• Feb. 7th Weekly Report

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    The Doctor is In! Message From Dr Berg: Below

    All School Spirit Week – Next Week! Below

    February Restaurant Night Wednesday 2/12: Below

    Odyssey Parents with Incoming Students Next Year – Must Enter Lottery & Attend Info Session: Below

    Join Our Class - Disabled: Below

    The Green Routine – Lunchroom Revolution & Student Green Team! Below

    Odyssey Information Nights – Need Volunteers: Below

    It’s Time For It To Go! Volunteer Needed To Remove Items From Library: Below

    Wilson High School Regarding PPS Bond Measure: Below

    Parenting & Sexuality – Speaker & Discussion: Below



    Upcoming Events

    Spirit Week – Monday, 2/10 – Friday, 2/15

    Special PTA Meeting: Wednesday, 2/12, 6:30pm

    February Restaurant Night at Von Ebert Brewing: Wednesday, 2/12 – ALL DAY!

    Odyssey Information Session: Thursday, 2/20, 6-7:30 pm

    Student Green Team Meeting: Friday 2/28, 2:15-3:30 pm

    Odyssey Information Session: Friday, 3/6, 9:00-10:0 am 

    Parenting & Sexuality – Speaker & Discussion: Wednesday 3/12, 6:15pm – Hayhurst



    The Doctor Is In! Message From Dr Berg


    Odyssey Families,

    As February begins and we start our month long celebration of Black History Month, I would like to take the opportunity to share my own deep appreciation of sense of respect for not only our Black Americans from the past who have contributed so much to our deep tapestry of American History, but also a recognition of all of the recent and current black Americans who are contributors and heroes in our lives.  We of course honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who gave his life for the struggle for Civil Rights.  Rosa Parks and Ruby Bridges both stand as heroes for the fight for equality and justice.  I also want to do is recognize the deep and real contributions of the current fighters for justice and heroes of equality.  Barack Obama and his legacy will stand as a man who eloquently and patiently spoke for freedom and equality and whose example I hope to emulate as a barometer of dignity for years to come.  The list is endless and the time is ripe for us to take a moment and recognize and notice and be thankful for the work that has been done by Black Americans both historically and in the present.  I recently found a short video that examines the history of Black History Month and which I found helpful to share with my children and discuss around the dinner table.  That link will be included at the bottom of this message.

    What I also want to emphasize is how we have worked as a staff to integrate into our classrooms daily the richness of multicultural perspectives and the value of honoring differing experiences and viewpoints.  All year long, our teachers work as teams to plan lessons, units, and materials that give a voice to those who have historically been underrepresented in school curriculum.  We have asked that while we celebrate February as Black History Month, that we also have a consistent eye and heart towards always valuing and integrating multiple perspectives.  Please reach out to your teacher to ask how they include and honor multiple perspectives and provide a culturally relevant curriculum.  

    Thank you,

    Eryn Berg


    Dr. Eryn Berg 

    Principal, Odyssey K-8


    “I truly believe the only way we can create global peace is through not only educating our minds, but our hearts and our souls.”

    Malala Yousafzai 



    All School Spirit Week

    (In honor of the completion of the 345 Mahopa Performance)

    February 10th-14th

    345 is wrapping up the end of their Mahopa Unit and getting ready to form new teams for the next unit. Let’s celebrate with an all school spirit week! (As always, please make sure that you are following our school’s dress code and making appropriate choices.)


    Monday: Roll Out Of Bed Day

    The 345 is exhausted from Sunday’s Performance! Come to school in your PJs and best bed hair. Brushing your teeth is highly recommended, though!


    Tuesday: Pattern Day 

    Wear your brightest patterned clothing for a day of mismatched fun. Bonus: the more patterns you wear, the better!


    Wednesday: Favorites Day

    Have a favorite t-shirt, pair of shoes, or item you love to wear? Wear your favorite pattern (stripes, polka dots), your favorite team’s gear, your favorite color, and so on! 


    Thursday: Dress To Impress Day (Captain Speeches)

    345 potential captains will give their speeches today, so put on your best outfits! Shine your shoes, iron your best shirt, and come to school looking like a million bucks!


