• Our 22-23 Mission: Reunify and Equitably, Creatively, and Joyously Learn & Grow Together

    Hello Atomic Community!

    Thanks to all current, past, and future Atoms for making 21-22 an incredible experience of learning and community-building as we thrived even during a year of constant changes and many logistical challenges. I'm beyond impressed with our students, staff, and families and continue to be so honored to be your principal. 

    As we prepare for the 22-23 school year, there is so much to be excited about! We are beyond thrilled to be coming together in our new (to us!) building at 6318 S. Corbett Ave. We have a space that is all ours, and we are going to daily make more Atomic as we inhabit it. We look forward to community partnership as we learn all the great ways we can use it to more effectively serve all our Atoms. We're also proud and delighted to have an updated mission and vision to undergird all our work and help us stay centered in the values and goals that make us Atomic. We have a great foundation from which to launch into even more amazing and equitable work. 

    As your principal, I'm going to work to model and facilitate our values and mission every single day. I'm going to be listening to our students and each of you to ensure that I'm the best partner I can possibly can be in your Atomic work. It's going to be a lot of fun!

    Ever Atomically Yours,

    Anthony Bromberg