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  • Important Information about the OG Site Council

    Soomaaliga Español Tiếng Việt

    Site Council is a group of stakeholders representing the Ockley Green Middle School community. Members will include the Principal, teachers (3), students(2), parent/caregiver adults (3) and a community member (1). Responsibilities of the Site Council include conducting monthly meetings in order to:

                      *  Focus on improving student achievement
                     *  Contribute to the school improvement plan
                     *  Foster family engagement and school-home communications
                     *  Explore improvements to the school’s instructional program
             *  Support the professional growth of the school’s staff
             *  Support administering grants-in-aid for the professional development of staff

    Using data-based research and collaboration, Site Council will meet to address issues, discuss suggestions, and research resolutions by consensus. The Ockley Green Middle School Site Council operates for the benefit of its educational community. Site Council parent/guardian members for Ockley Green will be elected to serve a two-year term so long as they have a child enrolled in the school for those years. The three parent and one community member positions will be voted on by the OGMS community. The parent positions will be one 5th grade parent, one 6th grade parent and one 7/8th grade parent. If you are interested or know someone interested in one of these positions, please provide a name and which grade/ community member position to by February 15th.


  • Volunteering

    Please use this link to sign up for volunteering at OGMS. There are many wonderful ways to participate both on site and remotely. Your skill and time are assets to students and the health of our Ockley Green program.
  • 2.2.2017 Principal's Message

    Happy Thursday,  Ockley Green Families and Community

    Please read the following announcements:

    Upcoming Events

    Our month of February is filled with the following upcoming events:


    • February 3 - No School for Students. Teacher Planning Day.
    • February 7 - 8th Graders to Roosevelt at 12 p.m. Thank  you to Ms. Stone and Mr. Corona for their coordination and our 8th grade teachers for their support. We need chaperones! Please check in with your child's teachers or our 8th graders.
    • February 10 - Café with René from 9:30-10:30 a.m. You are invited! Please come to discuss DLI, the Resource Center, our schedule-at-a-glance, and more.
    • February 14 - 8th Graders to Jefferson at 9 a.m. Thank  you to Ms. Stone and Mr. Corona for their coordination and our 8th grade teachers for their support. We need chaperones! Please check in with your child's teachers or our 8th graders.
    • February 23 - International Youth Leadership Conference (IYLC) scheduled for our English Language Learners.  Thank you to Mr. Aaker for coordinating this event for our students.
    • February 24 - Discretion Assembly.  7th and 8th graders will participate during 6th period (1:56-2:49); 5th and 6th graders will participate during 7th period (2:52-3:45). All families are invited to come to our assembly at either of these times. When you do, please come into the office first to sign in. 
    • March 8 - Incoming 6th Grade Open House from 6-7:30 p.m. Please invite your neighbors and friends with children that will be entering the 6th grade in the 2017-18 school  year to visit Ockley Green's 6th Grade Open House.  This night will include an overview and a tour of our Ockley Green Middle School.

     DLI - 7th Grade Vacancy

    This position remains vacant. The candidate recommended for the position has chosen to stay in Spain until the upcoming school year.  I am continuing to work with our DLI and HR departments to find a highly qualified, Spanish-speaking teacher endorsed in Language Arts and the Social Sciences. 

     In the meantime, Ms. Halbig will continue to serve our students faithfully and with continuity. Please reach out to Ms. Halbig at with any questions you may have.  

     For those who are able, please come to the Café with René with any questions.

     Resource Center

    Speaking of continuity and with the help of our Program Administrator, Ms. Lauren Page, we welcome our newly appointed resource teacher, Ms. Lauraine  Allen, to our amazing Ockley Green Middle School. Ms. Allen is welcome to our school by Ms. Bradley, Ms. Sheridan, and Mr. Rintoul and Ms. James, joining a team dedicated to our students.

     Ms. Allen is taking over Ms. Hollister's caseload.  She will be reaching out to families directly, but if you have any questions, please email Ms. Allen at


    We are limiting our stations to the library and outside, as we will be closing the gymnasium during recess/lunch time.  All of our students’ favorite gym activities will continue outside where basketball, soccer, and dodge ball will have designated areas.


    It is the Ockley Green mission to promote positive encouragement and self-regulation as evident in our PRIDE expectations. However, when students choose to not follow our PRIDE expectations, they will earn a detention as per the Student Responsibilities, Rights and Discipline Handbook and as determined by administration and/or our SCC. We will begin this process at the start of our 2nd semester. Please reach out to Ms. Briggs with any questions.

