• Commitment to Our Community

    In case you missed it in your inbox, we are providing a copy of the letter principal Lurie sent to our community today.

    Hello Alameda Community,

    It has taken me a few days to process what has happened so I apologize that this is getting to you late.  I want to acknowledge the impact that the election results have had and will continue to have on students, families, and staff. There are ways for us to respond and create space for how we show up personally and professionally. While for some, the natural reaction is to withdraw, I believe there is a requirement for action. I ask that as a community we set an example for our own children and all of our students.  We must support and empower those in our communities who do not have a voice or those whose voice may be silenced as a consequence of this election. No matter your personal belief, our priority is to create a kind, inclusive and safe environment for all our students and families.

    In our community, whether you are gay, disabled, female, trans, black, brown, Muslim or part of any other community who has been bullied, you will always have a voice and we will always stand beside you.

    This is what we need to assure our students when they show up to school on Monday.