• May 21, 2020

    Hello Friends,
    First want to start off by wishing everybody good health during these crazy times. While not an ideal ending to the year I would like to focus on the positives. This year was our first year going mixed specials school wide. The relationships I have seen develop across programs are truly beautiful and inspiring for how strong of a community we can be.  My 4th year has been the best so far for many reasons, the main being working with an incredibly special group of students. In the time away I'm realizing how much each of you mean to me and hope you cherish our time together as well. Since the closure of school I have attempted to challenge myself to learn many new skills and explore different areas of the outdoors (safely). My biggest challenge has been trying to learn how to play the ukulele. This will probably be a lifelong battle. My favorite hike has been in Washington a place in Clark County called Silver Star. Beautiful scenery with endless options. My best friend right now is my dog, Lenny and this is a picture of us celebrating his 10th birthday with a picnic. I hope you all continue to grow and recognize how special you are. Please feel free to reach out. See you soon.
    -Coach Ramirez