    25 Books! Challenge

    Please celebrate with our 70 students reaching our reading goal for the 3rd progress check. These students (reading 5 books or more) earned a Starbucks gift card for their tenacity and reading stamina.

    Our next progress check is Tuesday, February 21, with a goal of 5 or more new books.  Students can find the reading slips in the library with Ms. Graham or with their language arts teacher. And, don't forget, reading is FUNtastic!


    Congratulations to our 8th grader Leo for winning the Blazers tickets in our attendance raffle! These two tickets were donated to our school by a very special staff member who wishes to remain anonymous.  Thank you.

    For the month of February, all students with 95% attendance (1 absence or less) will be entered in a raffle to win Winterhawks tickets.  

    Remember, In School, On-Time, Every day!

    We look forward to seeing you around at our Ockley Green Middle School.



    René Canler

    Principal Dragon


  • 1.17.2017 Principal's Message

    Greetings Ockley Green Families,

     The weather has made life a little more difficult this past week. However, I think we will have the opportunity to see each other, once again, starting on Wednesday, January 18! Please note, the building opens at 9 a.m. and classes start at 9:15 a.m.

     Please read the following announcements.

     Assembly - Friday, January 20, 2017

    We are moving our assembly to this Friday, January 20, 2017. We will host two assemblies; 7th and 8th graders will assemble together in the auditorium during 6th period and 5th and 6th graders will assemble during 7th period. Families are always welcome to join either assembly.  Upon entering the building, please come into the office before going into the auditorium. Our theme for the assembly is integrity.

     25 Books! Challenge

    The third progress check was last Tuesday, January 10.  We currently have 65 students reaching the reading goal of 5 books. However, I heard from a couple of staff that they know of more. We will soon find out how many more!

     As a way of continuing the merited celebration and balancing the lost school days, we will include a part of the incentive in our upcoming Friday assembly. We have a Portland hip hop artist that was planning to meet with those students reaching the reading goal, but the artist will now meet with the entire school. In addition, those students reaching the reading goal will receive $5 gift cards.

     Calendar Adjustment

    The Portland Public Schools has cancelled all remaining late starts for the 2016-17 school year. School doors will continue to open at 9 a.m. and classes will begin at 9:15 a.m. throughout the remainder of the year.

     January 27 is now a day of attendance for students. Friday, February 3, is a day of non-attendance for students, as it is saved for our teachers to finalize report cards.

     Please make these adjustments to your calendar.

     5th Grade Promotion & 8th Grade Graduation

    Please be on the lookout for more messaging regarding the above during the first week in February. We will be hosting a series of parent meetings and will be calling out for help so as to plan and prepare the end of year activities for our 5th and 8th graders.  Ms. Harold will be the point of contact for our 5th grade planning; Ms. McClure will be the point of contact for 8th grade.

     6th Grade Outdoor School

    To accommodate the size of our 6th grade, two weeks have been assigned to our Ockley Green Middle School. Each 6th grader will participate in a 6-day program during one of the following two weeks:

    The week of April 16 (April 16-21)

    The week of April 23 (April 23-28)

    More information will be forthcoming, as it pertains to your child, including camp site, assigned week, traveling information and all other logistics.

     Ockley Green Advocacy Group

    As a result of the weather, we had to cancel our meeting on Tuesday, January 17. Bryn, thank you for the email.  If you would like to be included in this email group and know more about the Advocacy Group, please email Bryn Dearborn at

     SUN Before- and After-School Programming

    For information, please reach out to Joyce Olivo at There will be added programming in the morning, so be on the lookout. If you feel you may have missed any announcements, please reach out to Joyce for any potential opportunities.     

     Lunch Menu

    Due to the school closures this past week, the breakfast and lunch menus for Wednesday through Friday, January 18-20, 2017, will need to be changed.  We hope to serve the foods on the published menu beginning Monday January 23, 2017.  Please check with our school office or cafeteria if you have questions.  Thank you in advance for you flexibility and understanding.

     We look forward to welcoming you and your child(ren) back! Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.


    René Canler

    Principal Dragon

  • Ockley Green Newsletter 2.10.2017

    Check out the latest issue of our newsletter. Click the "Español" link for the translated version.


  • Happy New Year!

    René Canler Our middle school renaissance has been in production for several months! I appreciate everyone’s patience throughout this transitional process. Our time has been spent listening and getting to know our community, as well as planning and preparing, based on those conversations. We look forward to our time together as we expect our relationships to flourish and your child(ren)’s education to blossom.

