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Teaching and Challenging the Whole Child

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  • Welcome to Maplewood's New Website!

    We have made the switch to our new mobile-responsive web site. Within the next few weeks our site should be up-to-date with useful information to get you ready for the start of school. Please check back regularly.


  •     Maplewood Principal Newsletter    


       Jill Bailey   Principal

                      Office:  503/916-6308               E-mail:

                            February 13, 2017


    Dear Maplewood Families,


    Another week has flown by! Happy Valentine’s Day, and Happy Birthday to Oregon. Please remember, no late start on Wednesday, but it is “Dress Your Best” day.

    Next time you are in the building, I encourage you to stop and look at the student work we have displayed in our hallways.  We had visitors last week comment on the quality of our student writing and how impressed they were with the artwork in our building.

    February Lifeskill - The lifeskill for the month is FRIENDSHIP.  I encourage you to talk to your student about the value of friends and the richness they can add to our lives. Friends do not have to share a lot in common with us; in fact, having friends with different life experiences can really expand our understanding of others and help us develop our social skills.  As a result, we not only experience the diversity around us, but we grow in empathy for others.  Let's spread the love this February by celebrating friendship! 

    Reminder, we are a “Hands Off School” - Recently, we have seen an increase in students getting physical with one another.  This typically looks like pushing or hitting.  Sometimes it starts innocently and playfully but at times what starts out as play escalates into students getting rough with each other.  Teachers and staff are reviewing expectations with students.  Please talk with your child about the importance of keeping hands off of other students-encourage them to use their words when interacting with friends and peers. Finally, encourage them to seek out a staff member or a conflict manager if they need additional support.  

    WHEN SHOULD I KEEP MY CHILD HOME?  We are already getting hit with some colds and flu please read below as a reminder about how to determine if your child


    As a parent, I know that it is sometimes hard to decide if your child is too sick to come to school. Some illnesses are very obvious. Others may not seem that serious to you but could still cause problems at school. I would like to offer you a few guidelines to follow. If your child has any of the following symptoms, please keep your child home until symptom-free and without fever for 24 hours.


    FEVER: No child with a fever of 100 degrees or more should be sent to school. A fever is a symptom that something is not right with the body and should be considered with any other symptom that may occur such as cough, sore throat, etc. If your child does have a fever of 100 degrees or more, do not send him/her back to school until he/she has been without a fever for 24 hours.


    COLD/COUGH/SORE THROAT: If your child has a stuffy nose or slight cough he/she may come to school. However, if your child has green or yellow nasal secretions or is accompanied by a fever, do not send your child to school. If the cough is accompanied by a fever, your child needs to stay home. If your child’s throat is red, has white spots on it, or is accompanied by a fever, your child needs to stay home and be seen by a doctor.  Also, remind your child to wash his/her hands after coughing or blowing his/her nose, as this will stop the spread of germs to other people.


    RASH: A rash can be caused by many things including chicken pox, poison ivy, allergies or something more severe. It is important for you to have a rash examined by your doctor so that he/she can determine the cause and also determine if your child can be in school. PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL WITH A RASH without a note from your doctor telling us that it is safe for your child to be in school.


    DIARRHEA: If your child is having loose bowel movements it is a good idea to call your doctor to determine the cause and treatment. Because diarrhea can have many causes, some of which make your child contagious to others, you must have your doctor send us a note to let us know if your child can be in school with this condition. Return to school can occur when symptom free from diarrhea, as well as symptom free from vomiting for 24 hours.


    EXCLUSION DAY, Wednesday, February 15, 2017- Immunizations are an important part of your child’s health. It is also a state law.  If we do not have all of the immunization information that is required, you would have received an official state notice letter and/or a call from the school.


    NOTICE: Your child will not be allowed to continue the school year as of February 15th if the immunizations and/or non-medical exempt status are not up-to-date.  Please bring the needed information to the office as soon as possible for the records to be updated.


    Lost and Found - Next time you are in the building, please stop by the Lost and Found to see if you find any of your child’s belongings.  We recently have tried to display the items so they are easier to see.


