Principal's Welcome Back Email

LHS Families and Students, 

Welcome to the first day of online school for all of our students! Yesterday was a great day with our Cardinal Ambassadors facilitating a 9th Grade Only Day. We were incredibly impressed with our Ambassadors and the Class of 2024 students. Check out video welcomes  from Lincoln’s ASB, Cardinal Mentors, Flock Leaders and your Principal at this link . Parents of Freshmen please ask your students about their experience after you watch the videos. Please mark your calendars for our virtual Principal’s Welcome Back Coffee at 8:00-9:00 am on Wednesday, September 9th. An invite with details and the  link will be in Trivory and sent separately. 

New to LHS Students, please join our “Welcome to New 10th-12th grade Students Panel” with student leaders, counselors and admin tomorrow Friday, September 4th, from 1:00-2:00pm at the following link  You can meet new friends, ask questions, and learn more about clubs.

We are excited to introduce our new staff. Please join us in welcoming Mariam Higgins (Vice-Principal), Sarah Bestor (AVID/Math Teacher), Sada Dewey (Counselor), Giovanna Bocanegra & Judy Herzberg (LCSW’s), Amy Loy (Academic Center/Writing Center Teacher & Aspire/College Coordinator), Chau Phan Mende (Physics Teacher), and Frank Talerico (SPED Teacher). Check out the link to their photos and bios here

Routines & Engagement build student success. We highly recommend that students wake up at least 30 minutes before class starts to get ready and allow time to eat a nutritious breakfast. For more information on how to access PPS Food Hubs visit this site . Students are encouraged to log into class a minute early with cameras on to feel prepared and ready to start. “Cameras on” will be vital for helping teachers get to know students and their work, and help students get to know each other and their teachers during large class and small group activities. Students please do not use cell phones for personal use during class Meets. Your success will depend on your ability to stay engaged and participate in learning. There is so little synchronous “live” class time and we need everyone to prioritize these important hours together to be prepared for return to school and life after Lincoln. Taking notes, drawing images from the lecture/activities can help you stay focused. Please review the following Digital Citizenship expectations to be able to get the most out of classes. Link at LHS Digital Citizenship Guidelines. Please use Canvas as a digital calendar or design your own paper planner that you create at sites such as or  (Fun family activity!) 

Attendance will be taken this year starting today, and will be submitted by 9:30 the next morning to allow students to access synchronous and asynchronous classes and be recognized as present. Please contact your teacher if you are not able. Parents should excuse any unexcused absences by emailing Jennifer Herbst at

Textbook pickup has been busy and we have really enjoyed seeing our students in person. We know that some students may have received the wrong textbooks in part due to some last minute schedule and materials adjustments. We also are ordering texts that we ran out of due to added enrollment in some classes and a supply chain problem with delivery of ordered texts. We will be scheduling added pickup and exchange days as soon as we receive our textbook orders. Our teachers will be using online materials until then and in most cases LHS classes are taught with teacher generated materials that align with IB goals and frameworks. 

Student Schedules are still being adjusted. If any 9th-11th grade students do not have a full schedule please email the counselor to add a class or support period.

Mental Health Supports are always on the forefront of our minds at LHS. We have an expanded team in place this year to help support students with issues that include anxiety, stress, addiction, and other mental health barriers to feeling safe, being able to attend school, and finding success. Your counselor can help connect you to a LCSW, our School Nurse Mary Johnson, our school Psych/QMHP, Western Psychological services, our new Student Attendance Coach, and other supports. 

We know that each year many students and families are grieving the loss of a loved one. This year students are likely also grieving the loss of normalcy and in person school. As a staff we have been thinking about how to better support students this year and found this link shared by a LHS parent to be helpful.

Our partners at ASHA are also hosting a free multicultural mental health event for girls. Agenda Last year a team of LHS teachers and students attended their fall conference and came back feeling empowered, supported and connected helping energize the commitment for the first LHS annual Mental Health Fair. 


Helpful Q&A Re Communication from Teachers/LHS 

Q:  What should we expect regarding communication from school & teachers? It seems like we are getting emails from Tivory, from some teachers in Remind and some thru Parent/Student Vue. Will this be the norm moving forward or will teachers choose one way to communicate?

A:  Mode of communication may vary by teacher based on their expertise in that mode and also their success in using it in the past. Trivory is from the school, specifically, and won't be used by teachers. Most teachers will lean towards email. Some will add a Remind text.


Q: Will teachers start to use a calendar in either Student Vue/Parent Vue with links to hang out/webcam so students can see all school classes, links, etc. on "a calendar". 

A: As for Google Meet links, students very specifically need to be on Canvas. Canvas is the learning platform that is used schoolwide and where all links are posted, including where students will get their homework and assignments. That is the main “calendar” place for students. There is also a messaging system within that, so students may have a message that teachers send directly through that platform. 


Thank you all for your patience as we adjust to the new Canvas platform and full-time online learning, while we also continue to experience the harms caused by COVID and ongoing societal unrest and injustices. We know this is a stressful time for everyone, particularly our BIPOC families and front line workers who remain more at risk. We remain grateful to our students, staff, and to our families for the sacrifices being made to protect the health of others. If you have any questions or need help please don’t hesitate to email me at .

Stay safe and keep wearing all the awesome masks we saw at registration and textbook pickup!