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Woodstock Elementary School

We believe all elementary students
are diverse learners with unique needs.

5601 SE 50th Ave.Portland, OR 97206Ph (503) 916-6380Fx (503) 916-2688


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  • Dismissal Locatoins

    Please review the Dismissal Location Map to see where to meet your child at the end of the day.
    As our teachers get to know new students and parents, please be patient with the dismissal process so we can ensure we safely connect children back with their parents/guardians.
    If you have any questions, please contact the office. 
  • Project Community Cares

     Project Community Care
    The Woodstock Project Community Cares Day is scheduled for August 27 from 9:00 AM to Noon.

    Join Woodstock Elementary staff and community volunteers in enhancing and beautifying our building and grounds.  The Project Community Care activity includes landscaping, such as pulling weeds, painting, and spreading bark dust.  No registration is necessary, and all ages are welcome. Tools and supplies will be provided; individuals may also bring their own.

  • Reed College 5K FUNd Raiser for SE Schools

    Lace up your shoes and join in the annual Reed College 5K FUNd Run/Walk on for neighborhood schools on Saturday, October 1 from 9:00-11:30 AM. One hundred percent of the registration fees and sponsorship dollars go to Woodstock Elementary and other neighborhood schools.
    For more information please visit the website here.
    You can register here
    Thanks for supporting our school! 
  • Host Family Needed

    Woodstock Elementary is pleased to welcome Confucius Classroom teachers to our school again this year!

    We are in search of a family to host one of our guest teachers. (We already have a host family for one of the guest teachers.)  Host families will be expected to provide their guest a bedroom, separate bathroom if possible, and to include them for breakfast and dinner daily and lunch on weekends. The teachers will be responsible for their own transportation to and from school and lunches on school days. The program provides the teachers monthly Tri-Met passes.

    The teachers need a place to call "home" as soon as possible. We ask families to host 3 months or longer, preferably half or entire school year, so the teachers will not need to continuously change homes.
    This is an opportunity to share your home and culture, and to create a more culturally diverse, enriching environment within a household.
    Families with children learning Mandarin could benefit immensely by having a native speaker at home.
    We understand that hosting a teacher can be a financial strain for some families who want an educational and cultural opportunity like this for their children, so PPS is offering a stipend of $500 per month to host families. We understand that this stipend is not enough to cover all expenses, but realize this is a valuable opportunity and the stipend will help families wanting to host. The stipend will be paid at the end of every month to host families, stipend can be use in anyway they like, such as covering food or utility expenses, fun activities, or weekend trips.
    If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Lihong Dai at or Selena Leininger at
  • Back-to-School, TAG, and ELL Night - NEW DATE

    The Woodstock Back-to-School Night has been rescheduled for September 28.  This is a change from the last newsletter.
    The TAG Parent Information Meeting and ELL Night with also be held on September 28.  Below is a schedule for the evening:
    5:00-5:30 PM - TAG Parent Information Meeting
    5:30-6:00 PM - ELL Night
    6:00-7:30 PM - Back-to-School Night
    We hope to see you there! 
  • School Lunch Student ID Numbers

    Do You Know Your Student ID Number?

    WHY: Student ID card technology is slowly phasing out. Students will need to learn their 6-digit student ID# so they can enter it on a 10-key pad when going through the cafeteria line.  You can use the Practice Pad to prepare.

    WHERE: Student ID#s can be found on district documents, like the report card and the student verification form

    WHEN: Beginning 2016-17 school year

    WHO: K-5, K-8 Portland Public School students

    WHAT: If your student does not know his/her student ID, temporary ID cards will be generated at the start of theschool year

    QUESTIONS: Call 503.916.3399 or email PPS Nutrition at

  • Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

    As we prepare for another great year at Woodstock Elementary, please take a moment to review the updated Arrival and Dismissal Procedures.
    Thank you for your help in keeping all our students safe!
  • School Supply Lists

    If you weren’t able to submit a pre-order through First Day School Supplies, please click on the link below for the school supplies lists for all classes:
  • Woodstock Elementary Update 8/8/16

    August Update from Principal Johnson
  • Welcome to our new website!

