• Phase 2 Enrollment & Program Balancing implementation update - 5/31/23

    This bimonthly memo provides an update regarding Phase 2 of the Enrollment & Program Balancing (EPB) implementation since 5/17/2023. 


    Please check out the Enrollment & Program Balancing website for updates on frequently asked questions, including site-specific questions. The FAQ is updated based on questions that are received in Let’s Talk. There are no new updates at this time. 


    In this document, you can find a log of all community building activities across SE EPB schools. We will update this page as school teams report on activities.

    District staff hosted a Creative Science virtual Information and Listening Session on May 25th from 5:30 - 6:30pm. Representatives from the Central Office were present to answer questions, including Office of School Performance, Human Resources, Special Education, Transportation, Facilities, and Enrollment and Transfer. Between 40-50 families attended the meeting and asked questions related to community building activities, visual and performing arts programming, facilities, and staffing. 


    Our team is finalizing a communication in response to the questions that were raised during the Creative Science Information and Listening Sessions on 4/25 and 5/25 to the Bridger Creative Science communities. This communication was translated and is being prepared for a 6/1 release. 

    Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS)

    SRTS has had site visits at nearly all SE EPB schools (15 of 18) to observe circulation and transit behavior patterns and to engage students and families to collect feedback on PBOT’s Primary Investment Routes, which identify infrastructure project needs along main routes to and from school. 

    Ten SE EPB schools participated in Walk & Roll to School Day in May and received incentives to encourage student participation. SE EPB schools are the focus for the first phase of our map resources project, which supports families in identifying supportive biking and walking infrastructure as well as walking and rolling school bus routes in their school neighborhood. These maps are being developed over the summer in anticipation of the beginning of next school year.


    The PPS Board of Education created a staffing pool of 10 licensed FTE to be equitably allocated as needed over the next five years. We will save some of this FTE for fall balancing and unexpected enrollment: as programs move and boundaries change from one school to another, this will allow for teams to create bridges as well as to support full programming for low-enrollment schools. Thus far, 2.75 of the 10 FTE have been allocated across Clark, Harrison Park, Lent, and Marysville.