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Teaching and Challenging the Whole Child

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  • Welcome to Maplewood's New Website!

    We have made the switch to our new mobile-responsive web site. Within the next few weeks our site should be up-to-date with useful information to get you ready for the start of school. Please check back regularly.


  •                Maplewood

             Principal Newsletter   


                                           Jill Bailey


                       Office:  503/916-6308               E-mail:

                             March 20, 2017


    Dear Maplewood Families,


    Happy first day of spring!! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  It was fun to see all the students in green on Friday.  We have one week until spring break and many classes are trying to wrap up units they have been studying so encourage your students to hang in and stay focused this week.  Next week I hope you all have great family time together!

    Run for the Arts - Run for the Arts is an annual event to help raise money for offering our students a variety of educational arts programs.  Funds are used for expenses such as visual arts and music supplies, arts-related field trips and artists working with the students.  Thank you all for your support with this event!

    We will not be holding our Run for the Arts this year as we have funds left from last year and as a staff, we decided we have a lot of fundraisers coming up this spring so we will be taking a break this year.

    Native Plant Sale  - It's that time again to add some native plants to your landscape!  Please join us in front of the school for the annual native plant sale on Saturday, April 22 from 6:00 am - 3:00 pm.  Come support our school and see our collection of ground covers, shrubs, perennials, and small trees for both sun and shade for your garden.  There will be new varieties and old favorites.  100% of the proceeds benefit the PTA at Maplewood.  Hope to see you there...rain or shine!  

    This month's Lifeskill is Responsibility - Our focus this month is on learning from your mistakes, taking ownership of your school climate, and following directions and fulfilling expectations.   Ask your student how they can show responsibility.  How do you show that at home?  What about school?  What happens as a result of showing that you are responsible?  

    Kindergarten Registration Forms - If you are the parent of an incoming kindergarten student or know someone who has an incoming kindergarten student please remember to get your registration form in as soon as possible.  We are already beginning to plan for next year and want to get registrations completed as soon as possible.

    Registration for Art4Life's two summer arts camps are now open! There will be camps in Southeast Portland at Winterhaven and another in Southwest at Maplewood. All kids ages 6 and up are welcome to join the fun! Go to for more information!


    Thank you for supporting our program and the work we do! 

    Kenny Symonds

    Site Director

    Art 4 Life Maplewood


    News from the Nurse: GET A MOVE ON!!!

    Active living helps your family enjoy life! Moving more boosts energy and promotes sound sleep. It's a lifelong way for you and your child to enjoy healthy activities and maintain a healthy weight. In fact, active living lowers the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease?  For you and your children.


    Easy ways to raise an active child:

    • Get moving yourself! Children often mirror their family's lifestyle. If you do active things, your child will likely participate or do active things as well. Adults set the tone for active living in the family.
    • Fit activity in your family life! No money is needed for a walk to the park or a jog around the neighborhood. Doing active things everyday can become a habit and be very fun.
    • Do more than watch! Play with your children! Playing is for any age, and actively playing with your children is a great way to feel young and energetic. If you forgot how to play, your child can show you. Be enthusiastic and supportive of your child's active play.
    • Set limits on TV, computer, and video game time! Limiting electronic time leaves more time for active play for the whole family.
    • Parent alert! Children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity most days. Allowing them to choose the type of activities they enjoy is helpful.



    • Walk to the playground, school, store, or a friend's house
    • Use the stairs whenever possible
    • Do yard work/gardening
    • Park at the far end of the parking lot and walk
    • Wash the car
    • Help an older neighbor or relative with chores


    Sabrina, R.N.




    News from the School Nurse: ENJOY MEALTIME TOGETHER


    Mealtime as a family is very important. It can be a special time each day when you and your family can grow and create closer relationships. This time is an opportunity to teach healthful eating, discuss feelings and openly share. It's a chance to be a good role model and create lifetime memories around the dinner table.


    The routine of daily meals together can be fun and easy.

    Here are some tips to keep this family time pleasant.


    1. Set a regular family mealtime: Routine mealtimes can help with healthier eating, reduce snacking and keep a healthy weight. It can be an opportunity to explore a variety of new foods and try different recipes.


    1. Keep it simple; make it quick: Spend less time in the kitchen and more time at the dinner table. Simple sandwiches or soups can taste as good as a meal that takes more work. A meal feels special when everyone is relaxed.


    1. Show that family meals are important: Turn off the TV during the family meal. Let the answering machine take messages, and turn off cell phones for this special time of the day. Ask family members to make phone calls before or after the mealtime.


    1. Eat around the table: If possible, eat at the dinner table. It's easier to talk and listen when people are facing each other. Side by side, or backs to one another at the kitchen counter makes it difficult to communicate and share.


    1. Enjoy the meal talk: Keep the conversation easy with no complaining or nagging. Give everyone a chance to talk at mealtime. Try not to talk over others or dominate the meal talk. Listening to your child makes them feel important and included.


    1. Be realistic about mealtime: It isn't always possible to have mealtime every day, do your best. Try to sit down together. Keep the meal from lasting too long, kids can get fussy and this can make the mealtime less fun and even stressful. Wait until everyone has finished their meal before anyone is excused.


    Family meals together are a fun way to celebrate one another and become closer to those you love.


    Sabrina, R.N.


    Upcoming Events/Dates:

    Mar. 20 – Mar. 24       5th Grade Bike Safety

    Mar. 27 – Mar. 31       Spring Break

    Apr. 03      Dairy Hill - Dine Out, Benefits Maplewood Foundation

    Apr. 06      Spring Walk to School Bus - Begins 

    Apr. 11      Laughing Planet/Sunny’s Legendary Frozen Yogurt – Benefits Raise Our Roof

    Apr. 19      Spirit Day – School Shirts

    Apr. 19      PTA Meeting 6:30 pm

    Apr. 20      Class Group Picture Day

    Apr. 20      Earth Day

    Apr. 20-21    4th Grade to Oregon Trail 

    Apr. 22      Plant Sale 6:00 am-3:00 pm

    Apr. 24      Site Council

    Apr. 29      Maplewood Auction




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