Library visits, OBOB and Book Fair

Stephenson students have library and technology classes for 45 minutes once a week.  Here is the library schedule:
Mondays - Pack and Little
Wednesdays - Cleary and Phillips
Thursdays - Kim, Saunders, Bussey and Eustice
Fridays - Jacobs,Werbel, Brockway, Evans, Batten and Connolly

Students have 2 weeks to read and return their library books.  Books  should be returned once they have finished them.  Students can request additional time if needed.

The 3rd - 5th graders have also started gathering teams and talking about the Oregon Battle of the Books.  Students can begin creating teams and reading the assigned books.  The battles will begin in January.  For more information, here is the Stephenson OBOB website.     

Please email me if you have any questions or concerns. 

Michael Rocha
Library and Technology Teacher - Media Specialist
Stephenson Elementary School | 2627 SW Stephenson St.
Portland, OR 97219 | (503) 916-6318 x72174 |