• News for February 28, 2020

    Upcoming Events

    2/28 - 3/20 - PTA Read-a-thon
    3/2 - 3/6 - Classified Staff Appreciation Week
    3/5 - Race Matters: a community dialogue series (at Taborspace)
    3/6 - Recycling Roundup
    3/6 - Read-a-Thon Event - “Bring Your Favorite Book to School Day”
    3/6 - Talent Show
    3/6 - Shu Ren Board Meeting
    3/9 - PTA Meeting
    3/10, 3:45-5:00 PM - Site Council
    3/12 - Author Visit: Peter Reynolds (K-2nd) - additional information below
    3/13 - PTA Family Movie Night: TBD
    3/14 - Woodstock Foundation: Sip & Bid
    3/18 - “Bring Your Grown-Up to School Night” (More Information Coming)
    3/23 - 3/27 - NO SCHOOL: Spring Break

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    From the Principal

    Hello Woodstock Families,

    It has been a beautiful week and has been really nice to have the sunshine and dry days for our students during recess.  Seeing students enjoying the sunshine and their friendships during recess is always a treat.

    First, I want to put in a quick plug for the PTA’s Read-a-Thon that kicked off today.  At today’s Morning Meeting, we shared the activities and events that are a part of this fundraiser.  Today, your child should be bringing home a green Read-a-Thon calendar and bingo card. There is more information included on this green sheet with directions for Read-a-Thon.  Be sure to note that the first school wide event scheduled for next Friday is “Bring Your Favorite Book to School” Day.

    I also need to share some unfortunate news regarding our staffing forecast for 2020-2021.  Earlier this month, Woodstock received the enrollment projections and staffing allocations for next school year.  The allocation from the district specifies Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff for the various programs required as a part of the elementary core instructional program.  A presentation of the information was shared prior to the PTA Meeting on Monday and there was an arts specific follow-up discussion, open to all families, at our Arts Advisory Committee Meeting yesterday.

    Knowing not everyone can attend these meetings, I’d like to provide a summary of the information.

    As our neighborhood and school population has changed over the years, so have our demographics.  Our neighborhood has become more affluent and will no longer receive equity funds that have supported our school over the past several years.  We have also seen a slow and steady growth over the past four years, but this growth has plateaued around 550 students. Next year, we are projected to have 549 students enrolled at Woodstock.  This is right below the threshold for additional arts funding.

    As a result of our projected enrollment and changing demographics, we will be experiencing reductions in the allocated FTE and grants from the district in the following areas:

    • Equity Fund - Reducing from 1.0 to 0.0
      • The fund currently supports the FTE for three part time Educational Assistants (EAs).  We will not have these positions at our school next year as a result of this reduction.
    • English Language Learner (ELL) Staff - Reducing from 1.5 to 1.0
      • The will impact our Certified ELL Teachers and English Language Development Delivery Plan.
    • Arts Staff - Reducing from 1.5 to 1.2
      • Students will still receive art and music instruction, but the weekly service will be reduced.
    • PPS Parent Fund Equity - Grant FTE Reducing from .25 to 0.0
      • This grant funds our Bilingual EA.  We will not have a bilingual EA next year.
    • TechSmart Grant - Reducing from .5 to 0.0
      • This is not due to enrollment or changing demographics.  This was a grant funded position that was known to sunset at the end of this school year.

    There is some good news in spite of these reductions:

    • Classroom Configuration - Our classroom configuration will not change for next year.  With the projected numbers, class sizes should remain similar to this year.
    • Counseling FTE - The Student Investment Act Funds have been allocated by the district to support mental health needs in schools.  Next year, we’ll be increasing from 1.5 Counseling FTE to 2.0.
    • Secretary Staff - The original allocation for secretary staff identified a reduction in our secretary FTE.  With the support of the Woodstock Area Senior Director, Kristyn Westphal, we’ve been able to secure a Bilingual Secretary Position, allowing us to continue with a full time Principal Secretary, a part time School Secretary, and part time Bilingual School Secretary.

    Over the past several days, I have received several emails regarding support for the arts.  Thank you to those who have advocated for the arts. Although we will be focusing on how to support the arts, we don’t want to lose sight of the importance of our support positions (EAs, ELL, etc.) as we are losing FTE in many areas that directly impact student safety, well-being, and academic growth.

