• March 29th Newsletter

    Dear Beach Parents and Caregivers,


    We are pleased to share some staff-created slides and video clips with you to help you, and your child, understand our arrival, dismissal and in person procedures (if your child will be coming to Beach for hybrid instruction this spring).  If your child will remain in Comprehensive Distance Learning, please see our update below about Grab&Go Meals, and we hope our whole Beach Community will enjoy our “Beach Staff Masked and Unmasked” photos, made to help your child be able to recognize us when we have our masks on!  Otherwise, the updates pertain to in person instruction.


    Beach Hybrid Procedures & Expectations Slideshow to Share with Families


    • Translation in process; we will send a Spanish copy of these slides tomorrow morning!



    Beach Arrival & Dismissal Map & Procedures for Parents  



    If you answered “no” to your child needing Bus transportation in our 4th quarter survey, but now need it please call the office at (503)916-6236 to be added to the list.

    • A transportation-focused message was sent to families on March 26.  HERE
    • To limit the potential for COVID exposure and minimize the number of students on PPS buses, we ask parents/guardians, when possible, to transport or walk their student(s) to and from school. To further reduce congestion at schools, we are asking parents of older students to drop off their student a couple blocks away and let the student walk safely to our school Health Screen Stations (see our slides, above) from there


    Here are some additional updates and bits of information that may be helpful.


    • Grab & Go Meals will be available at Beach M, T, Th and F to any child in our community age 18 or younger.  
      • If your child will be in CDL this spring, you can come to the front entrance at either 10:30-10:45 or 2:45-3 to pick up these meals.  
      • Students who are in hybrid instruction will have the option to “grab and go” with food packs for themselves, siblings or other children in your household (whether Beach students or not; the requirement remains that these meals are designated for children) as they depart on M, T, Th and F.


    • We want to make sure all families understand that access to all PPS sites is limited to employees and students in hybrid instruction, as well as school contractors, to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.  As you will see in our Arrival & Dismissal Procedures, only students and staff are permitted inside school buildings and on the playground during school arrival and dismissal hours, which are 7:45-10:30 and 12:00-2:45. (School hours are 8-10:15 and 12:15-2:30.)


    • Specials (Library, Art, Music, PE) will take place during the time block when students don’t have CDL (Comprehensive Distance Learning) or Hybrid.  So, during their asynchronous block.  The specific schedule will be sent by your child’s teacher in the coming days. 


    • Sharing of school supplies (pencils, markers, books, documents, etc.) will be minimized and when it happens, good hand hygiene will be practiced following sharing.   We have requested plastic containers for individual student storage and use of school supplies. 


    • If your child will be coming to Beach for in person this spring, please have them bring a backpack and a water bottle.   



    • Students who are screened and appear to be symptomatic will need to be isolated from the school population and be placed in the symptom space until parent/guardian or emergency contact is able to pick them up.  Students will not be able to ride the bus; they will need to be picked up directly from school. 




    We are working hard to prepare a strong 4th quarter for all of our students, whether they will be learning in CDL or Hybrid instruction. Our goal is that children feel connected to each other whether online or in person, that they are excited about their learning, and that they learn and want to keep learning on into their futures.   Thank you for your partnership and patience as we strive to get helpful and accurate information to you as quickly as we can.  Until our next update!