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  • Ockley Green Newsletter 1.16.2017

    Check out the latest issue of our newsletter. Click the "Español" link for the translated version.
  • 1.4.2017 Principal's Message

    Happy 2017, Ockley Green Community! We welcome you and your children back to school in this blustery January.  Please check out the newsletter for upcoming dates and events; the newsletter comes out this Friday. Please continue to read this message for the upcoming re-rescheduled dance and other news.

    It's been cold outside. Please remember that our doors open at 9 a.m. and we do not have any supervision before this time. SUN is scheduling classes for the morning to help provide any needed support, which will begin on Monday, January 9.  Please connect with Ms. Joyce Olivo with any questions you may have regarding SUN.

     Student Dance - Friday, January 6

    This long, anticipated dance is on its third attempt!  We are rescheduling the dance for this Friday, January 6. I am hopeful the weather will NOT be a factor.  On this Friday, we will run a condensed schedule where each period will be shortened to make time for the dance at the end of the day.  The dance will begin approximately at 2 p.m. Volunteers are welcomed and encouraged to come!  We will need help with set-up, decorations, food distribution, and more!  Feel free to come by the office on this day or connect with Ms. Stone, Ms. Keela, and/or Mr. Brown.

     25 Books!  Challenge

    Our third progress check is coming up this January 10.  Please check the Newsletter for more details and dates, including our upcoming assembly (January 13) and incentive day (January 17).  Those students reaching the reading goal of 5 books will receive a congratulatory letter and will be invited to the special incentive assembly we have planned for them on January 17.

     December 2016 Attendance

    December brought snow and additional days off, but also brought us closer to our 95% goal of being in school, on time.  All students with 95% attendance (and higher) will receive a Blazers flyer that entitles them to a free ticket by the end of this week.  The instructions on the flyer will contain ordering information and will be the responsibility of the families. During the month of December, 437 students reached our 95% attendance goal! Congratulations to you and your child!


    Ockley Green December 2016 Attendance

    Students with 95%(+) Attendance

    5th Grade

    6th Grade

    7th Grade

    8th Grade

















     Little by little!  We will have a late opening this month (Wed., January 18) and a day of non-attendance (Friday, January 27).

     Happy January,

    Principal Dragon

  • 12.14.2016 Principal's Message and Important Updates

    Please see link below for important information.
  • PPS High Schools Welcome 8th Grade Students

    Click here for information regarding PPS High School Information Nights for 8th Graders:


  • Happy New Year!

    René Canler Our middle school renaissance has been in production for several months! I appreciate everyone’s patience throughout this transitional process. Our time has been spent listening and getting to know our community, as well as planning and preparing, based on those conversations. We look forward to our time together as we expect our relationships to flourish and your child(ren)’s education to blossom.

    Part of the aforementioned planning includes our first day activities. As you may already know, the first day for our students is as follows:

    • 5th and 6th graders begin Monday, August 29
    • 7th graders begin Tuesday, August 30
    • 8th graders begin Wednesday, August 31

    The staggered start allows for focused attention to our grade levels on their day 1. Please note, that after their first day, students will continue coming to school, on time, everyday!

    Our first day activities are planned as follows:

    • Our doors open at 9 a.m. Students will be offered breakfast for free. They have the option to eat or  not.
      • We will have our main entrance doors open as well as the cafeteria doors on Ainsworth open.
    • At 9:12 a.m., students will be invited to the auditorium. Here, students will be welcomed into their Ockley Green Middle School.  They will also:
      • Meet their teachers
      • Participate in a scavenger hunt to learn the school and meet their specials teachers
      • Receive their schedule and have a tour of the building
      • Ask questions
    • Eat lunch and get to know the available recess options
    • After lunch they will return to the auditorium and:
      • Learn about our expectations (and see their teachers perform)
      • Hear about the importance of attendance
    • They will go to their 7th period class and:
      • Find their locker and practice getting into it
      • Participate in a final check in, offer feedback
      • And, receive a surprise

    This process offers autonomy and support.  Students will participate through the process together, with each other, and with the support of their teachers. Please remember, students are expected to arrive the day after their first day, even if the next day is the first day for another grade level.

    Throughout the year, you and your child(ren) will hear the following, consistent messaging.

    • Guard Instruction Time. Uninterrupted instructional time is important and necessary for the learning process. The beginning of our practices and policies begin with physical and emotional safety, as well as with the intention to provide a well-planned, well-prepared, fun, uninterrupted day. As you may already know, our instructional day is from 9:15 a.m. until 3:45 p.m.
    • In School, On Time, Everyday. Our attendance initiative is research driven and sound. Students with 95% attendance (or higher) graduate from high school. Attendance is the only correlating link to high school graduation. We won’t push for perfect attendance because we know that we all get sick. We just ask you to reserve these absences for these occasions.
    • Reading is FUN! We will have our 25 Book Challenge Kick-Off Assembly on Thursday, September 8! More information to come!
    • We are Ockley Green. The building has been standing firm since the early 1900s, however we will stand in unity starting Monday, August 29. Together, we will succeed, we will learn and grow, and we will have each other’s backs.  This is our Ockley Green family.

    Change is not easy. But when change is known, the planning and practices that follow are the scaffolds that soften the potentially hard transition. I welcome you and your child(ren) to our Ockley Green Middle School.

    I look forward to seeing you soon.

    René Canler

    Link to PDF version of the above message.


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  • Tuesday, January 17: All schools and offices closed

    This was a difficult decision. We know that school closures impact families in many ways, disrupting work schedules, childcare, in addition to classroom instruction for the nearly 49,000 students we serve.

  • School conditions update for Tuesday, January 17

    中文 Русский Español Tiếng Việt
      Facilities staff have been clearing parking lots and pathways, like here at West Sylvan.

    We continue to work to get schools ready to open tomorrow. Ice is our biggest barrier and concern, and the safety of students and staff is our priority.

    The vast majority of our schools have been cleared of snow yet, there are still a significant number that have walkways and other paths covered in ice, which we are working to clear today.

  • School conditions update

    中文 Русский Español Tiếng Việt

    We want to update you on the status of our work to prepare our schools for the safe return of staff and students. Since Wednesday, our dedicated custodians and maintenance staff have been working very long hours to clear pathways, manage building power, plumbing and heat to ensure all of our utilities are operational given the freezing conditions that can impact pipes and electricity.

  • Friday, January 13: All schools and offices closed

    Schools will be closed tomorrow Friday, January 13.  Our teams have been out today clearing school sidewalks and parking lots and putting the chains on buses, however it is still unsafe on the streets and sidewalks for all of our students and staff to get to school.   All weekend activities including athletics are also canceled.

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