• August/September 2017

    August 2017



    Dear Odyssey Families,

    Welcome Back to School!!  It is hard to believe summer is coming to an end.  However, I always enjoy the start of the school seeing all of the smiling faces walk through the door as we start another year.

    This year school starts on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30th, at 8:00am for grades 1-5.  For kindergarteners, you will receive a call in the next few weeks to schedule a time slot to come in for an assessment for your child. Assessments will be on either August 30th, 31st  or September 1st.  The first full day of kindergarten will be on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th, at 8:00am.


    Here is some information that will assist you to begin the school year.

    School Hours

    School begins each morning at 8:00AM and the day ends at 2:15PM for grades K-5 and at 2:30PM for 6-7-8. We will send home a school calendar in the beginning of the year. At this time we are still unsure about late openings. Once the teacher union has made a decision we will inform you so you can add this to your planning.  Information is also posted on the reader board, Facebook, weekly email newsletters, and flyers that go home in your child’s backpack.

    Beginning the School Day

    We like to keep the school and the hallways quiet in the morning before the first bell (8:00 AM) for the benefit of our teachers, who are using this time to prepare for the day. We ask that all students (and all accompanying parents) go to the auditorium when they get to the school in the morning.  Students may socialize and wait to be dismissed to their classrooms.


    Entering the School

    Although our school has many doors to get in and out, our policy is to keep all doors locked from the outside, except for the main doors in the front of the building.  Please enter and exit the building only through the front doors.  Staff has a card key to enter and exit all doors during the day, so there is no need to ever prop a door open. 

    Bringing Your Child in the Morning

    Bringing your Child to School.  If you are bringing your child to school and simply dropping them off, please drive (slowly) through the parking lot and be ready to have your child exit the car once you reach the end of the driveway.  Please avoid idling your car outside.  The front of the school is not a park and drop off point, last year we had many near accidents as folks opened car doors while others where zipping down the road.

    If you are going to accompany your child inside the school, please park in the parking lot and come inside. Other parking options are on the side streets or in the neighborhood. Please do not park in front of driveways!! 

    A visual map is hanging in the front hallway to show you the parking lot loop and drop off location.

    Picking Your Child Up at Dismissal Time

    At the end of the day, please park your car in the parking lot or the neighborhood and walk into the building.  K12 parents will pick up their child from the homeroom at 2:15pm.  345 students will meet their parent in the front hallway or the grassy area in the front of the school at 2:15pm.  The 678 students will be dismissed at 2:30pm and must have a set location to meet parents for pickup (front hallway, parking lot, curb).  If your child is enrolled in Atlas or the PJA after school care program, the students will meet in the auditorium and be escorted out to the bus once it arrives.

    Upcoming Events

    Dinner with the Principal, August 23nd from 6:00-7:30pm in the cafeteria.

    Please bring the whole family to attend an all school dinner in the cafeteria/playground. We will provide the food, and you get to see old friends, meet new ones, and ease your way back into the school year. This is always a fun evening.  OSPC/PTA will be holding and informational session starting at 5:30pm in the auditorium for new parents about the program, direct give, and fundraising.

    Community Care Day is on Saturday, August 26th from 9-12 at the school. Come help clean up and beautify our grounds, and work on some school projects inside and out. Bring the whole family and enjoy working together to improve our school.

    Back to School Night will be held on September 12th from 6:00-7:30pm.  Please save the date for a parent-only night with teachers.  You will get to meet your child’s teacher, learn about the classroom expectations, and hear about the upcoming year.


    We welcome James Winkler to the staff as the new Physical Education teacher.  I am still in the process of hiring a school counselor to join the team.  Everyone else is returning from last year.


    Edie Howard

    Sue Gregoire

    Kate Wilebski


    Dede Marron

    Heather Mankowski

    Angela LeVan


    Alan Damon

    Kristina Rothwell

    Harmony Brinks-Detzer

    Jack Rainey –    8th grade Spanish

    Angela Hoffart-Principal’s Secretary , Denise Self-Assistant Principal, Blake Engeldorf-Learning Center, Fran Barth-Technology, Susie Beckers-Media Specialist, Debi Crawford-Art and the school Counselor is to be determined.

    My schedule this year will be similar to last year: Monday and Wednesday at Hayhurst, Tuesday and Friday at Odyssey, Thursday is district meetings or in one of the buildings. Some days I am a little bit at each school, depending on meetings and events.  Please feel free to call or stop by on any day, as I am easily accessible and happy to chat or see you in person on either campus.

    I look forward to seeing you all very soon.  Please plan to come for the “Dinner with the Principal” on August 23nd and then to” Back To School Night” on September 12th. I look forward to a great year of learning, growing and having fun!

    Happy New School Year!


    Deanne Froehlich