• Tuesday, January 17: All schools and offices closed

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    This was a difficult decision. We know that school closures impact families in many ways, disrupting work schedules, childcare, in addition to classroom instruction for the nearly 49,000 students we serve.

    While most of our school parking lots have been cleared and we prepared busses for snow routes and chains, many of our schools still have significant ice covering paths and stairways, creating serious safety hazards on our grounds.

    Many side streets also are still covered in ice, creating challenges in transportation to school for many families and the staff that do not live close to the schools in which they work.

    We are hopeful that after the freezing rain predicted for tomorrow, temperatures will rise enough to thaw the ice and allow our schools and all roads to be cleared and safe for all travel.

    Please also note that as part of our efforts to restore lost instructional hours, late starts will be eliminated. The late start scheduled for Wednesday, January 18 will be the first eliminated.

    Thank you for understanding that student and staff safety must be a priority.

    We look forward to welcoming you all back on Wednesday morning, regular start time.

    Please stay safe.

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