• Centering Students: Humanization & Growth

    Welcome Atomic folks!

    I'm so excited to be sharing our 3rd year together. It's a combination of stability for us with our second year in our permanent home and increased support staff as well as an extended strike and school closure. Throughout our focus is on centering our Atomic students and ensuring we are engaging all students and fostering a safe environment, so that learning and acceleration happens that spurs everyone to true growth. We know when we have strong relationships and see each other as fully human beings, incredible creativity and enrichment can happen. This year our staff is working with the book Equity By Design as we grow our own practices to serve students even more effectively. We are looking forward to every minute of instructional and relational time we get to be together, working to make our Atomic connections result in the strongest Molecule possible. 

    With Atomic Appreciation, 

    Anthony Bromberg

    Proud ACCESS Principal