• Attn: 8th Graders- ACCESS HS Options

    ACCESS 8th grade students are assigned--by default--to their neighborhood schools in Synergy. Therefore if you want your student to attend their neighborhood school, no action is required by families. There is one exception to this is- if students live in a dual-assignment area such as the Jefferson boundary, you will need to choose between Jefferson and the dual assignment school, OR you will need to make another one of the available choices listed below.

    Visit https://www.pps.net/Page/2343 for more information on high school choices. Students also have guaranteed transfer option to Grant High. If families choose this option, you will need to fill out the transfer petition on https://pps.schoolmint.net/.

    PPS High School Options for ACCESS Students- 

    1. Attend neighborhood school  

      1. Action required: NONE – unless student lives within Jefferson boundary*

    2. Attend Grant High

      1. Action required: Fill out transfer petition: https://pps.schoolmint.net/

    3. Apply in the lottery to focus option such as Benson.

      1. Action required: Enter lottery: https://pps.schoolmint.net/