• Creation of Harriet Tubman Middle School PTSA - Vote by August 31

    Dear Parents and Guardians of future Harriet Tubman Middle School students:

    A group of parents representing all four feeder schools is proposing to create a Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) for Harriet Tubman Middle School. We want to get feedback from parents about this proposal.  We are strongly committed to creating a parent-teacher-student association that is reflective of the overall Harriet Tubman school community and that is explicitly organized to address issues of access, inclusion, academic achievement, equity, and social justice for every student. We want the new PTSA to embody and support the mission of the Harriet Tubman Middle School Community.
    We are asking for your reply of an electronic survey by noon on Friday, August 31.

    If a majority of the responders vote to move ahead with the proposal to create a PTSA, we will:
    · Submit the paperwork necessary to formalize the creation of the PTSA to get this process started by appointing temporary board members representing all four feeder schools.
    · We would elect new board members in September, including student body representatives.
    · Set up proper bank accounts to receive funds from several feeder school PTAs.
    · Schedule a meeting in early September to start the conversation about what Harriet Tubman’s PTSA will look like. Some thoughts:

    The PTSA will be representative of the entire school community and the four feeder schools. For example, we would structure the new PTSA leadership team (the Board) to include representatives from each of the 4 feeder schools (Boise-Eliot Humboldt, Irvington, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Sabin).
    We will make it inclusive and easier to join and participate in meetings, by making the membership fee optional, having meetings at a more convenient time and making sure all voices are represented. We are aware of the commute and essential needs and commitments of families, so we are exploring non-traditional ways to engage and solicit support. PTSA meeting agendas and minutes would be broadly available through the school website, emails to parents, etc.

    Please click here to vote on this proposal on whether we should move forward with forming the PTSA
    In closing, we are so eager to work with you to build a strong and equitable academic and social school community. Thank you in advance for your input and we look forward to building and strengthening the school community to support all future students of Harriet Tubman Middle School.

    Thank You,
    Natasha Butler - Principal HTMS