• Woodstock Newsletter - February 5, 2021

    Upcoming Events

    February 9: Shu Ren Dine Out at Pure Spice

    February 12: Spirit Day - Wear Red or Yellow for Chinese New Year

    February 15: No School (Holiday)

    February 16: PTA Dine Out at Hopworks Urban Brewery

    February 18: PPS Virtual Connect to Kindergarten (tentative)

    March 5: Site Council Meeting

    March 15-19: Spirit Week

    • Monday: Woodstock Pride Day
    • Tuesday: Hat Day
    • Wednesday: Pajama/Stuffy Day
    • Thursday: Rainbow Day
    • Friday: Class Choice 

    March 22-26: No School (Spring Break)

    News from Third Grade

    Each week we’re showcasing what’s happening in our virtual classrooms. This week we visit third grade:

    Welcome to 3rd grade! We are the Wondrous Wolves, Heroic Hippogriffs, Golden Phoenix and Awesome Ocelots. We have an amazing group of students and a supportive family community. Here are a few highlights from our classes: 

    • In science we will be studying animals, plants and their environment.
    • In math we are starting advanced multiplication and area.
    • In Chinese students are learning to read, write and speak using sequencing words. They are also learning to locate information.
    • In English, students are learning to find the main idea and details while learning about the Chinook tribes. 
    • All third graders will participate in the Architects in Schools program this spring!

    Next week we’ll hear from the fourth grade team.

    Report Cards

    Report cards will be mailed out next week. They’ll look different from previous report cards. Here’s some information from Portland Public Schools about what to expect from the updated report card.

    Dear K-5 Parents, 

    We are excited to share with you the new K-5 Report Card. The report card has been revised by a committee of teachers and parents with one of the main goals being to help families more easily understand how your students are doing as they progress through the elementary grades.  Click here to see the new report in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Somali, and Chinese. A highlight of the new report card is that there is now only one marking system for grades (E/M/CM/N/NE) and the +,V,/,-- system is now only for characteristics of a successful learner

    Dear Dual Language Immersion Family,

    As you all know, two main goals of our Dual Language Immersion (DLI) programs are 1) academic achievement and 2) bilingualism and biliteracy. Your child’s report card is a reflection of your child’s progress towards these goals.

    The report card provides information on how your child is doing academically in all subject areas (i.e. math, language arts, health, etc.) whether they learned the content in English or the Partner Language (Mandarin).  The report card also provides information on how your child is progressing in their oral and written language skills in becoming bilingual and biliterate.  

    At K-2 the Reading and Writing sections along with the Partner Language section of the report card will reflect more about your child’s Partner Language oral and written skill development.  At 3-5 the reporting in Reading and Writing reflects your child’s biliteracy skill development with oral Partner Language skill development being reflected in the Partner Language section.  

    If need be your child’s teacher will use the notes section to indicate successes and areas for improvement specific to each language.  If you have questions about the information provided about your child's academic performance and/or language development in either language, please contact your child’s teacher.

    Shu Ren Craft Pick-Up and Dine Out


    农历新年 / Chinese Lunar New Year Event with the Multnomah County Library

    Saturday, Feb 13th from 2:00 to 4:00

     The Lunar New Year is one of the most important holidays in many Asian cultures, celebrating life, good health and prosperity. Join us to bring in the new year with cultural performances and educational activities.

    Register/join via Zoom

    恭贺新禧!  农历新年是亞洲文化中最重要的节日,图书館將举办特别庆祝节目,包括不同文化背景的表演、傳統小吃、和富有教育性的儿童活动,我們竭诚邀请大家一起來庆祝。

    请通过 Zoom 注册参加  

    Annual Asbestos Notification

    Each year, the District must notify the community of the existence and location of the Asbestos Management Plan. The memo from PPS can be found here.