• Woodstock Newsletter - January 15, 2021

    Upcoming Events: 

    • January 18: No School (Holiday)
    • January 22: Site Council Meeting 2:30-3:30pm
    • January 26: PTA Dine Out at Dick’s Primal Burger 11-8pm
    • January 29: No School (Teacher Work Day)
    • February 15: No School (Holiday)
    • February 16: PTA Dine Out at Hopworks Urban Brewery 4-8pm

    No School on Monday

    There's no school on Monday in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

    News from Kindergarten

    Woodstock students and teachers are working hard during comprehensive distance learning. Each week, we’ll showcase what’s happening in our virtual classrooms. This week we're featuring the kindergarten team. 

    The Kindergarten Team is excited to observe measurable academic growth in our students as we work on Quarter 2 assessments! Students are developing stamina for meetings with teachers one-on-one, as well as in large and small groups. 

    Neighborhood and Immersion students are studying the water cycle, numbers that are more than and less than, simple problem solving, and counting objects. Students are working on tapping and blending the sounds in words. Students are using songs to learn. Students are applying a number of literacy strategies toward developing and deepening their writing skills. Students received a packet of materials recently to support their writing and geometric shapes. Students are also working on retelling stories.

    Way to go, kindergarten students! Next week, we’ll share news from the 1st grade team.

    LGR (Let’s Get Reading) Returns

     Our Friday book bag pick ups have resumed. Interested in participating? Here’s how:

    • Want to get started with book bag check-out? Visit the library website and sign-up by clicking on the sign-up/feedback “button” on top of the library website.
    • When you are ready for a new book bag, there are two options:
    1. Return your book bag any Friday between 1pm-4pm. This will equate to signing-up for a pick-up the following Friday. -OR-
    2. By Thursday at 3pm, sign-up again by clicking the sign-up/feedback “button” on top of the library website to pick-up Friday of that week.
    • Choose any timeline that works for you! Some kids read their books in one week, others want a month.
    • If you’ve had books delivered, email Mrs. Lingo when you're ready for a new book bag and we'll make it happen!

    Contact Mrs. Lingo with any questions.

    Show Your Pride

    Send us photos of your students sporting their Woodstock Pride shirts! Email pictures to WoodstockAttend@pps.net