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  • Madison Needs Robotics Volunteers!

    HELP NEEDED - Robotics Qualifying Tournament

    When: Sunday, January 29th - 7:30am to 5:00pm

    Where: Madison HS GYM

    Madison FTC Robotics is hosting a regional robotics tournament! This is a great way to showcase Madison, but we are still in need of volunteers to help make it happen.  We are in particular need of volunteers to be Judges. 

    Judges will need to commit to volunteer from ~7:30am to ~5:00pm. Judges will work in groups of 2 or 3 to interview robotics teams about their design process, successes, challenges, community outreach, etc. They will deliberate to rank teams according to award guidelines. Judges will have set interview blocks of 15 minutes with breaks in between each one as well as a mid-morning 15 min rest break before a scheduled 30 minute lunch. After lunch, judges will perform follow-up interviews as needed, before final deliberations.

    Other roles that could be well suited for students from other middle schools or high schools:

    ·  Judge Door Assistants (act as gatekeepers outside the judging rooms in the morning)

    ·  Pit Runner (notifying teams of inspection times and match times)

    If you are able to help out, please email me at Thanks!

    Monica Gray

    Engineering / Robotics, Madison High School

  • Terracycling at Madison!

    Help out a student project! Starting Tuesday January 17th, please have your student bring in used foil lined wrappers, LÄRABARs wrappers, Cascadian Farm wrappers to the designated bins in the cafeteria, Main office, Library, and C-55 (Ms. House's room) to terracycle. We are also terracycling old binders, dental care products and Hair/Skin/other Cosmetic products in the Main Office, Library, C-55 (Ms. House's room). This project will help the environment by getting these wrappers, binders and other products out of the landfill! Help and improve the environment that your student ahtletes to run in, thank you for your support!

    -Ally Shuell and Dayana Camaal


    What Is TerraCycle?

    Terracycle is an organization that believes in Eliminating the Idea of Waste®. Its cause is taking usually non-recyclables and turning them into recyclables. The organization partners with other companies and people like you in 20 countries to redirect millions of tons of garbage from landfills and incinerators. To find out more information go to!!

  • Housing and Energy Assistance for families:

    Families who would like information regarding housing and energy assistance, please note these upcoming dates: 

    Monday January 23rd-29th::  The Housing Authority of Clackamas County is opening their waiting list for section 8 and public housing. The applications must be submitted online. Please refer to their website for additional information and to fill out the application.

    Tuesday January 24th:  Impact NW will open up their phone lines at 9:30am for energy assistance for NW Natural gas and Pacific Power.

     If you have any questions, please contact Madison's Social Services Coordinator, Sharlivia Slaughter, at (503)916-5220 ext 79351.

  • Senior Photo and Quote deadline!

    Senior photo deadline
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