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  • Community Building Workshops

    We invite our Madison families to join us for our culturally specific family nights. These are opportunities to have your voice heard at sessions focusing on your experiences. We at Madison want to know how to make sure you feel a part of our of school community. Please see Parent Resources on our Families and Communities page to find out more information. All events run from 5:30-7:30 in our school cafeteria.
    October 4:  Latino Community
    October 5:  Asian/Pacific Islander Communities
    October 11:  African/Native American Communities 
    October 12:  African American Community
    November 15:  All families 
  • Path to Scholarship is here!!!

    Juniors and seniors are invited to attend this FREE intensive one day scholarship essay writing workshop to create a solid scholarship essay that they can use almost immediately to apply for scholarships, or use as their college entrance essay.

    When: October 14,  2016 (Teacher P.D. day,  so students wont miss a school day)

    Where:  PCC Southeast

    Time: 9:30am-3:30am

    Lunch and snacks will be provided

    Support from GEAR UP CAM's(College Advocate Mentors) will be available

    The flyer and registration form can be found on the CCC's Events page!

  • FTC Robotics needs you!

    Madison's FTC Robotics club needs volunteers! If you are interested in the group or can help out at one of our robotics tournaments, check for more information on our club page HERE. Thanks, 
    Monica Grey, advisor 
  • Plan for Drinking Water for 2016-17

    All school buildings in PPS will be provided one dispenser for every hallway water fountain, one in the cafeteria, and nurse’s office, and one outside the gym. There will be cup dispensers and cone cups at each water dispenser. Our students are encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle labeled with their name to school if possible.
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  • A Word From Principal Callin

    Petra Callin, Principal of Madison High School

    Hello Senators!

    I’m so happy to welcome you to the 2016-2017 school year. Our first week of school was fantastic.  It has been exciting to observe students and teachers actively engaged in learning right from the very beginning. There is a lot of good news here at Madison. Our freshmen on-track-to-graduate percentage exceeds the state, we are strengthening and growing our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) programming, and our students are engaging in critical reading, writing, and thinking throughout the curriculum. Our fall athletic programs are starting out strong and it is great to see our students not only represent in the classroom but on the field and courts as well.

    There are a few things I want to let you know as we work to smooth out our start to the year. We realize that some students are worried about not having their bus passes yet. Bus passes/IDs were given out on registration in August. That is the time when we take care of all those housekeeping issues. We have been working to accommodate students after school, but given the volume of students who either were not at registration, or have lost their pass, a quick turnaround isn’t always possible. For now, please note that September 8th is picture retake day and this is the day when all students who didn’t come to registration and don’t have their passes yet should get one. Please encourage your student to treat the bus pass as a driver’s license.  These passes are valuable and should be taken care of and not given to anyone else. Thank you for helping us manage this valuable resource.

    This is the time of the year when we see many requests to drop classes. When I make decisions about which courses to offer and how many teachers we need in a certain content area, I use student forecasting choices.  As you can imagine, when a large number of students change their mind in the fall, it creates a great deal of inequities and challenges within our schedule such that some classes become very small and others too large. Additionally, it is not unusual for students to change their minds about classes based on the rigor in the syllabus or occasionally the personality of the teacher. In order to preserve equity in the schedule and support students in persevering and following through, I only allow drops for a few reasons:

    • if the student never forecasted for the class
    • if they are clearly in the wrong level of class
    • if they signed up for too many AP classes
    • if there is a medical reason 

    Please encourage problem solving with your student before requesting to drop. Your student’s counselor and teachers are there to help support.

    Don’t forget to join us for Back to School Night on September 14th from 6:00pm-8:00pm. I will start us off in the auditorium from 6:00-6:15pm and then you’ll have the opportunity to visit your student’s classes. This is a time to meet teachers, learn about expectations, and ask questions. See you there!

    And…as always, please reach out and connect with us. Our mission is to empower students to graduate from Madison with the skills and tools necessary to be successful in college and career. We are looking forward to working together with you toward that mission.





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