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  • Dear Parents and Families,

    Reiko Willams, Sabin Principal

    During the month of November, students have 15 in-school days and 7 days with no school. We will recognize National Native American Heritage Month, Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving among other holidays. We will have rolled our clocks back and seen less daylight. Many of us, adults and children alike, will need to recover from the news on Election Day.

    During elections, there are always winners and losers. Let’s remember that a growth and change mindset often compels many of our elected officials to pursue a grueling campaign, whether we agree with their platform or not. We will not always agree but we can participate in, and respect the process. We live in a nation where we have the 1st amendment right of free speech. As citizens we also have a constitutional right to participate in our local and national election process. Our own mock election at Sabin was a great opportunity for our children to learn about democratic government and the right to vote which was hard fought and won for women and people of color.

    We have an opportunity to show and inspire our children to spark changes that can impact all of our lives locally, nationally and globally. The educational philosophy around which we operate as an IB world school recognizes our interconnectedness, shared responsibility and humanity as well as the ethic of love in our life experiences. As we continue to develop the vision statement for Sabin, I am asking each of you to show our children that we can act responsibly with each other and interact with compassion no matter what our physical or philosophical differences are.

    If we can clear the smoke between us, we might even see our own reflection in each other.

    Reiko Williams
    Sabin Principal


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  • School conditions update

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    We want to update you on the status of our work to prepare our schools for the safe return of staff and students. Since Wednesday, our dedicated custodians and maintenance staff have been working very long hours to clear pathways, manage building power, plumbing and heat to ensure all of our utilities are operational given the freezing conditions that can impact pipes and electricity.

  • Friday, January 13: All schools and offices closed

    Schools will be closed tomorrow Friday, January 13.  Our teams have been out today clearing school sidewalks and parking lots and putting the chains on buses, however it is still unsafe on the streets and sidewalks for all of our students and staff to get to school.   All weekend activities including athletics are also canceled.

  • End of semester date change

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    Tuesday, January 10: The Board of Education made the decision to:

    Extend the semester by one week so that the last day of the semester will be Thursday, February 2nd (instead of the original schedule of Thursday, January 26th); AND

    Move the teacher planning day to Friday, February 3rd (from the original schedule of Friday, January 27).

  • Thursday, January 12: All schools and offices closed

    Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler declared a local emergency as a result of the near-record snowfall last night and through today. Temperatures are expected to remain low overnight leaving significant amounts of snow on city roads and sidewalks. Power is also a concern in certain parts of the city and some of our schools. Because of the continued weather impacts, all PPS schools and district offices will be closed tomorrow, Thursday, January 12.

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