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Franklin High School

at Marshall Campus
Home of the Quakers

3905 SE 91st AvenuePortland, OR 97266Ph 503-916-5140Fx 503-916-2694

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  • Dear Franklin Community:


    We have had a very busy week and are running quickly into another busy one next week.

    Upcoming Events for next week

    • Homecoming, Homecoming, Homecoming!  The big week will include dress-up spirit days: Monday-Disney Day, Tuesday- Cheshire Cat, Wednesday-Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Thursday-Mad Hatter Day, and Friday-Paint the Rose Pink Day.  Our Homecoming assembly will be Thursday.
    • Harvest Festival –Thursday in the Cafeteria at 6 PM.  Clubs and SUN have been planning a great event to include multiple booths, harvest activities and snacks.  Please plan to bring the younger ones and enjoy.
    • Homecoming Game (7 PM) and Dance: The theme for the dance is Alice in Quakerland! Please be reminded that the dance runs from 9:00 to 11:00 pm.  Students have one hour to get home before curfew.  Please make sure you are prompt in picking students up.
    • We will be hosting two Principals for the Day this year on Thursday. One is our board member Steve Buel and the other is CEO of Semprian, Michael Van Kleek.  I am excited to show off our school and build relationships with our non-public partners.  I am sure they will be cheering at the PEP assembly!
    • Powder Tuff in the Gym next Wednesday at 6:30 pm.  Go Volleyballers.



    Move Updates: We are getting excited as each milestone brings us closer to the move back to the Franklin Campus. It is happening folks and we are on time.

    o   Time Capsule will be placed on Oct. 31.  

    o   Classroom furniture and IT materials are being ordered.

    o   New more current schematic drawings are being completed including all of the changes that have had to happen to rooms, etc,

    o   We are starting internal planning meetings with Grant on the transition.

    o   We have formed a staff steering committee, with the purpose of processing the internal questions as they develop.

    o   The gym is being painted and finishing touches are happening. Framing and walls are going up in the main building as well speak.

    o   Calendars for the spring are in development.


    Nick Name Change Proposal:  To catch everyone up on where we are with this situation here is what I know.

    o   A proposal to change the nickname from Quaker to something else is in the works and has not been presented to me or the district at this point.

    o   The concern has been presented and rebutted at a PPS Board meeting during public comments.

    o   The district process is unclear. When the proposal is presented we will follow up with the district.

    o   We are moving forward with all things Quaker when or if a decision should come.

    o   Our Student Senate heard both sides of the argument, presented this week, and they are bringing what they learned back to their constituents for discussion



    • Many thanks to Raquel Laiz and Emily Mather for all their hard work on organizing the complicated maze of holding the PSAT and hosting an all-school College Readiness activity.  Students we gracious and cooperative. 
    • Powder Puff game was really great, rain and all.  Victorious Juniors!
    • Many thanks to our Student Senate for hosting both sides of the Quaker name change debate.  The students listened intently and where charged with gathering student opinion on the issue.  We are excited to see them use the student senate structure to start to tackle the issues and give their voice.
    • Congrats to our Franklin Strong winners for October!  We had over 200 student entries, so a big thanks to all the teachers and staff who nominated students.  We will put some more tickets in your boxes this month. And thanks to the PTSA for funding this student recognition event. Also look for their picture in the Franklin Post’s next issue.

    9th grade: Hazel Uchida- nominated by Nayi Tovar,  10th grade: Cesar Ordaz Coronel – nominated by Marc Appell,               11th grade: Sophie Goforth – nominated by Allison Haight, 12th grade: Emma Vos – nominated by Joe Rowe


    Quaker Program Highlight

    • Did you know that the Video Production department expanded this year.? Mr. Perez has been developing and building a strong CTE program of study and the students have shown their excitement.  We have now expanded the program to an additional teacher!  Mr. Souza joined the program this year and has brought some great talent to the mix.  The program now has advanced to third level program classes and will include yearbook and film documentaries. We are so happy with the growth!
    • Seniors from Con Law debated this week after school. Portia Hall reports, “It was an entirely student-run event, with student moderators, and 4 student speakers representing the 4 political parties.  They knew the issues, they answered questions.  The audience of kids were interested and engaged.  One of those moments as a teacher you get goosebumps. Today seniors from the classes will be answering questions in support of their candidates and the 4 Measures on the Oregon Ballot.  They will also be playing the roles of press. “  Great work Quakers!

    I think that is all for this week.  I don’t know if I could do anymore!

    Have a great weekend.




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