What Are The End-of-Day Procedures?

Does your teacher know your child's dismissal plan?

DO: Email your teacher for dismissal changes that you know about ahead of time.

DON'T: Email the teacher for changes made during the school day... CALL the school for these changes. We may not get your email in a timely fashion. 503-916-5768


What happens at the end of the day?

Depending on your afterschool plan, students will be taken to the bus, aftercare or to the front of school for parent pick-up. 

Parent Pick up:

  • If you are picking up your student, please arrive promptly at 3pm to pick them up.
    • Kinders are picked up under the covered area
    • 1st graders are picked up outside the main school door
    • 2nd/3rd graders are picked up at the playground door
    • 4th/5th graders are released from their classrooms

Bus Riders:

  • To have your student take the bus, look up your closest bus stop at www.pps.net/transportation. Blank bus tags will be available in the office, and need to be filled out by parent/guardian and attached to your student's backpack. 
  • Kindergartners need yellow bus pass. They must be met by a parent, guardian or trusted adult.

What if I need to change my child's afterschool plan?

  • If dismissal plans change with advance notice email your child's teacher.
  • For same-day changes CALL THE SCHOOL! Same-day changes should be used for emergency situations only.
  • If you need to pick up your child early, once you come to the office we will call them from their class. Please allow plenty of time for these pickups. 

Riding Bus Home with Friends:

  • If your student is riding a bus home with a friend, or getting off at a different bus stop, they will need a temporary bus pass. Send a note to the office (email or handwritten), with the bus number and the stop address. THEY CANNOT RIDE THE BUS WITHOUT A TEMPORARY BUS PASS.

Last minute end-of-day dismissal changes are for emergency situations only. Please coordinate play date outside of school hours.