    Kindergarten Connection - Will be held at Maplewood on Thursday, February 23rd, at 3:00. Come meet the teachers, and learn about our school. We ask that you register as soon as possible so that we can get as accurate of a count of students as possible for our Kindergarten classes next year.  If you cannot attend that day and want to register, please stop in the office and pick up a registration packet. We look forward to seeing you there!


    Raise Our Roof

    Thanks to everyone who has donated to the coin collection for Raise Our Roof, every little bit

    helps!  Also below find a link to the go-fund-me page for Raise Our Roof.  Imagine the possibilities if everyone shares this link with everyone they know!


    Below are detailed instructions:
    1. Make sure you are logged into Facebook and then follow this link:


    1. Choose the “Share” option, it will have a grey curved arrow icon, then click one of the following options:
        • Share on your own Timeline
        • Share on a Page you manageClick “Post”
    1. If you'd like, write a message to accompany the post. This is optional.
      4. Click "Post"

    If you have issues following the link above, you can go to our Facebook page: and find the post, then share it. It will remain near the top of our stream for some time. 

    Kimm Fox-Middleton, Communications Manager


    Monday:    Drama-room 112, Soccer-Gym

    Tuesday:    Kids Love Clay – Faculty Lounge

    Wednesday:   Robotics – Faculty lounge

    Thursday:   Spanish-Faculty Lounge, Choir & Ukulele – room 111

    Friday:    Young Rembrandts – Faculty Lounge

    Upcoming Events/Dates:

    Feb. 14     Happy Valentine’s Day

    Feb. 15       Spirit Day – Dress Your Best

    Feb. 20       President’s Day – No School

    Feb. 21       100th Day of School – First through Fifth Grades

    Feb. 23       Kindergarten Connection 3:00-4:00pm

    Feb. 27       100th Day of School – Kindergarteners

    Feb. 27       Fifth Grade Field Trip to Biz Town

    Mar. 02      PTA Clothing Center Day

    Mar. 06      Chez Jose – Family Night benefits 4th grade Oregon Trail

    Mar. 07      Fifth Graders visit Jackson

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  • School Board approves boundary changes for Peninsula and Chief Joseph

    Español Tiếng Việt
     Map of affected area.
    The Portland Public Schools Board of Directors voted unanimously last night to approve boundary changes to Peninsula and Chief Joseph schools, both feeder schools for Ockley Green Middle School. The 7-0 vote endorses one of two proposals from the District-wide Boundary Review Advisory Committee (DBRAC), which was formed in 2014 to help with enrollment balancing across Portland Public Schools.
  • Nine of our schools earn EPA’s ENERGY STAR rating

    At a ceremony on February 10 at Wilson High School in SW Portland, nine PPS schools were recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for achieving ENERGY STAR certification. To receive this certification, a building must perform in the top 25% of similar facilities nationwide for energy efficiency, and meet strict energy efficiency performance levels set by the EPA. ENERGY STAR schools use an average of 35% less energy, and also release 35% less carbon dioxide.

    Read the full press release here.

  • From the factory to the toy; Mechanisms for triggering new educational behaviors

     Medellín Sports Coliseum

    Giancarlo Mozzanti, prominent Colombian architect will speak:

    Friday February 24, 5:30PM
    At the University of Oregon Portland Center
    70 NW Couch Street
    Admission Free

  • Enrollment balancing for Peninsula, Chief Joseph and Ockley Green

    Soomaaliga Español Tiếng Việt
    The District-wide Boundary Review Advisory Committee (DBRAC) was formed in 2014 to help with enrollment balancing across Portland Public Schools. The committee’s most recent work led them to propose two options to help relieve crowding at Chief Joseph and to create more robust enrollment at Peninsula starting in the 2017-18 school year. On January 30, 2017, Interim Superintendent Bob McKean endorsed one of two DBRAC proposals.

    The proposal, which still requires the approval of the Board of Education, may be reviewed at,

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