• New Phishing Reporting Button for Email

    Report Phishing Button

    In response to recent phishing attacks, the PPS IT Department has added a tool to your Outlook email application in order to help make reporting phishing email attempts quick and easy. The “Report Phishing” button is available in Outlook -- Desktop, Web Client and Mobile App.


    How it works

    1. If you suspect that an email is a phishing attempt, just click on the icon.
    2. A confirmation message will pop-up. Clicking “OK” will send an email to the PPS IT Department.
    3. After reporting, the email will be deleted from your inbox.

    Note: A Phishing attack is different than a Spam message. Spam is unsolicited emails that try to sell a product or service, whereas Phishing attacks are malicious emails designed to trick large groups of people into sharing information or allowing malicious code to run on their device.

    Location of phishing button in Outlook

    Please view the Phishing Awareness course, listed under “Available Courses” in PepperPD. Click “View All” to see the course in the list.

    Visit www.pps.net/phishing or contact PPS IT Service Desk at itservicedesk@pps.net for additional support.