    Friday: Valentine’s Colors

    Wear your favorite Valentine’s colors--reds, pinks, white.  Dress with hearts, cupids, and unicorns!  Come full of your most lovely Valentine spirit!



    February Restaurant Night – Wednesday 2/12!


    We have three restaurant nights left in the year, and we've already raised $2,350 for our school so far! Please join us at Von Ebert Brewing on Wednesday, February 12 for a 15% donation to our school, with flyer or mention of our fundraiser. This fundraiser runs all day, so lunch is an option too, if you happen to be in town that part of the day! Bring friends and colleagues! Von Ebert is a big space, with plenty of parking in the New Seasons structure across the street.


    Von Ebert Brewing 

    131 NW 13th Avenue, Portland 97209


    !! Odyssey Parents With An Incoming Student Next Year!!

    Existing Odyssey families receive priority in the lottery, however you will need to attend a parent information meeting and submit an online lottery application. Apply here:  pps.schoolmint.net 

    The lottery opens Feb. 5th and closes March 6th


    Information Meetings (attend one of the following):
    Thursday, February 20th, 6-7:30 pm

    Friday, March 6th, 9:00-10:0 am (This meeting is primarily designed for parents who cannot attend the evening meeting and/or don’t care to have a school tour. Teachers or administration will not be present at the March 6th meeting and there will be no classroom visitation available.) Students are welcome to attend with parents; however, childcare is not provided.

    Thank you,

    Angela Hoffart

    Principal’s Secretary

    The Odyssey Program

         at East Sylvan

    P:  503.916.6310

    F:  503.916.2124



    Join Our Class - Calendar Disabled


    Going forward we will no longer be using Join Our Class for school calendar items or volunteer signups.  You can still access the directory there for those who have registered.  The Odyssey PPS calendar is available here: https://www.pps.net/Page/9151#calendar12600/20200207/month  


    Thank you,

    Katie Hoffman, katie.hoffman@odysseyprogram.org



    The Green Routine

    Odyssey’s Lunchroom Revolution is in full swing! With the help of parent and student volunteers we have saved approx. 300lbs of food and 600 milk cartons from landfill in just two short, four day weeks! Amazing! We can’t do this without the help of parent volunteers. For just one hour from 11-12, you can see your kid at lunch and do something great for the environment! Won’t you consider “being the change?” SIGN UP HERE FOR OUR LUNCHROOM REVOLUTION.

    Is your 3rd – 8th grade student interested in being a part of our Student Green Team? With the mentorship of Parent Green Team volunteers, we are inviting earth-loving students to join us in planning Earth Month/Day activities and getting involved in school sustainability initiatives. Beginning this month, the Student Green Team will meet on the last Friday of every month after school for one hour from 2:30-3:30. Parent Green Team Volunteers will meet 345 kids at 2:15pm and provide snacks. Please sign your student up here to participate in the Ody Student Green Team.

    Do you have a Bottle Drop Account? Instead of redeeming your recyclable cans and bottles for change, you can donate that change Odyssey. Click here to learn how to donate to Odyssey with your Bottle Drop account! We will also have a Bottle Drop center at school to collect redeemable bottles and cans to raise money for Odyssey sustainability initiatives!

    Our Trex Challenge has collected over 100 pounds of soft plastic waste since beginning mid-January. Keep it up! Thank you to our volunteers for collecting our Trex collections!

    Odyssey Eco-Events:

    ·      Lunchroom Revolutions: Collective actions have more impact than individual choices! Help our community collectively make big improvements to our environmental impact through composting and better recycling in our school cafeteria. Follow the link to be a part of our modeling conservation behaviors to the next generation.

    ·      Friday February 28, 2:15-3:30 Student Green Team Meeting! Your child can join with other earth-loving students to plan Earth Day/Month activities and support campus sustainability initiatives. We will meet in the library, snack provided. Click here to RSVP for your child. 3-8 graders only


    Weekly Eco-Tip:

    Are you a wishful or aspirational recycler? When you have some questionable packaging that you think should be recyclable, but you’re not sure, do you throw it into your curbside blue bin with hope in your heart? I don’t want to squash your optimism, but you are probably doing more harm than good. When unrecyclable things end up in our recycling sort systems, they contaminate the whole batch, causing recyclable items get thrown into the landfill. These contaminants can also injure employees and damage machinery.

