• Wise Words

    Helping Your Child Focus During Class

    One of the many challenges of distance learning is that our houses are full and we are all working. Many of you learned where your child works best and where they are not able to focus as well. 

    Things to consider:

    • Where does your child’s work area face? Are they distracted by others walking by? If your child is getting distracted, consider shifting their space to face a wall or window (without a lot of action outside)

    • Is your child listening to your meetings or siblings’ classes? When your kids unmute themselves, we sometimes hear other teachers’ classes at full volume. Even in optimal environments, it is really hard to focus on screens. Consider having all of your kids use headsets or placing them far enough from each other to help them hear just our class.

             - Ms. Macdonald


    Advice From Sr. Siam to his Kindergarten Immersion Class

    "I am encouraging you to speak in Spanish, even when Sr. Siam is not the person you are talking to. You want to be proficient in Spanish, you have to practice. We need to lose the fear to talk. We need to talk, talk talk!"