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Beverly Cleary School

School Grade Levels: K-8

Fernwood Campus: 1915 NE 33rd AvePortland, OR 97212Ph (503) 916-6480Fx (503) 916-2626

Hollyrood Campus: 3560 NE Hollyrood CtPortland, OR 97212Ph (503) 916-6766Fx (503) 916-2635

Rose City Park Campus: 2334 NE 57th Ave Portland, OR 97213Ph (503) 916-6765Fx (503) 916-2636

Beverly Cleary School

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  • Summer has come to a close and autumn is just starting.  It is amazing how quickly the weather changes because it is already getting crisp in the mornings.


    In the course of a school year, we are required to rehearse three types of emergency situations:  fire drills, earthquake drills and lockdown drills.  So far this year we have practiced our fire drills several times and the students are doing a great job.  Next week we will be rehearsing our lockdown drill.


    A lockdown drill occurs when there is a potential intruder in the building.  Below is the protocol that the teachers follow during the event:

    • The Lock Down signal will broadcast over the phone system
    • Lock your doors
    • As you are locking your door, if you see students in the hallway, pull them into your classroom whether they are yours or not
    • Cover your windows
    • Move the students to an area of the classroom that is away from the door.  
    • Do not leave the classroom until you are instructed by an administrator or designee


    The teachers will be practicing for this drill prior to the event so that the students are prepared and they will also have a discussion with the students once the drill is over.  We will also have our School Resource Officer on campus during the drills to see if there is any fine tuning that needs to be done.


    Along the same lines as a Lock Down is another event called a Lockout.  A Lockout occurs when there is some type of police action in the area and they feel there could be a safety concern for the school.  The police contact the school and tell us to go into Lockout mode at which time we make sure all perimeter doors and windows are closed but we continue with classes as normal.


    I wish that we did not have to practice either one of these drills but that is the world we are living in right now.  And having talked with friends who have had actual events happen at their school, the one thing that helped them was that they had practiced ahead of time with their students.


    On a separate note, it has come to our attention that some students are carrying medications in their backpacks to be taken when needed.  Just a reminder that if you would like your student to do that, whether it is an Epipen or Tylenol, you must fill out a Self Medication Agreement.  You may get one of those agreements from you school secretary.


    Finally, we had a great turnout at all three of our Back to School Nights.  It was great seeing all of the parents in the buildings to hear what is going on in the classrooms.  One of the reasons I chose to come to BCS is because I had heard that there was strong parent involvement and you definitely proved it this week!  I encourage you to keep that involvement up and help with some of the PTA activities coming up in the next month.


    Have a great weekend!



    John Ferraro


    Beverly Cleary K-8

    1915 NE 33rd Ave
    Portland, OR 97212



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