• October 5th Weekly Report

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    The Doctor Is In! Message From Dr Berg: Below

    Staffing Update: Below

    Message from School Counselor – Leadership Program, LGBTQ Luncheon: Below

    Free/Reduced Lunch Applications Due October 9: Below

    Oregon Battle of the Books Parent Meeting: Below

    TAG/2e/Neurodiversity Parent-Student Meetups: Below

    Trails Club of Oregon: Below


    **MARK YOUR CALENDARS!  Our BIGGEST Restaurant Night this year is McMenamin's Friends & Family Night at Raleigh Hills Pub on Tuesday, October 15th. They're generously donating 50% of their total night's sales to our school. Come one, come all!



    Upcoming Events

    OBOB Parent Meetings: Tuesday, October 8th at 8:15am and 5:30pm in the Library

    Free/Reduced Lunch Applications Due October 9

    No School: Friday, October 11

    McMenamin's Restaurant Night at Raleigh Hills Pub: Tuesday, October 15

    Odyssey Talent Show: Friday, October 18, 12:30pm & 6pm



    The Doctor Is In! Message from Dr Berg


    Hello Odyssey Families,


    First off, I want to extend a thank you to Danica Wnuk and Todd Stevenson for their work on the Fall Festival.  In addition, a big thank you to the many volunteers who donated their time or resources to make it a great event.  It was a blast and I have to say that the bake sale rivals any bake sale I’ve ever attended.  Yummy treats.  I loved watching the kids be part of the festival and run around on the bouncy slide and field.  A big shout out to all the teachers who also came out to enjoy the event and support our school.  I brag all around about the parent community here and you have all been so supportive.  I know it’s not easy to give as you are all busy and everyone is trying to make end’s meet, but your generosity is very appreciated.  I am already looking forward to the next Fall Festival!


    It seems like school just started and here we are sliding into October.  I have really enjoyed visiting classrooms and getting to know personalities more.  I love watching the 3-5 take on a different perspective as they are trying to write and to see them embrace the learning around Native American customs and lifestyles.  The talking sticks are a great resource for learning how to listen and take turns with one another.  K-2 has been busy with reading and writing and I love listening to them share their writing with each other, their teachers, and me.  Not too long ago we had the Olympics outside for 6,7,8, and our kids were getting some good exercise while also doing some ancient Rome research.  Having PE, Art, and Library for our students has been such a fun start to the year and they are practicing soccer skills, making clay pots, and navigating library resources every week.  


    I wanted to make sure that all of our families know that we have resources to provide for anyone who needs a little assistance.  Hayhurst has food bags for families who need food assistance.  We also can help out if other families are struggling and we want to help.  Please go ahead and email me if needed.  


    Please remember that we go outside in almost any weather, so make sure your child comes with a coat and don’t forget to check lost and found frequently.  


    A brief note to our families of tweens and teens:

    This is a very exciting time for your child as they start the journey from childhood to adolescence.  It can also be a roller coaster of a time with changing bodies and emotions.  As kids grow into their teen years they will be faced with new adventures and new challenges and they will have new bumps and bruises along the way.  As a principal I have always worked in concert with the school counselor to assist with any mental health concerns and the first thing we always ask kids is whether they have a support network or not and whether they have talked things over with their parents.  As a parent of two teenagers, I also know that they don’t always love to open up to us and they are often afraid that we will be judgmental or invalidate their feelings.  I want you to know that Stephanie and I are here to support and we both have a lot of experience working with kids and we can help guide families to supports if needed and help kids start the conversations.  We often hear of the dangers of adolescence from vaping to drugs to cutting or suicide.  We also know that most adolescents are thoughtful, bright, funny, and kind little people who are just trying to figure out the crazy changes of the teen years.  Please let us know if you have concerns and please encourage your child to open up the conversation whether it be with you, us or a trusted adult.  It is always fun to work with your kid and I enjoy watching them grow and navigate. 


    Finally, this year we will be holding conferences a little differently to try and serve as many families as possible.  We wrote a contract exception so that Odyssey can hold conferences the Thursday evening before Thanksgiving week from 3-8, that Monday from 8-8, and then Tuesday from 8-3.  This gives us a little more flexibility to try and get as many conferences in before people leave for Thanksgiving.   Please note that teachers are not contractually obligated to hold a make-up conference if you are unable to attend conference due to a vacation.  We of course will be flexible if there is a family emergency or illness. 


    Please see sign ups from your child’s teacher for further information.


    Thanks for all you do!

    Dr. Eryn Berg 

    Principal, Odyssey K-8



    Staffing Update


    During the beginning of the school year we had the district SPED department evaluate our numbers and look at our staffing per student.  It was determined that Odyssey should have a 1/2 time learning center teacher and that we could no longer share our staffing with Hayhurst as we merited a staffing of our own.  Due to Blake’s full time status, he is being moved from Odyssey to Hayhurst full time.  We are thankful for all Blake has done to serve Odyssey students and want to wish him the best as he continues on with his journey.  We are happy to welcome Esther Fischer to Odyssey as our half time learning specialist.  Below is her bio:


    Esther Fischer is driven to help students overcome challenges that impact their learning and social environments.  She graduated from Adelphi University in 2000 with a Master's Degree in Special Education.  She has taught in various classroom settings for over 20  years,  including teaching and directing at a center for Autism, teaching as a learning center teacher in elementary school,  as well as teaching and directing in the  early childhood environment.  Esther most recently was an Early Childhood Director at a Jewish Private School in Lake Oswego, where she helped shape and define the early childhood program of the school. Esther was born and raised in New York and has been living in Portland for the past 13 years.  She is married to her husband, Tzvi, for almost 20 years.  As a mother of 6 children, she has become a natural resource for parents in her community.  Esther believes in building rapport and trust, and cultivating strong relationships with students, parents and colleagues.  


