• After active January, next set of community meetings set for February

    The Guiding Coalition met Feb. 1 at Franklin High School.

    The PPS Visioning initiative reached its most active stage to date in January, as the district hosted dozens of community meetings and offered to the public a multi-language, four-question survey. Those efforts, culminating with a large-scale community meeting at Madison High School on Feb. 26, resulted in over 12,000 comments, ideas and dreams about the future of PPS from students, teachers, administrators, families, central office staff and community members.

    “We are so grateful for the time and energy that people throughout our district community gave to us in January,” said Jonathan Garcia, PPS Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships and the district’s team lead for Visioning. “For the PPS Vision to be bold, authentic and student-centered, it must be informed by the people who know PPS best -- our students, families and staff.”

    On Feb. 1, Superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero and Board Chair Dr. Rita Moore welcomed a gathering of about 100 stakeholders to the second, two-day meeting of the PPS Guiding Coalition. The meeting, facilitated by Prospect Studio and held at Franklin High School, was focused on the beginning stages of building graduate portraits, adult portraits and potential systems shifts, all of which will eventually serve as significant pieces of the PPS Vision. Guiding Coalition members who participated earlier in the month in “Learning Journeys” in Seattle and the Bay Area also shared their perspectives from visiting a number of innovative education providers and partners. All PPS community members are welcome to explore our virtual Learning Journey, which is available here.

    While January offered numerous opportunities to be involved in the Visioning process, February brings another round of community meetings, including multiple large-scale meetings at the end of this month and into the beginning of March.

    “The meetings so far have energized everyone involved with the Visioning project,” said Garcia. “We are looking forward to many more chances to hear from our PPS community in the weeks and months ahead.”

    You can find an up-to-date list of February community meetings by clicking here.