    Part of the aforementioned planning includes our first day activities. As you may already know, the first day for our students is as follows:

    • 5th and 6th graders begin Monday, August 29
    • 7th graders begin Tuesday, August 30
    • 8th graders begin Wednesday, August 31

    The staggered start allows for focused attention to our grade levels on their day 1. Please note, that after their first day, students will continue coming to school, on time, everyday!

    Our first day activities are planned as follows:

    • Our doors open at 9 a.m. Students will be offered breakfast for free. They have the option to eat or  not.
      • We will have our main entrance doors open as well as the cafeteria doors on Ainsworth open.
    • At 9:12 a.m., students will be invited to the auditorium. Here, students will be welcomed into their Ockley Green Middle School.  They will also:
      • Meet their teachers
      • Participate in a scavenger hunt to learn the school and meet their specials teachers
      • Receive their schedule and have a tour of the building
      • Ask questions
    • Eat lunch and get to know the available recess options
    • After lunch they will return to the auditorium and:
      • Learn about our expectations (and see their teachers perform)
      • Hear about the importance of attendance
    • They will go to their 7th period class and:
      • Find their locker and practice getting into it
      • Participate in a final check in, offer feedback
      • And, receive a surprise

    This process offers autonomy and support.  Students will participate through the process together, with each other, and with the support of their teachers. Please remember, students are expected to arrive the day after their first day, even if the next day is the first day for another grade level.

    Throughout the year, you and your child(ren) will hear the following, consistent messaging.

    • Guard Instruction Time. Uninterrupted instructional time is important and necessary for the learning process. The beginning of our practices and policies begin with physical and emotional safety, as well as with the intention to provide a well-planned, well-prepared, fun, uninterrupted day. As you may already know, our instructional day is from 9:15 a.m. until 3:45 p.m.
    • In School, On Time, Everyday. Our attendance initiative is research driven and sound. Students with 95% attendance (or higher) graduate from high school. Attendance is the only correlating link to high school graduation. We won’t push for perfect attendance because we know that we all get sick. We just ask you to reserve these absences for these occasions.
    • Reading is FUN! We will have our 25 Book Challenge Kick-Off Assembly on Thursday, September 8! More information to come!
    • We are Ockley Green. The building has been standing firm since the early 1900s, however we will stand in unity starting Monday, August 29. Together, we will succeed, we will learn and grow, and we will have each other’s backs.  This is our Ockley Green family.

    Change is not easy. But when change is known, the planning and practices that follow are the scaffolds that soften the potentially hard transition. I welcome you and your child(ren) to our Ockley Green Middle School.

    I look forward to seeing you soon.

    René Canler

    Link to PDF version of the above message.

District News

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  • School Board approves boundary changes for Peninsula and Chief Joseph

    Español Tiếng Việt
     Map of affected area.
    The Portland Public Schools Board of Directors voted unanimously last night to approve boundary changes to Peninsula and Chief Joseph schools, both feeder schools for Ockley Green Middle School. The 7-0 vote endorses one of two proposals from the District-wide Boundary Review Advisory Committee (DBRAC), which was formed in 2014 to help with enrollment balancing across Portland Public Schools.
  • Nine of our schools earn EPA’s ENERGY STAR rating

    At a ceremony on February 10 at Wilson High School in SW Portland, nine PPS schools were recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for achieving ENERGY STAR certification. To receive this certification, a building must perform in the top 25% of similar facilities nationwide for energy efficiency, and meet strict energy efficiency performance levels set by the EPA. ENERGY STAR schools use an average of 35% less energy, and also release 35% less carbon dioxide.

    Read the full press release here.

  • From the factory to the toy; Mechanisms for triggering new educational behaviors

     Medellín Sports Coliseum

    Giancarlo Mozzanti, prominent Colombian architect will speak:

    Friday February 24, 5:30PM
    At the University of Oregon Portland Center
    70 NW Couch Street
    Admission Free

  • Enrollment balancing for Peninsula, Chief Joseph and Ockley Green

    Soomaaliga Español Tiếng Việt
    The District-wide Boundary Review Advisory Committee (DBRAC) was formed in 2014 to help with enrollment balancing across Portland Public Schools. The committee’s most recent work led them to propose two options to help relieve crowding at Chief Joseph and to create more robust enrollment at Peninsula starting in the 2017-18 school year. On January 30, 2017, Interim Superintendent Bob McKean endorsed one of two DBRAC proposals.

    The proposal, which still requires the approval of the Board of Education, may be reviewed at,

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