• Do you know how your student is getting to school?

    Since the school is located in the heart of the busy Eliot neighborhood, please follow all traffic laws and signs no matter how you plan to get to school. Student safety is our number one priority. Please consider the following transportation options and tips:

    School Bus

    If your student is taking the school bus, you may find information regarding schedules and bus stops at HTMS or Student Transportation.


    Harriet Tubman Middle School is serviced by TriMet buses #4 and #44. Plan your trip on TriMet’s website or download one of the many free trip planning apps:

    • iPhone: PDX Bus
    • Android: Portland Transit or TriMet Live

    Walking and Rolling

    If your student is planning to walk or roll (biking, scooting, rollerblading, using a mobility device, skating, etc):

    • When planning your route, consider taking side streets with less traffic such as NE Tillamook or NE Rodney. You may find free Neighborhood Walk and Bike maps at your local library and bike shop or check out PBOT’s website. 
    • Always cross at intersections prioritizing marked crosswalks and crosswalks with signals.
    • The first few days, the school will provide safety patrols at these intersections: 
      • N Russell St. and N Flint Avenue
      • N Russell St. and N Vancouver
    • Keep your head up, be aware of your surroundings and put away cell phones and other distractions while walking and rolling.
    • Make eye contact and be sure vehicles have stopped for you before you cross an intersection.   
    • Use the buddy system and commute with a friend. If students will be commuting alone, consider testing the route together this weekend.
    • Bikes can be tied to the railing in the front of the school.


    We’re encouraging families who drive their children to school to park a few blocks away and walk. Walking will only take a few minutes and is a great aerobic activity. It will also help increase safety around the school and help reduce congestion.

    Parking is available on side streets including NE Sacramento and NE Thompson between NE Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and Williams Avenue. It is approximately a nine-minute walk from these intersections to HTMS.

    Student Drop-off

    • You may drop-off your child in the parking lot of the Columbia Gorge Model Railroad Club on 2505 N Vancouver Avenue in the mornings just before breakfast is served to students at 8:50am.
    • You may pick-up your child at the CGMRRC parking lot in the afternoons when school lets out at 3:15pm every afternoon except for Tuesday.
    • Thank you to the CGMRRC for their generosity.
    • Please do not park your car in the lot as you may be ticketed.

    Whether you walk, roll, drive or take the bus, please consider practicing your commute with your student so that everyone is familiar with the area and prepared for school. Here is a map of the Eliot neighborhood.