    Esther’s schedule will generally be Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings.


    Message from School Counselor Stephanie Cox


    Greetings Odyssey Community,


    I am so thrilled to be your school counselor. It is an absolute pleasure getting to know the magnificent students here. The kids are learning who I am as well.  We chat in the cafeteria and hang-out on the playground.  Right now I am teaching community-building lessons in the classrooms and sitting-in on classroom learning groups.  


    Dr. Berg and I are facilitating a regular Student Leadership group and hosting an LGBTQ+ Alliance luncheon every Thursday in the library.


    I am encouraging students to write me a letter or draw me a picture and place it in my hallway mailbox.  I will write or draw back to them.


    I look forward to meeting each of you personally. 


    Much more to follow,

    Stephanie Cox, scox@pps.net 

    School Counselor

    Monday - Afternoons

    Tuesday - All Day

    Thursday - All Day



    Free/Reduced Lunch Applications Due October 9


    In order to prevent gaps in benefits, applications for free/reduced meals must be filed every year. Families need to submit an application by October 9, 2019.  Follow this link to apply online:  https://www.schoolcafe.com/pps

    Important tips for families: 

    • Include all students on the application. 
    • Include all members in the household.  Some families do not list other family members on the application, such as a grandparent, who may be living in the household.  This can make a difference in whether they are eligible for meal benefits.  
    • Even if your student(s) are not choosing to eat school meals, being eligible for free or reduced price meals can also make you eligible to receive many fee reductions or waivers in other areas both in the district and in the community.  


    Thank you,

    Angela Hoffart

    Principal’s Secretary

    Odyssey Program @ East Sylvan

    P:  503-916-6310

    F:  503-916-2124



    Oregon Battle of the Books Parent Meeting


    I'm so happy to see that there's interest in OBOB here at Odyssey!  A green OBOB form went home with kids who expressed an interest and I've been collecting those.  If your child (in 3-4-5 or 6-7-8) is interested, but you haven't filled out a form please let me know and I'll get one to you.


    To get us started I'd like to host an informational meeting for the grown-ups only (possible team coaches or parents of participants) so I can show you what the battles look like and answer any questions.  There will be two meeting times (you can attend either one):


    Tuesday, October 8th

    8:15am in the library

    5:30pm in the library


    The meeting isn't mandatory and we'll still have time for teams to practice after school beginning in November, but this will be a chance without the kids present to get your questions answered.  Each team needs an adult team coach so we can go over what's involved in that role.


    Please let me know if you have any questions ahead of the parent meeting or if you need a form sent home.  I look forward to getting OBOB up and running soon!


    Thank you,

    Laura Jones

    Odyssey Library Assistant




    TAG/2e/Neurodiversity Parent-Student Meetups

    Is your student:

    • Bright/intellectually gifted? 
    • Dyslexic, ADD, on the spectrum, and/or otherwise neurodiverse? 

    • Curious, creative, intense, or just … extra?
    • Any or all of the above?

    Introducing a monthly evening meetup and discussion 

    for students and parents/guardians seeking connection, 

    support, and resources, hosted by parent advocate Lisa 

    Stonestreet and Odyssey 8th grader Truman Stonestreet.

    • One Tuesday a month at Odyssey, 7-9 PM (dates below)
    • Topics from advocacy to testing, perfectionism to asynchrony
    • Brief presentation + kid-only and adult-only discussions
    • Kids will also enjoy board/card game time

    Want to find out more? Got a topic you’d like to see coverd?

    Want to drink tea and eat snacks with parents who get it while 

    your kid enjoys a rousing game of Munchkin? Come to one or all.

    Interested? Email lisa@ampedit.com with your name, email, 

    and any topics you’d like to see the group cover.


    Dates: 10/22, 11/12, 12/17, 1/14, 2/18, 3/17, 4/21, 5/12


    Lisa Stonestreet





    Trails Club of Oregon


    Dear Odyssey families,


    I’m on the board of the Trails Club of Oregon, an organization that has been around since 1915.  We have two lodges, one in the Gorge above Multnomah Falls (Nesika) and one that I caretaker in Government Camp (Tyee) next to The Mazama Lodge.  


    Check out the website: trailsclub.org


    TCO membership is declining as most members are aging out and the lodges are getting very little use.   We need new members to join and use the lodges. This could be a unique opportunity for the Odyssey community to create memorable outdoor experiences.  If we could get several families to become members, we will have access, although not exclusive, to both lodges on a continual basis. All that is required is to submit an application with initiation fee of $15 + $50 annual dues, and visit one of the lodges.  Once a member, the lodge usage is $15/night for an adult, $10/night for a child, or $40/ per family (cap)  


    I’m coordinating a volunteer work weekend at Tyee October 11, 12.   This is a free event. No school Friday, so come up and check out the lodge, stay night, and help prepare Tyee for winter and I can get you signed up to become a member.  


    Please call, text or email me if you are interested in becoming a member of TCO or have any questions.




    Aaron Bech



    Father of Annika (5th) and Colin (2nd)



    Terri Preeg Riggsby

    Communications Coordinator