulations to the Year of the Rat T-Shirt Contest Winner ~ 4th Grader Keane Toney!


    As announced in last week's morning meeting Year of the Rat T-Shirt & Totes. Order form will be going home in backpacks in the coming weeks, as well as available for sale at Woodstock's Lunar New Year Event on February 7, 2020.

    Chinese New Year Cultural Fair

    Students in our afterschool Chinese Performing Arts Grades K-5 and Advance Chinese Dance Grades 3-5 will be performing at the Chinese New Year Culture Fair on Saturday January 25th. The event is from 10am -5pm our students will be performing at 11:40pm. Come and support your classmates. Discount tickets are available for sale for $5 per ticket on Wednesday 1/22 after-school in the Cafeteria or you can email chair@shurenofportland.org


    Woodstock Elementary Lunar New Year Event 

    Friday February 7, 2020 from 5:30pm - 8:00pm


    • Lion Dancer
    • Chinese Performing Art/ Dance by Woodstock students
    • Traditional Guzheng Performance
    • Chinese Food/ Bubble Tea
    • Bouncy House/ Face Painting/ Origami/ Hand Drum Making/ Lantern Making and more. 

    From the Community