    If you are interested in supporting our students through volunteering next year, I'll provide an update on volunteer opportunities at the next PTA Meeting.  If you are interested in supporting our school through fundraising, I encourage you to contact the Woodstock Elementary Foundation at info@thewoodstockfoudation.org or visit the foundation website to make a contribution.

    Thank you to all families that, over the years, have actively participated in problem solving and supporting the school.  I know this staffing news highlights the need for an active and involved community. Although we are faced with a challenge ahead of us, I believe we will be able to work together to create a safe and supportive school, continuing the tradition of providing a high quality education with opportunities for individual growth and enrichment.

    Finally, I’ve also received some queries regarding the status of the district’s response to coronavirus (COVID-19).  Yesterday, the Oregon Department of Education sent a memo with an update on the status of coronavirus.  Please take a moment to review the memo. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

    As always, we appreciate what you bring to our school community.  Thank you for your ongoing support of our students and staff!

    With Woodstock Pride,

    Seth Johnson, Principal
    Woodstock Elementary

    Successful Schools Survey - Shape the future of your student's education!

    What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “successful schools?” We believe that successful schools are safe, healthy and welcoming learning spaces that are inclusive for all students. But we want to hear your thoughts.

    Our commitment is to continue listening about the experiences, needs, and perceptions of our students, families and personnel to be better equipped to support our school communities.

    Please be honest and thoughtful, we value your feedback!


    成功学校调查 - 塑造学生教育的未来!

    当您听到“成功的学校”这个短语时,首先想到的是什么呢?我们相信,成功的学校是安全、健康和受欢迎的学习场所,对所有学生都是包容的。 我们想听听您的想法。




    Encuesta Escuelas Exitosas - ¡Determine el futuro de la educación de sus alumnos!

    ¿Qué es lo primero que se le ocurre cuando escucha la frase "escuelas exitosas"? Creemos que las escuelas exitosas son espacios de aprendizaje seguros, saludables y acogedores, inclusivos para todos los estudiantes. Pero queremos escuchar sus ideas.

    Nuestro compromiso es continuar escuchando sobre las experiencias, necesidades y percepciones de nuestros estudiantes, familias y personal para estar mejor preparados para apoyar a nuestras comunidades escolares.

    Sea honesto y reflexivo,

     ¡valoramos sus comentarios!


    Lost and Found - Donation Friday, March 6

    Please take a moment to check our very full Lost & Found in the main hallway. 

    All items will be donated next Friday, March 6th.


    Woodstock School Garden Master Design

    The Woodstock School garden committee is seeking input into the master design for the Woodstock School garden. 伍德斯托克学校花园委员会正在寻求对伍德斯托克学校花园总体设计的意见。 

    Please click on the following link to provide input:


    Dogs on School Grounds

    Just a reminder to all visitors that PPS school grounds are public property and are used for many different kinds of play, from soccer to jogging during non-school hours.  Dogs on leash are also welcome visitors except during school hours (generally 8:30-4:15) as long as owners scoop the poop. Dogs off-leash are not allowed on PPS school grounds at any time.  

    Thank you for your help in keeping our schools clean and safe for our students and the community. 

    Peter Reynolds K-2 Author Visit!

    Peter Reynolds (www.peterhreynolds.com/) is coming to Woodstock on Thursday, March 12th. He has written and/or illustrated over 30 children's books. Peter will be presenting to Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students at 9:30 am in the cafeteria about his work as an author and illustrator.Parents are more than welcome to come join us.

    Questions? Contact Mrs. Lingo: rlingo@pps.net 


    Woodstock School Library Amazon Wish List

    Did you know that the Woodstock School Library has an Amazon Wish List? Check it out here!

    PICCs of the week

    We are excited to recognize our PICCs for this week.  Our PICCs of the Week are students that went above and beyond to display Perseverance, Integrity, Compassion, and/or Curiousity. 

    Please see the group photo of the students from today’s morning meeting below:


    A Message from Champions


    To guarantee your spot for the 20/21 school year, current families (children and in coming siblings) must register and choose a schedule between March 10 - 20. All current families will be wait listed - don't panic as we will be sending notifications of acceptance on March 25th. 

