• Evening Scholars - Spring 2023

    • Registration for the Spring session will open on Thursday, February 2nd, and close on Thursday February 16th
    • Classes will meet once per week from February 21 - May 25 for 13 weeks.
    • Students may enroll into any location they and their counselors agree to.
    • All classes are in-person and attendance is required. 
    • Each class meets from 5:00 - 8:00pm.
    • A variety of classes will be held across 5 locations*:
      • Roosevelt High School
      • Kenton School
      • Grant High School
      • Franklin High School
      • McDaniel High School
    • We will provide more information about Evening Scholars in this same location as it becomes available.  

    Enrollment Prioritization
    Portland Evening and Summer Scholars follows a prioritization process for situations when classes fill up to a maximum capacity.  Our prioritization process, based on the current school year, is as follows:
      1. PPS Seniors 
      2. PPS Juniors, Credit Recovery and Credit Deficient
      3. PPS Sophomores, Credit Recovery and Credit Deficient
      4. PPS Freshmen, Credit Recovery and Credit Deficient
      5. PPS Students (grades 9-11), Credit Advancement
      6. Non-PPS students