• May 28 2020

                                   What is the Best Day You Had This Year?

    "The best day I’ve had this school year was when we had our first “Beach Matters to Me and I Matter to Beach” assembly, then classes were having their Alex Addy West African Drumming sessions, and I got to see everyone’s smiles and all the learning and thinking happening as I stepped into classrooms and specials."
    Principal Hawking 

    "The best day I’ve had this school year was the first day of school with my Kindergartners! All 33 of them showed up ready to learn and excited to be a Bobcat. They were and still are, so kind, patient, hard working, fun, silly, flexible and caring! What a great community of students from day one!"

    Mrs. Lockett 

    "It’s hard to think of just one best day because there have been so many! One day in the fall, two of my favorite 5th graders challenged me to a race on the field...and I won! We all laughed and thought it was funny. Man, was I sore afterward! LOL."

    Mrs. Marquez 

    " One of my favorite days of school was probably our first all school assembly. Hearing the children quote the Motto and sing the School Song…#PRICELESS"

    Ms. Seymour