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Rieke Elementary School

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1405 SW Vermont Ave.Portland, OR 97219Ph (503) 916-5768Fx (503) 916-2666

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Rieke School

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  • Connect to Kindergarten 2017

    On Wednesday, February 8th from 6 to 7 PM, Rieke Elementary will be presenting Connect to Kindergarten. For incoming families or parents with questions this the best time to hear from Kindergarten teachers and staff about curriculum, school readiness, and PTA programs. This is a parent focused event so we are sorry to say there will not be childcare provided.
  • Immunization Exclusions (A Message from Nurse Lori)

    Hello Rieke Parents,

    Exclusion day for state required vaccinations is Wednesday, February 15, 2017.  Letters will be mailed to parents whose children are not up to date or whose records are incomplete.  Should you receive a letter, please provide updated information to the school as soon as possible.  Children who are not current for vaccinations by February 15th will not be able to attend school until records are complete.  If you need assistance in locating a health care provider or clinic site, please contact your school nurse.


    Thank you,  

    Lori Elder RN   
  • Links for Schoolpay and Peachjar

    This year PPS is rolling out a new payment program: Schoolpay. This system will become a one stop shop for school related purchases like class donations and field trip payments. For more information on how the system will work go to: We'll be sending more updates as we get them.

    Peach Jar is returning as our electronic flier distribution service. While parent emails are automatically subscribed to the system you can manually sign up for fliers at The Parent drop down tab has good information for new and returning families.

  • Class Supply Lists

    The class supply lists for 2016-2017 are now online. Hard copies will be in the mail later this week with class placements. If you would like the list in document form follow this link : K-5 Supplies List 

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  • Dear Rieke families,

    Happy New Year, welcome to the start of 2017!  I’m excited for the year ahead and know that our kids and this community will be doing some great things.

    As you know we’ve already had four days of no school due to snow.  The School Board met on Dec. 13 and added two days for Dec. 8 and 9 but we haven’t yet heard the decision related to missing Dec. 15 and Dec. 16.  So as of right now the last day of school for all students is Tuesday, June 13.  I would, however, recommend marking that in pencil since there is one additional possible snow day on the calendar so it is quite possible the School Board will recommend extending the school year at least one day further.  I will pass along any changes as soon as they are made.

    Several special events, including two field trips for 3rd and 4th grades, were missed due to the snow and the teachers are working to reschedule and make up some of those.  They will keep you posted as to any major schedule revisions.

    We’re planning on getting into our regular routine today.  Students will be going outside this week so please make sure they are coming with a warm coat, hat and gloves and we’ll try and make sure they wear them!  It would help immensely in tracking especially the gloves and hats if your child’s name is written on them – helps with coats as well.

    Stay warm this week,




    Rieke School

    1405 SW Vermont St, Portland, Or  97219



    Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela



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