    Metro has a fun “Recycle or Not” campaign to help you be a better recycler. Take their online quiz to find out how much of a wishful recycler you may or may not be. And remember, when in doubt, throw it out – or just give Metro’s super knowledgeable, master recycler hotline folks a ring. It just takes a moment to get the info you need! AskMetro@oregonmetro.gov or


    Don’t be trashy: #reducereuserecycle


    Odyssey Information Nights – Need Volunteers!

    Odyssey information events for new K-5 students are quickly approaching and we’ll need your help volunteering to make it a success.  The event dates/times are February 20th 6-7:30pm, and March 6th 9-10am.

    There are several volunteer opportunities for you to consider:

    • Marketing: Help distribute flyers at your neighborhood coffee shops, community centers, churches, libraries, etc. throughout Portland; spread the word about Odyssey information events on your favorite social media platform, with Facebook and Nextdoor serving as obvious ones.  If you belong to or are networked within an underrepresented community in Portland, your help would be especially appreciated here.
    • Event logistics on 2/20 and 3/6: help set up/take down chairs, hand out information packets about the school as guest arrive, help answer questions from prospective new parents and students, and pass out a questionnaire at the end of the events before guests leave. (3-5 volunteers for each event are needed).

    If you are able to volunteer for any of these opportunities, please contact me directly

    and feel free to reach out with questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank You!

    Devin McKenna




    It’s time for it to go!..... 

    Looking for someone to haul a medium sized fabric chair from our library and a few other smaller items.  Please contact Angela if you can transport these items to a charitable organization.  Thank you! 

    Thank you,

    Angela Hoffart

    Principal’s Secretary



    Message from Wilson High School Regarding Bond Measure


    Dear Wilson Neighborhood Community,


    Now is the time to let the PPS School Board know that Wilson, Jefferson, and Cleveland should be included on the 2020 Bond


    A modernized Wilson would provide students with state-of-the-art learning facilities for generations to come.  While much has changed since 1957, Wilson facilities have not.  It is time to ensure that all PPS high schools, including Wilson, Jefferson, and Cleveland, provide students with 21st century learning opportunities.


    These are some highlights from preliminary modernization plans for Wilson High School:

    • Wilson students will stay in the current building while the new building is constructed. 
    • New building will include modernized classrooms, science labs, career-and-technical education spaces, fine and performing arts facilities, athletic facilities, and more.
    • The Wilson pool can remain on camps.
    • No expenditures are needed for bussing and temporary classrooms - money can be directly invested in the new facilities.
    • The 2020 bond will keep the current tax levels unchanged.


    Please contact PPS School Board members and share this simple message: The time has come to modernize Wilson, Jefferson, and Cleveland.


    Andrew Scott (Wilson)- anscott@pps.net

    Michelle DePass (Jefferson) - mdepass@pps.net

    Amy Kohnstamm (Board Chair) - akohnstamm@pps.net

    Rita Moore (Vice-Chair) - rmoore5@pps.net

    Scott Bailey - sbailey@pps.net

    Julia Brim-Edwards - jbrim-edwards@pps.net

    Eilidh Lowery (Cleveland) - elowery@pps.net


    Erica Caldwell

    Business Manager
    Wilson High School

    office:  503-916-5280 Ext 75211
    cell:  541-521-8282


    Si usted necesita ayuda en traducir este mensaje, llame al 503-916-3582 para español.


    Parenting & Sexuality - Speaker & Discussion: Wednesday, 3/12


    Odyssey and Hayhurst PTAs will be presenting on March 12 at 6:15pm in the Odyssey auditorium a parent only evening discussion of parenting and sexuality. Our guest speakers, Renee Caballero from Conscious Family Solutions and Nathan Moore will address topics such as gender identity vs. sexuality, terms, statistics, supports, student voices, questions and answers, and resources.  Plus, snacks!