    We have made the switch to our new mobile-responsive web site. Within the next few weeks our site should be up-to-date with useful information to get you ready for the start of school. Please check back regularly.


  • Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year!  I am very excited to start my second year as the Principal of Woodstock Elementary.  I look forward to continuing our work to make your child’s school experience rich, meaningful, and successful!


    As we are eager to see returning and new students, I would also like to introduce staff new to the Woodstock School Community:

    • Katy Vawter, Assistant Principal - With our growing student population, Woodstock has been assigned a new Assistant Principal for the first time as a K-5 school.  Ms. Vawter joined us mid-August and is preparing to support students, teachers, and parents/guardians through this school year.
    • Kylea Sundberg, Counselor (Halftime) - Mrs. Sundberg is also a new addition based on our growing population.  She will be working at Woodstock in the mornings alongside Mr. Kosmas supporting whole class guidance and small group work.
    • Rebecca Wilcox, Kindergarten Neighborhood Teacher - Ms. Wilcox was a temporary Neighborhood Kindergarten Teacher last year and has been officially hired for this year.  We are excited to have her back!
    • Lynette Diller, 1st Grade Neighborhood Teacher - Mrs. Diller joins us from Peninsula Elementary.  She comes with some strong experience in differentiation and is looking forward to working with the families of Woodstock!
    • Jamie Hillenberg, 3rd Grade English Immersion Teacher - Ms. Hillenberg brings a great teaming approach and technology skills to our school.  She is excited to work with her Immersion Teaching Partner and begin the school year.
    • Aron Steinke, 5th Grade Neighborhood Teacher - Mr. Steinke will be teaching 5th Grade and will be a strong addition to our 5th Grade Team.  He has some creative and “out-of-the-box” approaches to connecting with students and engaging them in learning.
    • Ali Borosky, ELL Teacher - Mrs. Borosky comes to Woodstock from Lent Elementary School.  With a background in both Reading Instruction and English Language Development, she will be a great addition to our school.

    Please be sure to say hello to our new members of the Woodstock Staff!


    As we all return to school, please take a moment to review the Arrival and Dismissal Procedures in this packet of information.  With student safety being our first consideration, please cooperate with the Arrival and Dismissal Procedures.


    In preparation for a year full of learning and growth, the Woodstock School Community participated in a survey last spring to identify our school values.  In addition to our school expectations that students are Safe, Respectful, and Responsible, this year we will be emphasizing our community’s values of Compassion, Curiosity, Integrity, and Perseverance.  Through these expectations and values, we look forward to another great year!


    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send me an email, give me a call, or stop by the office.


    With Woodstock Pride,


    Seth Johnson, Principal

    Woodstock Elementary


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  • Temporary ESL Welcome Centers Fall 2016

    HOURS: 8:30AM – 4PM
    OPEN: 8/22 – 8/31

    Three locations to serve your student:

    Franklin High School@Marshal
    3905 SE 91st Ave.

    Wilson High School
    1151 SW Vermont St.

    James John Elementary School
    7439 Charleston Ave.

  • Roosevelt opening delayed one day, classes start Tuesday, August 30

    Dear Roosevelt High School Families and Community,

    We have been hard at work all summer preparing for the new school year. The facilities look beautiful and are ready for our students. We want to provide our teachers with an additional day to make final touches to their classrooms. We are delaying the start of school by one day; students will start school Tuesday, August 30th.

  • Healthy Schools Update: Week of August 22

    Dear PPS Families and Staff:

    We hope that you have had a wonderful summer and that everyone is excited about starting the new school year next week.

    Saturday, August 27 from 9:00am-noon is Portland Public Schools’ Annual Project Community Care Day. Join PPS staff and community volunteers to help prepare schools to welcome students back to class next week. More information is available here.

  • 2014-15 Oregon English Language Learner Report Released

    The Oregon English Language Learner Report is an annual publication required by ORS 327.016, which reports on financial information for English language learner programs and the objectives and needs of students eligible for and enrolled in an English language learner program. The report provides information on the demographics of students in English language learner programs in each school district. In addition, this report provides a tool that makes data on English language learners accessible to researchers, media, students, and parents.

    Please contact Chelsea Clinton, ODE Office of Research and Analysis, with any questions regarding this report.
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