    New families will not be able to register until March 26th. 

    Pro- TIP: Current families must choose a projected schedule to insure their space for next year. 

    You can register through your parent portal account or by calling Champions Family Support at 1-800-246-2154


    Woodstock Elementary Talent Show - Friday March 6


    Please join us from 6:30-8:30pm for the annual Woodstock Talent Show!

    Students have been working on acts like piano, singing, dancing and more! There will also be a huge bake sale fundraiser during the show to support the Woodstock PTA. We hope to see you there!

    We're excited to have so many students performing in this year's talent show & also grateful that we can count on all of our families to help us put on a great show for our school community.  PLEASE sign up for a volunteer spot (volunteering your time, bringing something for the bake sale, or both) by following this link. 

    From the PTA


    Spring Into Read-A-Thon

    It's time for Woodstock Elementary's Second Annual Read-A-Thon. 

    It begins February 28th and runs through March 20th.

    Last year our school community raised over $6,400 to support the school’s literacy program, paying for a new Chromebook cart lease and hundreds of new books for Mandarin immersion program and neighborhood classroom libraries.

    This year’s ambitious goal is to raise $10,000 for:

    • Continuing the Chromebook cart lease
    • A subscription to a non-fiction magazine for each grade-level
    • Adding many more high-quality, diverse children’s books to our school library and classroom collections

    These materials supplement the PPS adoption of the literacy curriculum by providing greater access to technology in the classroom and a wider variety of texts for teachers and students to use.

    In addition to raising funds for our school, we’d like the Read-A-Thon to be an opportunity for families to enjoy some extra reading fun together and have created a Family Read-A-Thon Bingo Board to encourage you and your child to have some extra reading fun this month.

    Happy Reading!

    Seeking After School Class Coordinator for 20-21 school year

    The After School Class Coordinator compiles and distributes information about after school classes to Woodstock families. The most important part of the job is to collect class descriptions and registration information at the start of each term and deliver it to parents via the PTA website and the PTA bulletin board. 

    Other tasks include: 

    • communicating with after school providers, 
    • being a liaison between the school front office and after school providers, 
    • posting information to the school and PTA newsletters, 
    • answering parent questions about after school classes, 
    • reaching out to after school providers to bring new classes to Woodstock, 
    • creating and distributing fliers. 

    This is a fun and important role that can largely be done from home. It's ideal for someone who likes to organize information, likes details and likes getting creative with a bulletin board! 



    We have many different after school classes at Woodstock. Browse the catalog and find all the registration information you need on the PTA website -  woodstock-pta.org/after-school-programs.


    Questions? afterschool@woodstock-pta.org 
    如果问题的话请电邮 afterschool@woodstock-pta.org 

    Volunteers Needed for Clothing Center!

    The Portland PTA Council Clothing Center provides families with age-appropriate clothing for PPS students in need. The center assigns each Portland public school two days during the year to staff the center with volunteers, and this allows referred students from across the district to come select clothes up to two times per year. Volunteers sort donations, wash clothing, and help people pick out clothes that are appropriate for them.

    We need 5-6 volunteers to fill Woodstock's spring commitment, from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Monday, March 16th. 

    To sign up using Konstella's sign-up function, click here: https://www.konstella.com/app/school/5c86e780e4b0619322da7ec0/recurring-signups/5d89646fe4b00b35f15476c3, or you can email the PTA volunteer coordinator at volunteer@woodstock-pta.org.  

    Here is a link to the clothing center site for more information.


    WSE  yearbookordercenter.com
    Enter our school name or order #15015. 

    Yearbooks are $15.
    We will accept cash/check yearbook orders in the spring.

    Questions? Email Stephanie Krasnow at assistanttreasurer@woodstock-pta.org 

    From Shu Ren



    Tickets are now available for the Shu Ren Good Fortune Gala! 
    This event will take place on May 8, 2020 at HK Cafe. 

    Individual tickets are $55 and tables for 10 can be purchased for $500. You can also reserve childcare and pre-purchase drink tokens. Family and friends welcome! Come join us for a wonderful night of food, silent and live auctions, wine wall, dessert dash and MUCH more! This event sold out last year - get your tickets HERE before it's too late!